NextColony - A COLLECTION OF IDEAS -- (fragments for future game implementations)

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Hello Steemians and NextColony players,

As some of you might know I am a big fan of the game. So I made up my mind about some possible future implementations and some add-ons which would be just awesome if we will see them in the next couple of months. This post is a collection of fragments and ideas... I hope the team will think about some of the ideas and give them a real chance to be a part of the game. --- BUT I ALSO WANT TO ASK YOU, what you think about them??

FEEDBACK and opinions highly appreciated!

1. Special EVENTS ( & Event Items)

There could be several QUEST-planets in the outer rings or in the center, where the players have to send some kind of special "quest-ship" (maybe with a hero onboard), where we can solve riddles or quests or battles with NPCs to get special event items. Maybe once per week or month, the team could do a special event where everyone has the chance to win something. (restricted upgrade modules for ships, rare ships with higher stats, plus a key for another event or whatever.... BRING IN THE MYSTERIOUS.... against possible boredom, because just fighting each other gets boring after some time

2. the gambling planet (FORTUNE X)

The gambling planet FORTUNE X is a "Las Vegas" in planet format. It could be reachable through "golden tickets" which are some kind of portals or players have to find the portals or gates to get there... So the idea here is quite simple: minigames within the game to win more resources or special items.

3. the battle arena planet (HADES)

At the moment we will be able to build fleets to fight each other... but wouldn't it be also cool to fight versus NPCs and other players in some kind of arena with JUST ONE SHIP... a ship which can be upgraded through special items and who carries a HERO, who can level up somehow?? It could be like an arena with its own arena ranking... where we can win items or EXP.

4. the type: ATMOSPHERE

I still don't feel very comfortable with the idea, that atmosphere type planets really don't have any advantage or use case. Let's assume someone finds a RARE planet with the type atmosphere, then this players will be frustrated because the only thing he gets is a cosmetic bonus. It may looks nicer in terms of the design but has no real value for the game play. The question is: Why should the atmosphere type has really no usecase? ---
Why not give Atmosphere its own mechanics later in the game? For example, about a skill that for example can be acquired through a quest (event), giving the opportunity to start a civilization, which in turn can build up certain skills through ascending levels. (Cultivation, which can be processed into serums in LABS and can only be used once for heroes in a fight. (See heroes above) Be it a raid or a for example, if there really should be a battle planet Hades in the arena )... do you have other solutions


Resource Transformers - give the player the ability to transform resources into other resources using a specific rare item. To some extent an alchemical feature that may need a skill, but can only be acquired in quests. (e.g., 3: 1)
Coal transformer
Ore transformer
Chopper transformer
Uranium transformer

(Questitem, which uses alternative resources, generates new items, upgrades for ships, etc. different bots,) ... fittingly, you could find blueprints that allow you to successfully assemble them.

necessary to generate certain items in the EAS.

various types of stealth modules that make ships invisible until the first attack.
These can either be used once or X times (depending on the type)
These can stealth a number of X ships (depending on the type)

Could also be built in the EAS to upgrade common or uncommon planets with bonuses. Keyword: terraforming. The planet TYPE could change and expand, etc ... expandable idea.

Can be taken on Quest planets to dig / drill for special materials that can be used for the EAS.

Can be installed on cargo ships to shrink cargo, creating more space. The ship would then be e.g. able to host x1.5 or x2 of the charge. Or just a charge extension ...

could e.g. be upgraded to certain ships for the regeneration of life in battle. Also applicable to combat stations on the planet

the e.g. can only be found in quests. Either on your own planet or on a quest planet. (e.g., titanium, vanadium, dark matter / dark matte, dark crystal for certain lasers on ships, CRYSTALS generally: Kelsar Crystal, Markai Crystal, Verdelite Crystal etc ...)

HEROES as items
Only one hero per fleet can be used. Maybe also Questitem.
The hero, for example, strengthens the motivation of the troop, which affects certain combat values ​​... or he has a special skill that can be used in combat.
Or else something like "Mad Scientist / Genius", who makes a unique discovery and instill a skill instantly.

These orbs are legendary artifacts of an ancient culture scattered throughout the universe. (to win as Questitems, on shipwrecks, on respective planets, as auctions or on Fortune X.)
These orbs enable a fleet to jump to specific quest planets or factions or to the HOME PLANET
Are unique or X-times applicable
OR they allow one-off time jumps (for example, +6 or +12 hours), giving the planet owner all the resources that would have arisen within that time.

6. other random ideas:

within its own galaxy - comparisons with "beacons" that report attacks early
However, stealth ships are not detectable ... EXCEPT one has some special item e.g. a "detector"

Combat Experience Points (?)
Could be a separate section ... higher levels bring certain benefits that may affect quests. Destroy rewards in the form of points - accumulated bring them higher levels. (Battle Ranking)

Certain items could also be auctioned via player auctions.
Or NC also auctioned limited items via an ingame interface.

could always spawn and be searchable by accident ... Items, Res, Chests etc.

NPC opponents
Quest planets may also have NPC opponents who need to be cleared out to complete quests / digs / etc.
WHY NPC opponents in general: not only to fight each other with each other ... some NPCs may even be defeated only jointly. TEAMPLAY as a social factor.

Own Section - WEAPONS (?)
Here could find various weapon systems that can be built by the EAS to upgrade ships
can be. But also "unique weapons", which can only be found through quests, etc etc ... (Parameters: How many ships
can be equiped? How often can they be equiped?)

Own section - EAS & Blue prints (?)
see above

general ranking
Battle Ranking (after battle experience points
Arena ranking (after combat experience on the Arena planet HADES (which is still just an idea)

...will be continued...

Have a great day!

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Some - if not most - of these ideas are really cool. I am sure that one or the other will make it to the real game! Thank you very much for your input and your great support!

You are welcome Tim and I really hope so! I think special items will be very exciting for the players and also mechanics who bring more options than just fighting each other or plunder planets.

Atmosphere may be tied to population and population to the construction output capacity when it comes to big ships.

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Nice detailed post we've got here. :D
I think you have some pretty good ideas. At the early stages of the game I feel like the most important thing is to add content - almost any kind - to keep the interest of the players. However, it can backfire if they start to implement ideas which are not great in the long-run. Hmm.

Special events, quests and heroes sound awesome!
I personally I don't care too much about casino, but I know lots of people on Steem love it, he-he.
Almost everything what you listed sounds fine, they just really depend on the way of implementation. For example the battle Arena sounds awesome, but it is a bit hard to imagine (as of now) how it will work out.

Besides the things you wrote I had the idea of a player-driven marketplace where people could exchange resources, items or even ships(?). I don't know how that fits into the game model, but I really loved that feature in most games.

I will keep supporting these guys, I think they are heading in the right direction :)

Thanks for the article and the nice ideas.

Edit: first I wrote the post as if I was writing to the nextcolony page. Change you-s to they-s :D :)

I am not part of the team ;-)

This are just some ideas I had for further implementations. But thanks for the long comment^^

I realized at the very same moment when I posted the comment, made an edit right away. :D
I just see you post about nextcolony quite often and you're also using awesome graphics I kind of miss-assumed I think. Anyway, the point of the comment is the same. :)
Thanks for sharing.

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