Sketchbook Saturday- Sketchbook Dragons

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Hello everyone! Finally I scanned the dragons that you guys named (and guys on Whaleshares) ^^ I have added a few descriptions that you can check out below. I plan to post this again once I finish all of the descriptions. I try to not be repetitive with descriptions so sometimes I just have wait for an inspiration :)

sketch A.jpg

I combined two pages as this way the image is closer to a square ^^

This is my entry for @sndbox contest that you should check out here:

Set- 1

1- Growlhowler , 2- Unfierful, 3- Snookgon, 4- Tutu, 5- Unitouz, 6- Bloodyn, 7- Confuzdraco, 8- Konchilius


Set 2

1- Sizzletooth

• Loves candy Corn, the Halloween candy.
• Hisses when distressed and tippy taps when happy.
• Wings glow in the dark.

2- Hardy Cloudy

• A loud little dragon.
• Loves rolling around down hills. • Bounce a bit when walking.
• A sloppy eater.

3- Sniffler

• It is metallic orange.
• A useful dragon that can smell and find gold. However it also loves to eat gold...
• Extremely light and quiet.

5- Glut

• The size of a Komodo dragon, but much friendlier.

4- Sargon, 6-Kinglet, 7- Gekkodamon, 8- Stinger, 9 Snago

Some process images:

All of the previous posts:
1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7

1; 2; 3; 4; 56; 7; 8&9

Thank you for checking out! ^-^

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Hello @kristyglas! I am happy that you have shared your talent so that this community continues to grow. But, I need you to show me a bit of your creation process, I also invite you to use our image carousel, which gives you the opportunity to place up to 10 images and make it easier to upload your images.

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Thank you for you time @potatosauce^^ And I totally forgot! I was rushing a bit. I have posted the full process before as well:
1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7

1; 2; 3; 4; 56; 7; 8&9

I updated the post with some of the process images :D
Also what carousel, sorry I haven't heard of it yet? :O


On the platform of ntopaz when you are going to make your publication and choose the image there you can upload up to 10 photos, here I leave a capture so you can appreciate it better, thank you very much for taking my suggestion I hope to continue seeing your works many greetings.



Oo thank you! I thought it was one image- the cover image. How will they be displayed once posted? Can I add text between them like I did in this post? I might just have to rry and see ^^

And yeah I normally add process images, but the contest deadline was too close so I had to rush haha :D

Congratulations @kristyglas! You've received the 1st place upvote this week (2 times in consecutive and this is awesome!).

Thanks for participating in the Sketchbook Saturday contest. Swing by our Discord and say hello


Thank you so much!!! It was a pleasure to participate ^^


Awesome, we look forward for your next sketch!

Yay the dragons are back 😄 yay Tutu 😆

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Tutu for the win!! :D

I love all of your dragons, @kristyglas ! And their names !!! Each are so wonderfully designed :D Feels like they will populate a dragon village so lively! Very nice !

Good luck with the contest <3


Thank you very much!!! :D

You are so talented! I love the personalities and gesture of each dragon, which makes them unique. Looking forward for more of your art.

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Thank you! ^^

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Cuuutiiieee dragons. I wonder if they taste like chicken? 🤔 😂


Loool xD One of them does remind me of a chicken...

Those cute dragons and your imagination :D


Thank you :3

Hello @kristyglas, I love your designs of dragons, they are incredible!!!

I hope to leave the problems that surround me to return to WS and catch up with your beautiful works.


I wish you best of luck with your situation! Take care of yourself <3 :)


Thank you very much for your wishes @kristyglas, I hope the same. ;)

I wish you a happy new year!!!

These fellows are adorable. I'm hoping for a very wonderful art filled new year :) Happy New Year!


Thank you! ^-^ Happy New Year to you as wel!!

this is lovely! hope you win!! ;)


Thank you! :D