Welcome to the new office

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The move was meant to be tomorrow, but for once things were running ahead of schedule and the contractors got our "new residence" set up, a renovation of one of the floors of the building. It is nice and airy and I have a desk with a view.


This new office has flex-seating, which means that it is a first in, first served scenario and tomorrow I will likely have another seat, keyboard and view to get accustomed with. Actually, it isn't so bad for my team as we have a designated area due to the noise we generate and we have already come to the understanding internally that we can discuss some degree of set positions.

I am actually looking forward to getting out and about though as our last area was tucked away in a corner and as a social end user enablement team, if we don't get to mingle some of the time, we tend to get a bit stir crazy.

Which brings me on to the next new office, #newsteem.

In less than eight hours the Steem economics will shift again and the chain will fork for the 21st time. While it is going to impact both positively and negatively on various user groups in a multitude of ways, I think we should see this as a coming of age for the blockchain and the community - an increase in responsibility.

And we can legally drink.

Actually, the drinking age in most of the world is 18, not 21. It should be pretty simple to decide on really, if you are old enough to vote and be sent to war to die - you should be able to drink when you want.

Not that "legal" drinking age has really stopped anyone from drinking, it has just stopped people from getting into nightclubs under age.

These are the number of posts I have written, and the comments (I still find it weird to see the Orca picture there after being a dolphin for so long).

After HF21 voting on comments is unlikely to hold significant financial benefits and frankly, I welcome this as it stops people just targeting for comment returns. What I am hoping is that while comments might drop-off to some degree (in the same way they have done as prices fall), the quality of comments increases and in doing so, the relationships developed deepen.

Some people seem to think that unless one gets paid for the comment, it isn't worth making one, but they are fundamentally missing the concept of "building a network". While I do not think Steem is solely a social media due to the sheer range of content and uses it can carry, there are many social aspects to it and therefore, having some understanding of social convention aids the experience.

Out of those 23179 comments written, not one was aimed at getting a payout and most did not get anything at all, not even a vote on them, let alone one above the dust threshold. I have always tried to reward comments on my own blog with something and as prices have fallen, it has taken the majority of my voting power each day. For the last few days I have held off on the comment votes (mostly) and my VP hit 100 percent for a fraction of a moment.

What this means is that going forward, rather than voting on comments, I am able to add more weight to posts and in so doing, move a post further along the convergent curve path so that it earns relatively more. For a reference, my comment votes last week added ~30 Steem to users. I think that other accounts are going to do this too and start to add more weight to the content and creators that they enjoy. Hopefully, this stacking will push people up that curving slope toward better earning, for at least some of them.

However, downvotes are also going to come into play so if there are rewards on posts that the community feels aren't deserved, everyone has the responsibility (taken or not) to redirect the flow of Steem away from content. 25% off the available pool can be redirected and if used well, will make up for any loss to authors and for many, bring additional benefits. Some will use it well, some not but I believe that there will be a growing number of services that will help people use their downvoting power via proxy.

Getting used to #newsteem is going to take some time and while effects might be felt immediately, the entire ecosystem is going to have an adjustment period and the greatest changes will come through the behavior of the people, not the code of the blockchain. Culture in any type of group or organization takes time to percolate and shift and while resistant to change like most, I am glad that this not a community that shies completely away from it.

For me, I am unsure if I will keep posting as often and might instead spend my time curating more. While there is incentive to do this due to the 50/50 split, I am also thinking about doing some other things in life too and the hours I put in each day to writing what I have so far is beyond what most would do for a full-time salary. However, most don't enjoy what they do for a full-time salary either. I love writing, so I am not going to disappear.

This is about #newsteem and that means that we all need to adjust both our expectations of what Stem is, and our behaviors. I am looking forward to the new learning that is to come, even if it means having to relearn what I do.

A new office and a #newsteem on the one day. For now the office has that "new office smell" and I am hoping that come hardfork21 on the Steem blockchain - we can start to air the shitpost smell out of the blockchain ;D

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Gimme that laptop and my day will be made. Hahaha. Congratulations sir, I basically think I'll keep commenting, it's More of engagement rather than seeking reward.

It is not too bad, except all the work that is yet to be completed on it.

I'll still take it Ahhhh looks too Sweet to me, 😂😂😂

Downvoting proxy services would be a boon, would make the best use of resources and the potential for the greatest impact. All of us spending significant time researching potential downvotes means less time building positive interactions, so a balance and a way to use our downvotes responsibly to the best effect would be great.

I would love some to target the powerful shit posters. The ones we can't touch without getting our accounts wiped. I would definitely delegate to that.

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Pretty sure there will be some opportunities for that.

