🌑 NextColony SCI-FI "RPG Story Contest" #2

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Hello Steemians, SCI-FI fans and future NextColony players! I hope you are all doing well out there! The second auction round has ended and six legendary planets are already sold. The third auction started and the release of the game is not far away. Lots of Steemians are excited about that and can't wait to get in and play NextColony

So today I am pretty happy to present you the second NEXTCOLONY WRITING CONTEST! @oliverschmid was again so kind to support the contest with STEEM as prices.


As we all know NextColony will be a massive multi player strategy game; BUT it can and will be much more. It is a whole universe with many many planets, species, heroes and much more. So YOU, yes WE ALL, can invent our own stories for this wonderful game. This contest wants to invite you to be a part of it with writing your first story in the NextColony-universe.

What is to do?

Check out the main story line here and invent a story based on it.
It can be a story about a character or many character on one of the spaceships. The story can play in the future on a planet. It also could be a story about another species; the first contact with terrans and other species or whatever comes to your mind. It just has to be SCI-FI related. The Story can be a short story or the first chapter of a multi-chapter-story.


please read them carefully to qualify

#1 Your story should be at least 600+ words
#2 Your post has to be in ENGLISH
#3 PLEASE give this post a RESTEEM and upvote (!)
#4 post your entry via the tag #nextcolony-contest (!)

If you are a non-native-speaker in english, check out the chrome extension "Grammarly" - it really can help you with the spelling of words. And if you are bit unsecure with writing, I recommend to stop by @suesa and her wonderful blog - she has tons of stories and storylines, which can help you to get a bit inspiration :-)




Have a great day!

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Da schreib wenigstens ich was und du kommst nicht mal gucken. Ts ts ts.

Wie? Was? unter dem Tag #nextcolony-contest ist nichts Neues drin. Bitte auch diesen Tag benutzen ;-) Danke dir. Es sind ja noch 10 Tage Zeit. Da kommt schon noch was. Gut Ding will Weile.

Ok, ist unter dem Post von gestern ergänzt. Natürlich kann ich mich schon wieder nicht auf einen Beitrag beschränken ... das schaff ich einfach nicht, eine ganze abgeschlossene Story an einem Tag zu schreiben.

I'm working, I'm working and I'm happy to continue the story of Armenta and Captain Quirón, @art-universe.
I had not seen the call, but fortunately I arrived on time.
It's very exciting!

Happy you saw it :-) and I am looking forward reading your story^^

Ich hoffe du verstehst Deutsch (bist Deutsch) immerhin sehe ich hier einige Deutsche Kommentare.
Also probiere ich es mal so:

Meine Frage,
Ich kann also für den Contest, alles schreiben, was ich will (natürlich auf Englisch), solange es enthält, dass verschiedenen kleine Fraktionen auf der Erde nach einem Atomkrieg vom Fallout in den Weltraum fliehen, so dass sie so viele Leben wie möglich retten können ?

Theoretisch kann ich mir also komplett irgendwelche Rassen und Fraktionen ausdenken usw...

Ich würde einen Prolog und ein erstes Kapitel schreiben, für den Contest und die Geschichte wahrscheinlich später fortsetzten, also hat das am Anfang offene enden...
So wäre das Ok ? xD

Warnung: Ich bin sehr kreativ und umfangreich, dafür bringe ich meine Geschichten meistens nie zu Ende xD
Auf Englisch habe ich aber neben der Schule, noch nie ne Geschichte geschrieben...

Ein bißchen Deutsch kann ich schon^^

Schau mal beim "Winners" Post - da findest du Beiträge vom letzten Contest als Inspiration usw.
Da waren echt gute dabei!

Wär cool wenn du mitmachen magst. LG Martin

Hi, guys. I don't know if I'm supposed to link an entry here, but anyaway here it is The Outpost. The story is in two parts, otherwise it would've been too long. Hope it's not against the rules.

All fine, cool to have you on board.

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Ich sage wohl besser Bescheid, daß ich meine Story heute nicht mehr fertigbekomme - Osterfeierei mit der Familie ging vor. Ich schreibe irgendwann die nächsten Tage fertig. Wollte ja eh außer Konkurrenz sein.

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I leave my participation, Armenta. Second part.
The music of Zyklop


Good luck to all of you in this adventure!

Thank you for creating this opportunity for creation, @art-universe.

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Hello, dear participating writers of this call to the fictional adventure of @Nexcolony from the hand of @art-universe (I thank you both for creating this opportunity for the adventure of building fictional worlds).
I would like to briefly express my opinion about your texts, as it has been gratifying for me to read them and feel part of a group of people who love Science Fiction. However (and I apologize beforehand) I must do it in a single comment, because lately I have had to work with few CR and that causes me some problems.
From the @nessos story, I liked his agility to build an action story. The correlate of the struggle for freedom of a people that seems helpless is a message of dignity.
@darthgexe built a story in the context of an intergalactic court and that seemed very original to me. The idea of Steemit as a matrix was a very funny wink.
@isarmoewe, in my opinion, gives a twist to her very interesting story and I liked it very much, because the police genre is one of my favorites. It develops the plot in the different scenarios covered by the criminal investigation and this makes her story more complex and catches the reader in suspense.
Thank you for sharing your stories. This reader enjoyed her reading very much.
A hug!

Are you mixing entries from the first and the second contest?
Because there's an entry for the second contest from @mariejay also. :)
(And I'm not finished with my second story yet.)

I think I mixed the readings and, in fact, omitted the text from @mariejay.
In my next comment I will correct the error.
Thank you for warning me.

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