Czech Republic voted its new Miss: meet the most beautiful woman of the country!

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Hi everyone!

The Czech Republic is often said to have some of the most beautiful women and girls in the world and I can only confirm that :)

Two days ago on Saturday, the Gong Arena in Ostrava hosted the grand final of this year´s Czech Miss so let me introduce you to the newly crowned most beautiful Czech woman - Lea Steflickova.

Source: iDnes

Lea is 20-year old and she comes from Usti nad Labem, Northern Czech Republic. She has been into modeling since she was 13 and her biggest hobbies are traveling, meeting new people and learning about foreign cultures.

Source: iDnes

As the new Czech Miss, Lea will represent the Czech Republic at the international beauty contest Miss Universe. Jana Siskova (on the left) won the Czech Miss Supranational title and Tereza Krivankova (on the right) was crowned the Czech Miss Earth.

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So the Czech republic is not famous for landscape beauty and great architectural building but also people have good habits and beautiful. Lea Steflickova is beautiful girl. All the best to pretty lady to win a crown of Miss Universe for herself and her dear homeland. keep sharing @czechglobalhosts


You got it:)...haha...

Hi Thomas, You introduced newly crowned beautiful lady in Czech republic name called Lea Steflickova. She has most pretty cute face and smile I have see now.

her biggest hobbies are traveling, meeting new people and learning about foreign cultures.

I give you suggestion to you Thomas, It's if you know personally, why you late to introduced steem blockchain to her. You and we all ones know steemit is awesome media to above all things. Then she will can travel around the world via her follower's assistance. I don't need to say anything. You know everything about that.


LOL, that would be great! I will let her know next time I see her:)....


First of all, I would like to congrats her on this amazing achievement :)
You are making #czechrepublic making proud :)
She really deserves to be the most beautiful girl of the country ;)

Tomas, I'm finding Prague more beautiful than ever ;) #iykwim :p hahaha


I know, right:)...


hahaha Intelligent ;)

Wow, I didn't know about these beauties in Czech. @czechglobalhosts, with all the good things in Czech. Is it close to the ancient garden of eden? Truly world class beauties


Almost there:)......

Such beautiful women you have in czech republic <3


Yep, we do have some pretty girls over here... it´s not only about sight-seeing here:)....

You should marry her. ;) lol jk

the new Czech Miss, Lea Steflickova very proudly for your country. She is very beautiful and young.She is take goodwill with the help of your country. I like what is she is doing biggest hobbies,travelling,meeting new people, special thing is learning about foreign cultures.It is so interesting hobby, it is difficult, but very good.

By watching these picture everyone will admit that the Czech Republic has a beauty and congratulations

I know that... All are so cute and pretty
Thanks to share this news

All of them are beauties 😍
Czech republic is blessed with nature beauty as well as beautiful girls/models.
Many congratulations to all of them. 😍

She is so pretty. She is working from when she was just 13 and she is on 20. The hard work from her is realy appreciateable. After that we admitte tha she is czech beaty and congratulations many.

congratulations to this damsel. she looks so beautiful. i hope she uses her beauty to ifluence the society positively

Must be a hard contest to win in the Czech Republic. That country has more than it's fair share of beautiful women.

Very beautiful, congratulations

Czech womans are known in the world as one of the most beautiful on the world and Lea is just a right proof of that. Congatz!

Beautiful girl this Miss universe @czechglobalhosts, stock beautiful girl is czechrepublic,

Indeed, a very beautiful girl. Do you think her appearance is typical for women in the Czech Republic?

Wow, Lea is a beauty! Thanks for your post. I'm new here. Would love some more followers. Will definatly follow you!

I hope I meet her when I'm in Ostrava

When I went to Czech republic, I notice Czech people are beautiful. :)

BTW, thanks for sharing the charity post.