Sea, Seagull and yachts.

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Hello, friends! I rested away from the computer for a few days, but my drawing lessons continued without interruption.

Today I came to share my new work, which is called "Seascape with Seagull and yachts". This was the topic of my lesson and You can see the photo that served as a model for me. If You are interested to see my lesson, you can do it by clicking on the link:

My task was to paint a watercolor landscape, trying to convey the living texture of the waves and the cloudy sky with storm clouds. You can see the step-by-step process.

All the work was done in parallel with the explanations of the online teacher, who demonstrated various techniques and subtleties in this work. You can estimate my ready result and I am interested in Your opinion. Thank you for taking the time to look. I'll see you soon...

DSC04067 (2).JPG

Materials and accessories used: watercolor paints, synthetic brushes (№№ 1, 3,7), pencil, soft eraser, masking liquid, watercolor paper (A3, 300 gr.)


I loved the photography, it's a very good shot, and the work in watercolor, the whole range of blues is incredible, and I really liked the texture that reached the end reminds me of the work in fresh lleso that the old artists were doing

I am very pleased to read Your comment, @inu-jim ! Thank you for such nice and kind words :)

I think the lessons are going very good:) You choose a difficult theme in my opinion, but the result is great:) Looking forward for more:)

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You are absolutely right that I chose too difficult task for my initial level. But I am attracted to such tasks is their complexity. I try to do many more independent drawings besides lessons in online school and I will try to show them here too. Thank you for Your evaluation and support, @georgeboya

I will be very happy to see them 😊

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Thanks for supporting me,@pixresteemer :)

Well done, lovely photograph to work from and your interpretation is excellent @madlenfox

Thank you, @joanstewart ! It is difficult to compete with such a beautiful and bright photo, but I was very interested in this process of drawing :)

It was not an easy task to complete Marina but you did it quite nice.
Of course you have to work more on shapes, light and shadows which I think it’s the key here to achieve the brightness and shapes. The movement feeling I think you got it pretty good...
It’s very difficult to show a depth feeling on dark colours too, but you’re on the right path in my humble opinion.
Keep on you’ll do it my dear friend!

Pablo, thank you for such a good comment. I really appreciate Your opinion. I need to hear an objective judgment about my work. It is important for me and helps me to go in the right direction. Thanks my friend!

Well I’m not 100% objective to be honest since you’re my friend but you can count on me trying to be as objective as possible related to your progress and quality of your paintings so you can get an accurate idea of how are you doing.
Anyway the important thing here is that you are working hard to improve your quality.

Very cool art ... I like this water :)

Thank you, @foxkoit ! It is very nice that You have visited :)

you are welcome :) ... I try come more soon :)

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Thank you, @artturtle ! Very nice to see Your support :)

Omg, this post just made me miss my painting sesh @madlenfox! It’s beautiful water olor landscape.
Your indeed talented.
Looking forward to see more.
Have a nice day

Thank you for your kind words,@joyrobinson. I try to practice my drawing lessons, choosing bright subjects. I am very pleased to know that You liked my drawing :)

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Wow! Wow! This is a big surprise for me. Thank you for the delicious cake! I am grateful to curated by @georgeboya and the whole @helpie team for supporting my work. It is very much appreciated and means a lot to me :)

You are very welcome from all of us and keep up the good work:)

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