I have heard rumours of some on the way, stay tuned as I think there will be lots of possibilities for DVs to be utilized, some better than others.

Congrats on the new office life! I am also moving into a office at my work (part time for now/ full time later) the view is to even close to the saw but it will allow me to rest my knee more. and do something different for a while.

I am also hoping, if less people post to their blogs, that it will be easier to find and connect with others users that perhaps will extend beyond steem one day. Discord will be a good start, once I fix a technical issue on mine,

A new office sounds like a welcome change and hopefully your knee has a speedy recovery.

Some will post more trying to increase their lost rewards I figure. However, we will know in a few hours what the first moves will be.

The amount of time you must have put into creating all these contents looks like a lot. Hereafter, you can focus more on curation.

Just gotta find some less than crappy content ;D

I hope you can bring your own keyboard and mouse, peripherals are like petri dishes.

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I lost my nice keyboard in the divorce...

"Petri" is a common man's name in Finland and there are a few in the office :D

At least you do have a window with a view. Much better then where I am sitting.
Also I guess you do have 50% deskroom more than we have here!
We also have flex seating and even only have 80% desk compared with the people who are working here. The idea behind this is that there are always people on a holiday, sick or working from home. Basically everybody will mostly sit on the same place day after day!

I do think that we will see an increase in the number of upvoted comments. This because people are selfish and in stead of combating with other for curation, they can just upvote a comment and get a little bit less than 50% of their upvote back. At least that is a possibility which I described in my post from this morning.

See you on the other side!


Also I guess you do have 50% deskroom more than we have here!

It is quite nice and at the moment, there are more desks than people slightly, but that'll change soon.

I do think that we will see an increase in the number of upvoted comments.

I am not sure it will matter as most will get dragged back to the pool and the large voted comments make for excellent DV bait. Will see though.

Want the good seat at work? Bust out a throat punch or two tomorrow and you'll get the seat you want tomorrow and for the rest of your time there...Which may be short if you actually take my throat punch advice. So, no throat punchhing at the office tomorrow, might cost your job.

Looks like a nice spot though, so you might have to drag your lazy ass to the office earlier to get it...Or use the throat punch strategy. I'll leave it up to you.

So...HF huh? We'll see how it goes in time I think. Maybe it works, maybe not. I think it'll take a bit of time to shake out before we can judge it although there's many doing so already. Maybe my posts will get $100 payouts...Hmm, nah that won't happen...Either way, more or less, only time will reveal how it works. Meanwhile I'll disseminate some content as always.

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Maybe my posts will get $100 payouts...Hmm, nah that won't happen..

Price increase is needed for this one- or throat punches.

I think if people post the way they have been and DV what they think should be, it will be okay.

Let's hope.

Nice. My office is in a tent at the moment :-). Happy HF21 eve !

Enjoy the mosquitoes :)

I can thoroughly recommend posting less!

I feel much more mentally focused since I gave up my daily steem post commitment, also brought on by having too much else going on.

Also I think I probably need more sleep than you!

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I need sleep these days, just don't get enough. Perhaps one longer a day and slide in some fun ones too. Will see how it goes as I have tried to cut back before, ended up doing more.

I have to remember that voting like I have been on comments is pretty much a wash.

I still think that 20 Steem number is a bit on the big side but time will tell. Hopefully what you suggest may happen, actually happens.

Oh, and fancy office space. Funny, my wife just landed her new office at her new gig and she’s super pumped.

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Yeah, don't do it - at least wait to see how it pans out in the next week. 20 is high and it is why the redirection is so important.

Happy wife, happy life. ;D

I didn’t even think of the correlation between less comment notes means more to go towards posts. If it works out that way. Fingers crossed.

You are right about that sir.

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Definitely needed to stir things up a little around here, it was getting stagnant. No matter what people will always complain about change though so that isn't new.

I for one and happy about this- regardless of what happens over the next few weeks as we adjust.

Yep, let's see how it plays out and if nothing else, HF22 is already in the pipeline :)

Ha, it's refreshing to see someone contemplate posting less when lots of others I have seen are contemplation posting more because of lost rewards

Bloody Orcas. It's all their fault :0D

Yeah, I am guessing there is going to be more shitposting of various kinds but it is up to us to make sure what we want to get rewarded does.

I blame the orcas too... they are just mean dolphins really.

We call it “hot desking” here. I’m not really a fan but at least the office looks tidy as it prevents anyone from leaving any of their personal belongings. Congrats on becoming an Orca!

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It is so far so good here as it has created a dynamic space for random interdepartmental conversation, a refreshing change. We were stuck in the corner before :)

I like being stuck in a corner and not being bothered 😂

Depends on what I need to do. I will take some pictures of our "corners" when we need. They are pretty cool.