🌑 SCI-FI "RPG-Writing Contest" #1

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Hello Steemians, SCI-FI fans and future NextColony players! I hope you are all doing well out there! The first auction round has ended and three legendary planets are already sold. The second auction started and the release of the game is not far away. Lots of Steemians are excited about that and can't wait to get in and play NextColony

So today I am pretty happy to present you the very first NEXTCOLONY WRITING CONTEST! @oliverschmid was so kind to support the contest with some STEEM as prices. Maybe we will see other prices like items and so on in the future.


As we all know NextColony will be a massive multi player strategy game; BUT it can and will be much more. It is a whole universe with many many planets, species, heroes and much more. So YOU, yes WE ALL, can invent our own stories for this wonderful game. This contest wants to invite you to be a part of it with writing your first story in the NextColony-universe.

What is to do?

Check out the main story line here and invent a story based on it.
It can be a story about a character or many character on one of the spaceships. The story can play in the future on a planet. It also could be a story about another species; the first contact with terrans and other species or whatever comes to your mind. It just has to be SCI-FI related. The Story can be a short story or the first chapter of a multi-chapter-story.


#1 Your story should be at least 600+ words
#2 Your post has to be in ENGLISH
#3 PLEASE give this post a resteem - it doesn't hurt you :-) (not mandatory, but it would be really nice!)
#4 post your entry via the tag #nextcolony-contest
#5 post a reply here in this post with your link to the story

If you are a non-native-speaker in english, check out the chrome extension "Grammarly" - it really can help you with the spelling of words. And if you are bit unsecure with writing, I recommend to stop by @suesa and her wonderful blog - she has tons of stories and storylines, which can help you to get a bit inspiration :-)




Have a great day!

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Ich habe große Lust, hoffentlich fällt mir was passendes ein.

Wenn ich mich recht erinnere, habe ich Dir 100 STEEM zugesagt. :)

Bin sehr gespannt auf die Ergebnisse und werde natürlich alle lesen.

:-) hab gedacht ich teil die auf zwei Contests auf, da ich nicht wusste, ob du noch einen nach dem ersten supportest. So werden es eben zwei.

Das hätte ich mir auch denken können. Smart. Schauen wir mal wie es läuft, besondere Schmuckstücke werden ohnehin nochmal mit Upvotes gewürdigt. Bin echt gespannt und freue mich. :)

Thanks as we get prepared! It’s gonna be a remarkable journey to outer spaces!

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Indeed! :-) hope to read a story from you ;-)

Just posted my story, hope you enjoy it: Welcome to Hell.

AWESOME - Thanks!

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THANKS :-) I hope many will join!

Deadline for write the post?

10 day and two hours.

You can see it in the post - contest ends with the second auction -- there is a link to the nextcolony website.

I am looking forward to read a story from you :-)

You are welcome - hope you join :-)

Here's my entry. Hope I'm not too late. Also, hope I didn't miss the prompt.


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It would be nice if the prizes are Uranium planets... That's kinda big bang! I really am excited to play this awesome game.

Ha! You are right or just a Rare planet. Would be awesome too. Hope you will join the contest ;-)

I'll leave a second story. It may go against the rules of the contest and, if so, I plead with the organizers to take it as a symbolic entry (@art-universe?).


Hey :-) Thats no problem. I didn't think about this when I made the rules... other contributors also made more stories. So this time it is ok. Next time I will limit it to one story. Trial and error :-)

Thank you. :-D
It's a very interesting experiment. Soon I will publish the second parts, which are no longer competing, because the deadline expires, but not without closing the stories.

Keep it up for the second contest^^

Hi, I'm really looking forward to playing this amazing new game.

This is my participation for the contest I had a lot of fun writing it, I hope you can enjoy it.

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