I started taking colloidal silver and it seems to have solved my issues. I think I was exposed to an unmutated form of the virus, had been fighting it off since Christmas! Ever since i got the colloidal silver mixture, and started taking it I woke up and feel fine(normal) for the first time in a long time!! There are some strange viruses going around, that is for sure!!

The flu season is particularly marked this year, and the common event that numerous ILI (influenze like infections) are misdiagnosed as flu seems more common than usual. Unless you have particular reason to suspect COVID-19 was the pathogen that impacted you, there are probably a great many more likely pathogens that caused your illness.

I certainly hope so, as many of the symptoms of COVID-19 seem far worse than other ILI, or the flu itself.

IMG source - /pol/ - the sketchiest source possible

IMG source - /pol/ - the sketchiest source possible

AFAIK no other ILI or the flu seems to cause lymphopenia, and COVID-19 is reported to do that. Hope you got over something else, if that's true.


Thanks for the info, i think it was something else since the Coronavirus is not officially in my state yet anyway!! What a relief!!!

I've been keeping track of the numbers. I wish Fox hadn't taken down the graph they were using everyday as it was easier to compare stats day to day from a list of countries. Now you have to go by what they are listing as the number infected outside China without knowing exactly where those new infections are occurring. From the last known Fox graph to the number stated and new number given there was a 114 count difference....but without knowing exactly, as I stated, where they are originating from it's highly likely it's those on the ships stuck at ports whose numbers have been rising that account for the 114 difference. On 2/8/20 the number outside of China was 279, on 2/11/20 the number outside China was 393.....the difference could be coming from the ships, one ship, don't quote me, I think was up to 104 the other day.

I've been watching carefully, I don't want to be an alarmist to my family unless this starts to grow here. So far it's been fairly stable at thirteen cases and we are by now at or beyond the twenty four day period. What alarmed me was the announcement last night that three individuals in my city are self quarantining at home after returning from China. I was under the impression that anybody returning from China was required to be quarantined at the bases you makes me wonder how they managed to get here from China without first being processed through the's these types of questions that need answers so the public doesn't have to necessarily fear that people are somehow managing to get back here using alternate routes other than those designated as the process in place for re-entry from China. The health department says this is a atypical situation....I'd use like to know if he was talking about the fact they are going to the home under quarantine everyday and monitoring these individuals or that how they managed to get back here was unusual compared to the regiment others are going through.

As I do not consume ordinary media sources, I have not seen Fox graphs. I have been using primarily (it's visually pretty), and (and others from time to time) to provide verification and backup of the Johns Hopkins map. You are right that it is difficult to get geographically relevant source data for infection and mortality, and this is perhaps a deliberate mechanism to prevent rational reaction to alarming data by people in areas affected.

It is clear throughout history that polities are far more concerned with their survival than that of their people.

Further, particularly in view of the possible deliberate censorship of factual information by available sources, what little we know about COVID-19 but avails us more questions. Given the fluid nature of circumstances arising from epidemics and pandemics, I therefore have advised folks to prepare in advance of public announcements of quarantines or outbreaks. All too often, it is too late to prepare for such events if one is simply reacting to official announcements.

As a matter of course I have persistent stocks of certain essential resources, due to my experience with duplicitous institutions. Since I have no confidence in them, I do not rely on them for adequate provision of alerts to developing situations, but simply remain prepared as standard operating procedure.

My recent health issues have perhaps rendered such preparations irrelevant, however. That is not your circumstance, and given your better outlook for continued survival, I recommend you take reasonable actions to secure necessary water, food, and medical necessities, at least, for an extended quarantine. If such preparations turn out to be unnecessary, at worst you have purchased such items before prices rise due to the normal affect of inflation.

If you need them, you will be glad to have them.


That's the graph Fox was using. They added Egypt with 1 case. Singapore and Hong Kong has seen their numbers double since 2/8/20...the last time I seen the graph on Fox. Most countries are holding at their 2/8 number, a few have gained two, three more cases. I hear what you are saying. I've already made preparations to start growing and canning food this summer in case of a sever market crash or a high rate of inflation hits. With this virus though what I am watching carefully is the growth or rate of growth in countries with less than ideal means to handle it or live in rather unsanitary conditions. If it gets to that point I think serious stock piling may be called for unless the numbers overall start to fall at the same time. It's not just me I'd have to worry about stock piling for as my kids will never listen to me. I think what will spike a panic is if they have to go to shutting down travel to multiple countries, I think the trick in this case is to be one step ahead of that panic line if it ever starts to develop.

" one step ahead of that panic..."

Always sound counsel IMHO.

One of the supply lines that concerns me most is consumable parts for my trucks. I have considered prepurchasing tune up parts, brake pads, and clutches because I don't think any new parts are going to come out of China anytime soon, and supplies will dry up sooner or later.

