Throw Average Out the Window and Take Massive Action

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If you are reading this right now, then I can almost guarantee that you aren't satisfied with the status quo. You want more out of life. You want more than the average Joe. You want to live an extraordinary life.

You've come to the right place. I want to help you discover what it takes in order to achieve the lifestyle you desire and wake you up to the potential inside of you.

In order to life an extraordinary life, you first must put forth the necessary thoughts that produce the necessary ACTIONS, that then bring you the reality you desire. Without action, everything else falls apart and nothing gets accomplished.

I am not talking about any actions though. I am talking about massive levels of action that most other humans on the planet are not willing to perform. Those people are not willing to perform at massive levels because it is too "uncomfortable" or "inconvenient".

Well let me say live an extraordinary life and be able to experience the things that most cannot, it requires actions to be taken that go beyond average. Actions that go above and beyond the status quo. In fact, some may call you unreasonable or even a lunatic.


If you've read any books by @grantcardone you will understand more of what I am talking about here. You see, people like us, the entrepreneur, the go-getter, have big dreams and goals set for our lives. In order to achieve them, we have to operate at a level that many cannot comprehend.

I like to use sports as an example. Michael Phelps, USA Olympic gold medalist, is an exceptional athlete to say the least. But, why is he exceptional? The answer is because he knows what it takes to be the best. It takes consistent, rigorous action day in and day out. He is always winning because he has properly evaluated the amount of action it takes to win.

A big problem that people run into when setting goals and then working towards them, is that the amount of action required is not properly evaluated which then causes the person to fizzle out and quit. Do not let that be you.

Realize that big goals require big actions. You've got to be hungry for it. You've got to have reasons to succeed that are bigger than yourself. You need to reach down inside your soul and discover what it is you truly want to accomplish and then determine how much action it will require to achieve that dream.

Do you want more time freedom in your life? If so, what vehicle have you chosen to accomplish that goal and what actions are required to get you closer to more time freedom? Do you want better physical health? If so, what diet or exercise plan are you prescribing to and what consistent actions are required to achieve improved health?

Sometimes you just need to sit down and think about these things before taking a random series of actions that have no rhyme or reason whatsoever. Truly take some time to think and evaluate how much action it will require to achieve a certain goal. Once you do, then you won't get nearly as discouraged if you don't hit that goal within an expected time frame.


One last thing I will leave you with is this. When performing actions each day, ask yourself... "Is this action bringing me closer to my goals or further away from them?" Is scrolling through Facebook for half an hour bringing me closer to my goal or further away? Is checking my email 20 times per day bringing me closer to my goal or further away?

When your time and your schedule are properly managed, it allows you more time in the day to get the neccessary tasks and projects completed. As a side result you will be less stressed and more creative which will bring you closer to your desired goal.

I hope that this message rang a bell for you my friend. If it did feel free to smash that upvote button. I can't wait to see you in the next vlog. Until next time, remember... You Are Awesome!

Take care.



P.S. Go now and produce results with actions that bring you closer to your goals and dreams.

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

When your time and your schedule are properly managed, it allows you more time in the day to get the neccessary tasks and projects completed.
It should be necessary instead of neccessary.

So what is the name you decide of your baby?

You could be a great leader to guide people. Going trough darkness and showing them how incredible they can become! good work writing this man, keep going like this

Note: "In order to life an extraodinary life" should read: "In order to LIVE an extraordinary life"

I think it will be good if you write about creating a personal mission statement and share what your personal mission statement is. Btw, I'm happy that you write blog posts in addition to your videos. I haven't watched any of your videos but I am enjoying the blog posts.

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