[CR] Daily Doodle Dragons! #3- Meet Snookgon!

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Artwork ImageSo many dragons and so many names! ^-^ Fun and creativity for the win!

Give this dragon a name, the person with most votes, not value, wins (in 24h) 0.3SBD and a resteem of your latest post (SFW!) If there is a tie, I pick the name I like from those. You can also vote by replying to a comment with a simple "vote" to not waste SP. 0.02 votes are wasted so I will be voting on posts instead of comments from now on :) (check out @dustsweeper)

Update: I forgot [CR] tag, I should get used to using it :)

0.5 SBD reward if there are 5+ entries!

This an A5 page and I expect to fill it within a week, once I'm done I'll scan and share both pages, so you won't miss out. Maybe next I'll move on to a bigger A4 format! Also I'm thinking of additional descriptions for the dragons ^^

Materials: A5 sketchbook, 0.4 unipin pen.

Please share any cool dragon posts you make or find, I'd love to see them!

Daily Doodle Dragons #1


Daily Doodle Dragons! #2


Whaleshares Dragon #1


Whaleshares Dragon #2

Thank you for checking out and participating!

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I say:

  • Saw Shaped Nose Dragon

Haha that's very long, and nickname?


Sorry but I couldn't come up with anything shorter. 😝

I tried.



I like it! xD


:-D. Thanks.


Snookgon it is :D !tip 0.3SBD


It's my pleasure ;-). Thanks.


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Sorry, still getting used to this method haha :) !tip 0.2


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so cute, snookgon ! i love the back so much :D