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Since I am here on Steemit, I did several paintings of different Steemit members and I decided, that this was it. I made my last painting and Steemit member gallery is finished. Despite the fact, that I really enjoyed to paint all of them, I came to a point, where I don't wanna use watercolors anymore. I learned a lot with this medium, but at least I had to see, that I don't like it so much. I actually feel more comfortable in oils. The second reason is, that portrait painting and drawing lost its attraction for me and I want to go further. However, I hope you like the gallery :-)

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@lukestokes with his wonderful child


@stakin aka Charles Fuchs

@sean-king and @steemed-open (Thank you Sean for your benevolently support!)












@dan aka Daniel Larimer aka CryptoJesus




Super awesome!!!
Ich wünsche Dir so sehr, dass Du die funds bekommst, die Dir Deinen Wunsch erfüllen werden. 🙌

Mahh das is voll lieb von dir :-) danke danke - ich würds mir auch sehr wünschen und hoff ich muss nicht noch 10 Jahre warten damit. Langsam bin ich ja auch nicht mehr "jugendlich" :-D

Wär gern so versiert wie @gric z.B., aber der hats ja studiert und sein Vater war schon Maler.

Keep on going ! We only need to be patient! HODL!

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Thanks Roeland, I appreciate it!

Thanks a lot! I appreciate it!

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