Water Druid || Digital Illustration

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It's been a looooong week, here I am finally posting some art this week. I promised @veryspider I would draw an elf! I've been drawing several water druids but can't seem to be happy with any of them composition-wise. (I'm still not very happy with this one haha)

I wanted to illustrate a peaceful water druid bathing and reveling in a pond, surrounded by a green luscious forest and amphibians.

Unfortunately my impatience and fear of experimenting with colours got the better of me, so here is my piece in monochrome with a simple background.

Some of several drafts I've drawn and ditched:


Some progress photos of the final piece:





I will have a video process of this up on my youtube soon, so stay tuned :)

Final piece:




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What a beautiful work! This is really amazing Water Druid digital art. without color also it looks Great. you should go for color with this art. only one word for this Water Druid "Awesome".

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ooooowwohhhhh! you did it! you honoured the elf 🧝‍♂️ pact * __ * !!! yaaaaaaaay~

mel’s water druid is so beautiful and...... classy * __ * she seems as if she’s a little distracted by something to the side of the lake and she looks a little wandering in her thoughts as if she just remembered something in her mind... very nice, mel!

hahahah wow, you’re so wonderfully perfectionist XD i love that you sketched out the idea a few times before you arrived at this one.... (and you’re still not quite happy with this one XD!) (love your dedication, my fellow elf afficionado 😆)

really liking the composition, too! i think it’d look gorgeous in full colours but it is already very lovely even in monochrome :)

i love her long, wavy hair and her body language ❤️... a delight to the eyes, for sure :D!



now, make more!!!! XD

demanding spider is demanding

Thank you! haha. You give me such a confidence boost. Yes I suppose I am painfully a perfectionist xD I've rendered one piece after another, nothing really stood out to me until this particular sketch. Seems rather inspired by your legolas in the moonlight I might say xD

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I really like that! I resteem it!

Thank you! :) <3

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That is nice digital Art Melissa, I am glad that you created this mystic creature. I love the stories about Elves, especially after all the movies with "Lord of the Rings" and "Hobbit", this is just another world. Beautiful face and like the ears :)

I love

I like this girl, it is a decent piece although you do not like it very much, it has a lot of potential, the values ​​are good and the depth also working with scales of grays is good in that sense, so you can see how the drawing looks and make the necessary changes, instead of choosing the colors and how you are a perfectionist when you are happy with the result you will start with the color.
I wait anxiously to see the result with color.

Me encantó este dibujo femenino, quedó muy bueno la combinación de los colores y las tonalidades de los mismos, buena definición de la siluta y grana cabado. Felicitaciones y saludos desde Venezuela.