Sounds like you've got your head screwed on straight regarding your preparations. I wish I could have a garden here, but I live on sand, and little will grow well in it. Fortunately 'the Big One' will solve that problem for me after the tsunami washes all the sand away.


There are thought forms along the lines of epidemics are going to happen, like it is a time occurrence.

That everyone is going to get sick from it, so maybe the better plan is to get everyone exposed as quickly as possible. This idea of quarantining people off seems to be a exercise in futility. And the longer we try to fight against it, the actual worse the virus becomes.

But, its really hard to discuss such things ever since Pasteur lied.

Given that most pathogens create immunity in survivors, and that resources to treat folks are far more available before large numbers of people are infected, there is reason behind your seeming madness.

However, all the research I have undertaken indicates that COVID-19 seems to be different from other pathogens, due to the nature of the lymphopenia (immune destruction) it seems to cause, and it's spike protein (the key that allows it to enter cells) coming from SARS. Vaccines trialed for similar pathogens have resulted in increased mortality from subsequent infections, not immunity, and Dr. James Lyons-Weiler has pointed out that China instituted a national mandatory vaccine program that began on the same day COVID-19 patient zero began to suffer symptoms. Further I recall (I do not recall specific source) that China may have deployed a SARS vaccine, and any one of these possibilities may explain the extreme susceptibility the Chinese seem to be afflicted with to COVID-19.

Given that vaccination or prior exposure to virii with the SARS spike protein is demonstrated to increase mortality upon subsequent infection with COVID-19, as I understand it, and the present claim from several sources that COVID-19 appears to have already mutated into different strains, I would not recommend getting it early to beat the rush.

Particularly not given it's known symptom of lymphopenia, which is a dramatic reduction in immune competence. It is likely a bad idea to compromise your immune system immediately prior to an evolving pathogenic epidemic, or potential pandemic.


Cool story. I live 10 minutes away from Travis Air Force Base so that's fun.

Also I've been sick for a few days and made some Corona Virus jokes about it.
Bad form!

The problem is that all but one of the symptoms are your typical flu.
The only serious concern is a Cytokine storm. Where your lungs make so much mucus that you drown.

If you have enough B6 in your system, it can't happen. And so, without the conditions of China it may be that Coronavirus is a joke.

Everyone get your immune systems up with Vitamin C, B6 and B12.

It's just the flu bro.

I actually really hope so.

Be well asap my friend.

Are you saying that the act of influenza vaccination increases flu patients? What is the solution?

By the way, on the map, the United States is a really big country. The Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River were divided into western, midwest, and eastern parts of the United States.

Unlike the United States, China is divided into two parts, the Yellow River and the Yangtze River.
Thank you for the good information.

"Are you saying that the act of influenza vaccination increases flu patients?"

Yes. I am specifically citing proof that influenza vaccination can only be potentially useful (if the vaccine does not cause harm, which vaccination does to ~10% of people) in a fraction of cases diagnosed as influenza each year, because only 16% of those diagnoses are actually influenza, there are multiple types of influenza, and a vaccine can only target one of them.

While my anecdotal observations are statistically irrelevant, I have observed influenza vaccination causing disease. There is little study of this problem because pharmaceutical companies cannot make money from vaccines if those vaccines are proved to cause harm, and pharmaceutical companies fund most of the research into vaccines. Rather than funding such studies, the pharmaceutical industry has financial incentive to suppress such research.

The solution I have determined on is not to be vaccinated. I cannot be harmed by a vaccine I do not receive (unless others that receive it are vectors for that harm to me) and the negligible benefit that may theoretically be lost to me is inconsequential, as I provably do not get the flu in many years. I have not gotten the flu in over 30 years, and therefore have not lost anything by not being vaccinated during that time.


@valued-customer, Just my 3 cents worth, for whatever that is worth. Colloidal Silver is one of the best protections for many contagions. One of the worst things that you can take for immediate "treatment" is almost any inoculation. If you are ill, the vaccine will react with the virus you currently have and make you even more ill. A very good example of this is when you get a "Flu Shot" and withing a couple of days you develop flu-like symptoms. CDC will of course say that you were already sick and that it "Just manifested where you could see it.
A Healthy Lifestyle is the best preventative for almost every disease out there. Whenever you "Live on vaccines" your immune system is weakened. Why would anyone trust somebody whose sole means of earnings are you being sick? Check this out: and let me know what you think...
Mitch, out

I absolutely agree with you on these points. I am strongly averse to flu vaccinations, on empirical grounds, as well as by inference, and based on my anecdotal experience, generally. I suspect the vaccination theory is deeply flawed, and I am convinced present vaccination practices are not only based on incompletely understood immune mechanisms, but cause harm far in excess of their benefits due to severance of liability availed vaccine manufacturers.

