RIP Kickasstorrents - The world's largest torrent site has been taken down by the feds.

in news •  2 years ago

A very sad day indeed as has gone down. This was the world's largest of its kind with millions of unique visitors per day. Plenty of info on the details of the arrest in the link provided above. If anyone has suggestions to an alternative feel free to post them here. I know I will certainly be doing a lot of research into a new place to find the few quality TV shows I follow etc. Any replies lending a helping hand will certainly get my upvote. The pirate bay and demonoid just are not what they used to be, but perhaps we will see a big influx of "refugee" users to those sites. I will miss this site a lot and it was a shining beacon for everyone who believes in internet freedom. Are we doomed for this to happen over and over until P2P file transfer has a major overhaul? 

Censorship strikes again. #Decentralize all the things.

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Indexing links - a true fucking crime. Hope they bring back death penalty! (sarcasm)



I suggest you use

This makes me wonder could a torrent site be moved over to a blockchain so this can't happen. Wouldn't that be amazing.


Thanks so much. You got my upvote! 😆

Why don't these idiotic governments get with the times before we gotta bloody remove them.


I know it really does make me sad. And the content creators have plenty of ways to make up for any "lost" revenue... cough cough... steemit

I hope we can find some new quality torrent sites soon, perhaps this will push them to surface.

why did you down vote my post about the peanut butter?


It was popping up in the marijuana tag and did not belong there. Trying to do my part to flag any misplaced content. Perhaps you used a wrong tag? Either way I would not down vote it if it did not appear in the area for cannabis.


that was overreach. The highest level tag was #funny. The humor was to extend it for the munchie component. I will certainly not try to be funny ever again on Steem. I apologize.


Ah well I apologize, in the case that I misunderstood humor. Understand I was in a cannabis section and saw a thread about "Caffeinated Peanut Butter" and felt I was just doing my part to tag as so many anti-spam threads have been asking. I was moving at a fast pace and I would never just condemn something without a second look at something I missed. I have removed it and replaced it with an upvote. I believe you tagged it correctly and I will not be so quick to try and judge spam in the future. Have a great weekend kewpie!

This is some sad news..

Need a free glass pipe to calm those nerves?

Keep calm, take a puff, and torrent. Remember to enter the free raffle you must comment so I can add you to the list.

Totally was a hot site...did not know until I just read your post. No wonder why the seeds have gone down on the site. Thanks for this post and keep posting interesting stuff about the world wide web!