Steemit Riseup. Happening RIGHT NOW. Do NOT upvote this post, if in support upvote the original.

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This post is for awareness, please follow the link to the original post to support for visibility.

Right NOW trending on the FRONT page of Reddit , thousands of people are rallying behind a prominet voice of opposition.

A guardian article, story and video is going viral. It is an explanation for why she decided to delete her twitter and facebook in protest.

At the end of this video she says that we need a decentralized blockchain social media source.
She doesn't seem to know we exist. It's time to get the message out.

Please, if you have a reddit, facebook, twitter etc ,account, repost, share and speak about the value of steem. They need us, what the internet represented, free speech and connection, is at stake. This is worth the fight. I promise.

So forget about netcoins, and lets all make a real difference. The time to get the word out is NOW.

Please visit the reddit link here.

Article Here:

Vido Here:


That's sublime and magical, friend.

Shared her video on Fb. Maybe people will start to realize it soon.

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