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Hello, It's the global TNS(Talented Network Service) platform, nTOPAZ.com
Today we are announcing news about the TPZ token Bounty program, nTOPAZ's SMT-based token.

1. Introducing the SP Delegator Incentive Round System

"The current assignment of 200,000 TOPAZ tokens per day will be changed to the Round system."

CategoryRound ARound BRound C
Incentive tokens200,000/day150,000/day100,000/day
Operation periodDec-Feb(~2/24)Mar-May(~5/26)Jun-Aug(~8/25)

2. nTOPAZ Upload Bounty (03:00 Feb. 1~, UTC)

"If you upload your work to nTOPAZ, you will receive 50 TPZ per work ."
(The maximum upload bounty per day per account is 100TPZ)
★ However, abuse, plagiarism, and low quality works will be excluded.

3. Social Share Bounty (03:00 Feb. 1~, UTC)

"Share good works from nTOPAZ to your social account. You can get 50TPZ per link."
(Only accounts with at least 100 followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest)
★ Please post the link to Discord > # Social Share

nTOPAZ_posting_C (1).png

√ Introduction to the Bounty Program currently in operation

1) Default 100TPZ when inviting an artist, and additional incentives are as follows.

1,000TPZ for Inviting artists with 10,000+ followers including Facebook, Instagram, and Steemit, 10,000TPZ for inviting artists with 100,000+ followers
★ Check with referal ID when registering membership in Admin

2) When nTOPAZ Profile completion is 100%, get 100TPZ

Complete your profile on nTOPAZ.com Mypage
★ Post the link to Discord > # Profile Completion

※ My Wallet interface is already opened, and you can check your reserved TOPAZ tokens(TPZ). ☞ nTOPAZ> Login > My Page > My Wallet

√ How to delegate to @ntopaz ▶ Click the links below

500SP, 1,000SP, 5,000SP, 10,000SP
50,000SP, 100,000SP, 500,000SP

Thank you for your support and attention.

Visit Website : nTOPAZ
Follow Blog : Steemit
Join Community : Discord

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