Midas and her trusted advisor, Athena! ♥

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What's up! I'm sorry that I haven't been able to post these past few days buuut I've been polishing my style like a dirty shoe! Looks like my Disney princesses will have to wait because I've decided to continue the story line for Midas! I've redrawn Midas (again) aand added a trusted companion :> Soon I'll be making her love interest :>

friend ni midas.jpg

And her name isss JOHN CENA Athena! Yup, like the goddess of wisdom and warfare. I haven't yet decided the entire background for Athena but here's a few information about her.

Athena is a daughter of royalty. With the highest possible education forced into her at a very young age, she has grown into an intelligent woman — beauty and brains. However, she has never experienced anything outside the four corners of their home. She was taught all the oceans that cover the Earth but has never seen one. She was told of the mountain ranges that unfailingly protected their land but not once in her life has she actually climbed one. All these were deprived from her by her parents. She was expected to live the life her parents have laid out for her but with all the knowledge of the wonders of the Earth known to her, her heart aches, eager to live a life that's more than being just a princess.

I've really thought about the name I'd give her... It had to be related to wisdom/intelligence/wit. I got a lot of suggestions from friends and I've considered: Wizzi, Axhire, Elina, and Athena. All of which means being intelligent, different kinds of intelligence, but since the setting was war and stuff, I've decided to go with Athena!

Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare and the patron goddess of the city of Athens in Greece. sauce

Here is Midas. I've been watching a lot of Ross's tutorials about making a character and when he did his second main character, he had her contrast the main character :> Sooo, that's what I tried too!

Long brown hair, compared to Midas's short gold hair. I also made her wear a little less clothing since Midas was covered in armor. Aaaand of course their backstories were made to contrast each other too. While Midas had a dark childhood, I gave Athena a little lighter backstory — pampered little princess. And while Midas had powers that make her invincible, Athena had knowledge and wit to compensate for her average fighting skills. Despite their differences, be it in social status, attitude, they still became inseparable companions.

Up next would be Midas's love interest!!! Yes, I'm drawing a dude too! It's gonna be a little harder for me but I'll pull it off (hopefully). I'm thinking of another smart pants but unlike Athena's tactical abilities, he would be more on scientific and technical stuff. Like he'd be the one trying to understand how Midas turns things into gold and he'd also be the one making weapons best fitted for Midas's abilities. Oh and also he's Athena's older brother which would explain him being also a smarty pants. What do you guys think? :>

That's about it!

If you wish to have an amazing companion through your drawing journey, feel free to join us @steemartists! It's full of amazing artists, both new and old, who are willing to share their experiences. I learned a lot from them, I hope you will too n_n

We also have a discord channel and we'd be more than glad if you dropped by: https://discord.gg/C9PsHV6

Thank You!

I hope you guys enjoyed this one as well!
Feel free to comment any tips or suggestions. It will be greatly appreciated! If you liked the content, please leave an upvote. For more, please follow @kothy.

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All images were made by @kothy
All rights reserved

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Two very well drawn characters with some well developed narratives. Will be interesting to watch their stories unfold

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Thank you, @livvu! n_n

I like the idea of the intelligent sidekick and the name suits her right:) Both characters look amazing and so different, you worked a lot with the details and faces:) I will be waiting the rest of the adventure story. A girl that turns what touches to gold and her wise companion, who i think should suggest her to sell a pile of golden rocks and live both happily everafter,lol. Good luck with the dude:)

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Thank you, @georgeboya! I was thinking of Axhire at first but Athena fits better since the setting is war and fighting :> Well, in this world, the value of gold has drastically decreased since the existence of Midas which made people hate her more when she was a kid; she pretty much disrupted the entire market with her ability to turn literally anything into 'valuable' gold. Now, golden rubble can be found lying in war zones > u <


Ohhhhh. Very interesting story,i never thought Midas tale in this way:) I always focused in the punishment of him and not to what his ability mean for the rest of the world. I think if you expand the story as far as an illustrated book it would be very successful:) For sure in the cryptoworld;)


Thank you! I really want to but as I try, I realize how hard it is to keep the plots connected and consistent > u <


You can make short stories and subplots and when you feel comfortable you can try to combine them. I can find value in your consept and I think you should try it😊

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So lovable so colorful so shining ^^ There are simple lines in this drawing but the color is so bright. Especially the eyes are so beautiful. What a frame it is! So matched well to express two girls inner world. Disney's character always makes me happy. Thank you ~~~


Thank you, @trueimagine! I have just recently learned how to make the eyes look like that and I'm glad you liked it! I thought hardly for the character design and thank god it matched their worlds! ♥

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Thank you! ♥


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Thank you! ♥

I like that you explain the thought process behind designing your characters, @kothy :) It makes the characters more personable :D These two looks like they are opposite each other but I can also see how they would complement each other well :)

I definitely will look forward to you drawing the promised dude character next !!! HAHAHA :D :D :D


Thank you, spidey! I'm glad I included the thought process then if it made them more personable! Opposite yet complementing! Exactly how I wanted! Oooh I got the dude ready :>

I thought I told you to use the name "Erotica" instead. It's much more interesting to know what that character could teach Midas.


I'd rather name her Leche Flan than Erotica, thanks > u <

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Wonderful @kothy and it's so important to keep drawing and creating. I like where you're going with this too.


Thank you, @donnadavisart! I will keep drawing! I'd even want it to be my profession when I grow up > u < I just hope my skills are enough to keep up with my dreams ~

Excellent work, @kothy! These drawings are very sweet and amusing. Thanks a lot for sharing your talent with us.


Thank you, @trincowski!

What a good job! I like the way you paint. Especially the skin tones and the iris of the eyes. I would like to have some of that technique in my skills. And the introduction of the characters sounds good; you notice that you work hard and you take very seriously what you do, even in the stories.


Thank you, @elieserurabno! I really find it heartwarming that you like my colors! Makes me feel like all those years of practice are paying off! There are times when the words just align themselves when I write and this was one of those times! Most of the time I just stare at the monitor trying to remember simple words like 'compromise' > u <