Steem is Abundant and Plentiful to All Who Desire It

in steem •  5 months ago

Hey friend listen up. This message is for you and for every Steemian that exists now and in the future. Here's the bottom line (even though this is the top line of the blog)... STEEM IS ABUNDANT.

That's right. Steem is abundant and plentiful to all who desire it. What do I mean by this? I mean that there are no shortages of Steem. You may have been searching around the platform for a while now, seeing certain authors doing really well and earning author rewards on their posts.

The fact is, just because other authors are creating great content on a regular basis and earning rewards on that content, that does not mean there is no Steem left for you. If you go and visit, and you go to the Steem page, you will see the number of Steem in circulation. It is in the millions.

Steem is alive and well and the blockchain is growing and expanding each and every day. The system has been created to reward users who are putting out quality content.


During my journey on Steem, I have found more success in terms of rewards by using Dapps such as @dtube, @dlive, and @dsound. These apps manually curate posts dependent on their quality and their contribution level to the community.

You see, the Steem ecosystem has been designed to reward those who help others and add value to others through posting, commenting, and curating. The community that I have found here on Steem is supportive and we build each other up. That is one the aspects that makes this community so special and one of the primary reasons why I am so passionate on this platform.

When you see other creators earning rewards and you want to earn them as well, just ask yourself how you can reverse engineer their success? Watch what they do and emulate their actions in order to achieve the same results. Put your own unique twist and personality into your content and post it onto the Dapps like other creators are doing. Focus on the topics that you enjoy and that keep you excited.


Perhaps you aren't a content creator and instead are an investor. Find other investors who are earning the amounts of Steem that you want to earn, and reverse engineer their actions. Look to see where they are delegating their Steem Power to earn daily rewards. Find out which posts they like to curate and then curate similar ones.

A helpful tool to use is a site called From there you can view the stats of any account in order to work backwards and discover what is working for other people.

The Steem blockchain is built to be very transparent and public to all. Use it to your advantage to find ethical ways to earn Steem. You can also join Discord groups full of other Steemians who are earning rewards. Ask them questions and dig deeper into their thought processes.

Where there's a will there's a way. And there is more than enough Steem to go around for those that want it. If you are reading this right now, then I am sure that you want more Steem. My answer to you is...go out and get it, cause it is yours for the taking.

I love you friend and I believe in you. Until next time, as always, remember... You Are Awesome!

Take care.



P.S. Your Steem awaits!

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This is one of the most valuable posts I have come across this week Ken! I think it's something most don't seem to understand, if they did theyde be short of jealousy and mainly focus on their own success. Thank you for this weekend's motivation.
Hope you & the Family are doing great. Xoxo


@elsiekjay thank you for the kind words. Our son is now 1 week overdue so he could come any day now. Super exciting!

This is an elevating post. This is my first month on Steemit and looking at the success of others, one might kind of feel inferior though, I'm not. Thanks for the useful tool shared also, I'm gonna try it out. Thanks for motivating @kenmelendez


You got it @tobah! Glad to assist you in your Steem journey :)


Yeah 😀😀

Well said, this is exactly why you are one of the top ten Dtubers!


There's a list? Where can I view it @tanbay ;)


I think you are right about that @kenmelendez Consistency is really the key to reaching success on Steemit, DTube, YouTube and any of the other platforms. You also have a talent for producing consistent content at a fast pace!

Not everyone can do that, at least not yet. I really think you are on the way to the top here on Steemit and the Dapps.


Appreciate that @tanbay. Consistency is key to DTube and truly to any worthwhile goal or dream.

Oh thank you, this post really made me recover the hope. I like this community but I think I had irreal expectations about how would it be and know I was getting sad because I'm not getting the rewards I thought I was going to make and I think people don't like my content. But I will search more about what worked in others in order to try to imitate them..


@claubzs glad to be of service and to help restore hope in you! That was my main goal of sharing this message. I believe in you and in your potential as a creator. Keep going and don't stop :)


Que buen post gracias por compartirlo!!


You're welcome @keylibeth! How has your experience been on Steem so far?

That's right, steemit is a very good platform to earn, but we can not use it most, do not realize what to do, if our income will come ,? @kenmelendez


The income will come if you keep at it and continue learning and growing your skillsets. You got this @milanm!


Thank you very much, @kenmelendez sir, I am very happy to hear you say this, I will stay in touch with steemit every day, as you say, when you meet with big people like you can learn a lot,

Great tips @kenmelendez. Have to agree that more folks need to know what's possible with Steem. In the biggening we had a few really well rewarded posts, and we were hooked. once we were no longer picked up by curation trains like curie, the biggest rewards we saw were from dtube. We have always gone for gold in content creation, and we were stoked when we saw our first dtube upvote.

I hear you on getting the word out there about the abundance of Steem, more folks need to know! emulating what successful ppl do is a great strategy and one great things about Steem being transparent. Perhaps the largest common denominator of successful steemian is consistency.


I completely agree with that notion of consistency @mountainjewel. But yes, DTube is a fantastic platform and more users need to get on there and begin creating content, sharing their message with the world.


Ya, the video format is so accessible, and can be more personL that writing. If Dtube can work some kinks out and create a more user friendly interface, things woul really take off!

steemit will be what you want it to be

That beautiful words, with these lines you help me to continue in the platform, to continue preparing myself, because an extra entrance, through things that one can prepare is formidable and more if one lives in a country like Venezuela where we are economically affected.


Hi there @betzy! I wish you continued success on Steem. Keep creating and keep learning and I will see you at the top!


información realmente inspiradora, a veces se pierden las esperanzas :)


Don't lose hope @adrianachenille! Keep going and keep the faith. I believe in you!


I like the post, but I'll have to disagree with the idea that abundant amounts of Steem is motivating. The more Steem there is, the less every Steem is worth. Also, what does it help that over 200 million Steem exist, but are owned by others?

I don't mean to say that 280 million in total supply is too much or anything, but rather that supply doesn't really matter that much.


Hi @oyvindsabo, thanks for this post. I see where you are coming from in that regard and there is truth to it. What I want people to realize though is that there is so much opportunity left and that they haven't missed the boat. I want people to grow into their full potential on this platform and not get discouraged when some of their posts only recieve a few cents in rewards. Appreciate your feedback :)

Thanks... your post really made me regain my hope. Very informative post


Awesome @sarthakgupta. Keep on rocking!