Steemit, Rise Up. This is a Call to Arms.

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Right NOW trending on the FRONT page of Reddit , thousands of people are rallying behind a prominet voice of opposition.

A guardian article, story and video is going viral. It is an explanation for why she decided to delete her twitter and facebook in protest.

At the end of this video she says that we need a decentralized blockchain social media source.
She doesn't seem to know we exist. It's time to get the message out.

Please, if you have a reddit, facebook, twitter etc ,account, repost, share and speak about the value of steem. They need us, what the internet represented, free speech and connection, is at stake. This is worth the fight. I promise.

So forget about netcoins, and lets all make a real difference. The time to get the word out is NOW.

Please visit the reddit link here.

Article Here:

Vido Here:


Resteemed and shared on the twitter box.

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Thank you, I will be looking for more ways to contriubute and will be updating.

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Thank you franks bacon! Your support is much appreciated.

We need more people promoting Crypto based alternatives. I am thinking about trying and become one of these people. These Social media sites and Google are starting to become dangerous and people don't realize that there are already alternatives.

At the end of the youtube video this activist says just that.

I promote Steem on Fb. Most people just want to watch a funny video or see which character they are from a tv series.

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Thank you, people need to know their options.

I saw your message to me on @kabir88's post.

The comments on her YT video are disabled so we can't spread the message there.

This is not anything new really. If you post an opinion about any entity that does not have a sense of humor about these things, they will come after you if they can. The advantage of Steemit is that they can't silence a user, but with enough SP they can flag an account into oblivion and reduce visibility that way.

I agree with you that state sponsored harrasment to silent opposition is nothing new. But what is new is the technology that we find in our lives. We have seen first hand in the past few months mass account bans on the largest websites on the net.

It is important to not be desensitized by ongoing oppression and no two things can really be the same.

The internet is/was a platform for EVERYBODY to communicate. It has connected the world. It is also relatively a new technology. So what we are seeing is the weaking control mechanism of tyrants, and they are doing what they can to take that power back.

The ability for individuals to speak freely AND have a platform to do so is the an essential part of keeping power and greed in check.

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