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RE: Sea, Seagull and yachts.

in #ntopaz5 years ago (edited)

It was not an easy task to complete Marina but you did it quite nice.
Of course you have to work more on shapes, light and shadows which I think it’s the key here to achieve the brightness and shapes. The movement feeling I think you got it pretty good...
It’s very difficult to show a depth feeling on dark colours too, but you’re on the right path in my humble opinion.
Keep on you’ll do it my dear friend!


Pablo, thank you for such a good comment. I really appreciate Your opinion. I need to hear an objective judgment about my work. It is important for me and helps me to go in the right direction. Thanks my friend!

Well I’m not 100% objective to be honest since you’re my friend but you can count on me trying to be as objective as possible related to your progress and quality of your paintings so you can get an accurate idea of how are you doing.
Anyway the important thing here is that you are working hard to improve your quality.

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