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Hello everyone! I haven't posted any art or dragons in a while so this post has both! This doodle may looks simple but it took over 7 attempts to find a style... Also I've almost finished a sketchbook (A5) :D Quite rare for me, I have 2 blank pages left. Maybe I'll figure out how to make and upload a video finally?

Update: this is Growlhowler!

Growlhowler Candylover the Happy, scourge of chocolate cakes of the realm, and pies and sweets and candy too. By @zneeke

This little project is inspired by daily doodle dragons I did a long while ago and @bronkong's 1 page many drawings challenge from a couple of months ago :)

I'm also taking the opportunity to try out @tipu (thanks to @fraenk for sharing this!) to pay out small rewards more quickly and easily :D I've deposited 15 SBD so let's have some fun!

Give this dragon a name, the person with most votes wins (in 24h) 0.1SBD ^^ (SFW!) I will use !tip command on winners' comments. (number of votes, not value) If there is a tie, I pick the name I like from those.

• I might write the name under the dragon doodle, so if you pick a long name, also add a short nickname (optional)!

• I'll edit this post's title to include the name.

!!Additional 0.1 SBD to coolest doodle ideas! I'll reward the users if I decide to use the ideas ^^

I'll be holding a same contest on whaleshares, but with a different set of doodles and the rewards will be 1 WLS tokens per post. I will be posting at different times so it's fair and you may participate and win on both platforms!

This an A5 page and I expect to fill it in a week, once I'm done I'll scan and share both pages, so you won't miss out. Maybe next I'll move on to a bigger A4 format! Also I think these doodles might look cool as vectors, if I find some time to make.

My Actifit posts will also include doodles as I plan to post those regularly, maybe every second day :) I'm trying out some superhero workouts xD I'll reveal which tomorrow!

The Fails...

The art was made by me, copyright @kristyglas

Have an awesome day! ^_^

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What does a dragon smell like anyway? Hopefully they smell better than snakes...

I've never smelled a snake xD So I can't compare

If you pick one up, they release this unpleasant smell to ruin your day!!!!

I like photos of snakes, but not sure I'd dare pick one up :W The only real snakes I've seen are in the wild as a kid and those are scary! (they were very likely poisonous too)

Being from a cold-weather region with only 4-5 months of good weather in a year, I think I was mostly safe in picking up a garter snake and some generic green snake... But they ruined my day with their snake smell...

Although once time I lifted a board from the ground to find a younger version of this guy...

Fortunately it was either lethargic or passive and didn't retaliate...

Now that I'm in poison-snake central, I don't even see them around any more, which is probably okay with me. I even lived in an area famous for rattlesnakes and never encountered one, despite having a large piece of land and going for 2.5k walks.

I did find a small copperhead snake that probably got smushed by a car...

Wait, your work at poison snake central or you mean you live in a snake area?
It's cool that you recognize which snake is which kind xD I'd probably mess up even if I learned a few species :S haha

Just pretend the snakes are wingless dragons and you'll pay gooder attention to them...

I don't work at a zoo or a snake-arium, I just live in a region known for snakes.

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Adorable dragon.

Thank you! ^^

Your dragons are so adorable and interesting, @kristyglas :)

Thank you <3 :D