My examination of vaccine data in toto reveals that almost without exception (that exception being smallpox) the diseases for which there are vaccines were already almost void of substantial harm prior to vaccine development and introduction. Modern medical treatment, or the precursors to it, improved hygiene, and nutrition have provided the medical benefits most people believe to have been provided by vaccines.

For the flu, the CDC reveals that of the hundreds of thousands of samples it analyzes from people that have been diagnosed with the flu, ~16% are actually the flu. In 84% of the people who were diagnosed with the flu, the flu vaccine could not have provided them any health benefit whatsoever, as what they fell ill with was not the flu at all. In fact, the majority of pathogens that cause illness diagnosed as the flu remain unknown, despite several other virii such as rhino/enterovirus, respiratory syncytial virus, parainfluenza, and etc. being commonly misdiagnosed as influenzas, known, and tested for. Worse, there are a variety of flu virii, and vaccines only protect against one strain. If the vaccine is for H1N1 and you get H5N6, it won't help you. That 16% of samples that are flu are more than one strain, meaning there is a very low probability the vaccine you receive is even targeted to a strain you might get.

Lastly, regarding COVID-19, all the research I have seen without exception reveals that vaccine trials for coronavirii have backfired, resulting in increased harm to vaccinated subjects when subsequently infected with the pathogen vaccinated against. While many folks search for a vaccine for COVID-19 today, the burden of proof that their vaccine does not do this will be extremely heavy.

A fact I only discovered a day ago is that China instituted a mandatory vaccination law on Dec. 1, 2019 - the day patient zero of the current COVID-19 epidemic fell ill. Given the history of research into coronavirii vaccinations, and the extreme divergence between COVID-19 virulence and pathogenicity in China and every other country in the world, I note the very high likelihood that China may have self-inflicted this epidemic via a vaccination program (that it will never admit doing). Why isn't this information widely known and trumpeted by our media? Big Pharma would pull their ads if they did, meaning we aren't told this because of extortion.

I am aware of the business model of allopathic medicine, and it's origins as the result of lobbying and financial investment by Rockefeller money. The behaviour of Big Pharma, lobbying governmental agencies, funding misleading research, unbelievable corruption and graft involving regulatory agencies and officials, achieving the aforementioned severability from liability for vaccine injuries, and today seeking mandatory vaccination, raises bile in my gorge. Clearly, these aren't actions taken by altruistic providers of salvation from deadly diseases, but rather rapine profiteers that seek every possible financial gain conceivable through lawfare, propaganda, and questionable treatments.

I note that as a child I got the measles, mumps, and chicken pox, and now am immune to those diseases for life. The unbelievable propaganda regarding those diseases today is incredible (not credible), and the fearmongering so dire that the actual evidence shown for measles is simply ignored. In the last couple decades, the measles have caused less than 1/100th of the deaths that have been caused by the measles vaccine. It is proved that the measles vaccine does not provide the lifelong immunity it is claimed to, and that most of the cases of measles that have been documented in the US in the last couple decades were caused by the vaccine itself.

Several weeks ago I did some work for a man whose wife had just had the flu vaccine and that day fell ill with the flu. She is still sick, and now he is as well, and has been ill for two weeks so far. While I had the flu as a child, I never heard of anyone suffering so long or terribly from the flu, and I have not had it since. Given what I know about flu being blamed for a multitude of pathogens, I will not seek vaccination for it.

Unless I see proof a potential COVID-19 vaccine does not do what every attempt at a CoV vaccine has to date and cause higher morbidity and death from the target pathogen, I will not consider that vaccination, but given that history, it will have to be unequivocal, superbly documented, and strongly peer reviewed proof. I'll have to see proof folks that have been vaccinated actually benefit from it too.

Imma die from something, sooner than later. If I have any say in the matter, it won't be from a bad vaccine.


@valued-customer, WOW!! You are AWESOME!! Love the info and the examples you have. Not having seen the "Man/Wife" it is really tough to even guess at what is going on. I am, of course, curious about a couple of things,, Fever being one, and respiratory being 2,,, (Influenza being thought)
Side note: Measles was declared "Extinct" in (I think it was)2002. IF that were true, where did the cases come from in 2006 when they had 4??? "Living Virus"maybe?

You are kind and honor me with your comments.

I can't comment much more on the couple. They are old. She got the vaccine shot and fell ill that day. He didn't, and got the flu from her a few days later. They both remain ill today, and I don't bother them because they're sick and I don't want to get sick too.

The furor and mandates to be vaccinated for measles are ridiculous. It's not a meme that parents in the 1960s used to have measles parties where they took their kids to get infected at an appropriate age. Getting the measles too young or too old can worsen the symptoms. Same with mumps and chicken pox.

If the population has been so significantly vaccinated against measles, why do vaccinated folks worry about the measles?

The vaccine doesn't provide the immunity they were promised, and in fact causes almost all measles infections today - in vaccinated kids.


If the population has been so significantly vaccinated against measles, why do vaccinated folks worry about the measles?

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