Hello world! I am Cam the "glassblower" and entrepreneur. Let's get started by giving a few things away :) — Steemit

Hello world! I am Cam the "glassblower" and entrepreneur. Let's get started by giving a few things away :)

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Hey what's up steemit? I am a Borosilicate Lampworker from the USA. I love #Glass and crypto related things are a hobby of mine. Wait what is that again? 

I am a #Glassblower ;)

It is time for the good 'ole #introduceyourself and a giveaway!


Here is an older #Pipe from my early work that I love. It reminds me of how far things have come these past few years.

This is only my second post. I am sure I will need verification before anything is official. I do have a few questions about that and hopefully someone can help with those (below).


If this post hits the front page by the weekend I will choose 5 pipes to send to 5 different comment posters from the finished product video below.

The first person to help me with my questions (below) will get a free pipe shipped to them if they desire. That's right you will be "steeming" up that pipe very soon! I will ship one from the finished product video that I have posted. I really do appreciate the help!

Rewards will be of my choosing. I will pay all shipping charges on anything within the USA only. Sorry international folk but that does get quite expensive. I will check back daily and initiate the giveaway this weekend if the thread picks up. A total of 6 pipes will be given away should things work out. A total of 1 pipe will be given away regardless for help with questions (below).

Quick Intro:

Something quick about me so we can get this out of the way. I don't really want to type out my whole life when I was younger because grade school was shitty. I was kind of an at risk youth. 

Growing up I was a...






I loved all the concerts or raves and had plenty of friends don't get me wrong. While I had a lot of fun my main issue was responsibility. I had a serious wake up call shortly after high school and whipped things into gear to make something of myself. Weed was never the problem, and I made the changes I needed.

I love to create. I love art. I love technology and innovation. I love freedom. I love to smoke. I love to have as many hobbies as I can. I yearn to learn it all, but I have chosen my niche to work in. That niche is a mix of 3 things. Cannabis culture, Boro-glass culture, and Internet culture. I am the owner of the LLC for our glass company, and that does keep me busy most of the time. I try to stay in the loop though it can be hard sometimes when managing so many things. I will not be releasing my full name, the name of my LLC, or any website information until a decision is made about how I want to approach online exposure. I will be opening an Open Bazaar store shortly as IPFS is around the corner, and I did not want to fiddle with hosting my store node. Enough about that now back to the good stuff.

Let's melt some glass:

Glass work became wildly popular in Murano, Italy in the 14th century and has come such a long way from using furnaces to heat lumps of glass. Early "Torchworking" or working in front of a gas powered flame started with a flame produced by oil lamp. This involves a "Blowtube" and with consistent spinning and the natural centrifugal forces of earth you can "blow out" the glass into hollow vessels. This has transformed into the "blowing" of glass that we know today.

Things have changed a lot and glass chemical makeup has been refined incredibly. We as a species have become masters of recrystallizing Borosilicate glass. Anyone who has seen modern chemistry knows this without even studying glass. Borosilicate glass is a type of glass with Silica and Boron Trioxide as the main glass-forming constituents. Borosilicate glasses are known for having very low coefficients of thermal expansion (~3 × 10−6 K−1 at 20 °C), making them resistant to thermal shock, more so than any other common glass. The picture of modern "Boro-tubing" below is a great example of our ability to control glass in its liquid form as it cools. From Fiber Optics stretched incredibly thin all the way to incredibly thick high PSI vacuum chambers, Borosilicate glass never ceases to be a modern marvel with countless applications. Keep in mind there are many other scientific applications with other types of glass. I am not well studied in those types of glass as they are not worked in the type of shop that I have. We are geared completely towards working on the torch and kilns are only used to heat up, stabilize, or slowly cool down glass to form strong bonds. Look up the terms "Garaging and Annealing glass" to learn more about this process. 

Today we use propane and oxygen powered torches that oxidize the flame to a very clean blue color to work this glass. With all of these amazing breakthroughs comes amazing art and scientific equipment.  Check out modern triple mix torches, they will blow your mind!


Below is a video of me using a heavy propane flame to Anneal the glass to an even temperature before putting it in the kiln. This is a yellow color flame that will not actually melt the glass and is much cooler than the normal blue flame. This is a shot glass from a "Mad Scientist" shot set I was working on. The beaker holds 1oz of your favorite drink.

Now for all you science lovers out there who perked up reading this please keep this one thing in mind. I study glass in every way possible and respect all sides of the trade. From chemistry application all the way to a regular pipe. I will try my best to answer any questions about either. I am not interested in scientific glassblowing as my main source of income and would rather approach glass like a craftsman. I am doing this because I love to create, and I chose the side of the industry I am in because I also love Cannabis. I will not focus on Cannabis, but know that Cannabis/Hemp and all products related are very close to my heart. Of course I like to identify with the "Weed Culture" but it is not my main goal here. There is plenty of info online about Cannabis, and I want to bring something else to the table.

I have a 1200sqft warehouse space and a few GTT Torches and Skutt Scarab Kilns. Perhaps my next thread should be about my shop? I also have two very good friends of mine who work alongside me. Each of us have a very different take on glass and it is very fun to collaborate and work together to make quality products to be sold at shops or trade shows ETC. We make pipes, water pipes, jewelry, and much more. I will post pictures and videos of recent work and perhaps my mates will also be convinced to share their portfolio. This time it will be pipes only. I will move on to water pipes, bubblers, pendants, marbles, and a lot more in the near future as I know many are eager to see pictures and videos. For now here is a water pipe teaser.

Verification and Questions:

I was wondering what I would need to do to verify my account before posting about glass endeavors and crypto interests. I really do not want to post pictures of myself because I am not comfortable with others having pictures of me right now. I see some people using hand written signs and I could write one up real quick and put it over some glass that I post? Perhaps I could set a piece of paper on fire with my torch the info written on it?

I am open to questions and suggestions about what to post and will accommodate to the best of my ability. I am thinking perhaps I can do a series of pictures around the shop and how all the equipment works. Perhaps some shots of glass melting in action? Or perhaps a short montage of making some items?

I will also post some pictures of finished work, starting with a little video.

Here is a little teaser of finished product:

The videos above contain the product for the giveaway. 


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Really nice glasswork id love a free one but id be will to pay,how would i do that?


I will go ahead and say that the giveaway will finish Friday if things are picking up. On Friday the 22nd by 11pm (mexico city central time) I will pick the 5 users who will receive pipes and post it here by using a random number generator set at the # of comments at the time. If the number lands on one of my comments I shall just skip down until the next poster.
PLEASE BE SURE to comment and be active at that time if you want to be eligible. lostnuggett, you are already in the running by commenting.

lostnuggett, if you would like to make a purchase directly please contact the email i have made for steemit. cryptocameo AT gmail. I will also use this to interact with the pipe winners.
I can send over pics of current work or if you know what you already want you can send a screenshot of it which identifies it. we have a lot of backstock ATM as we mostly do wholesale

as i mentioned in the post above I will be doing all direct sales through an open bazaar store very soon.

THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL! You have a gift! Keep up the amazing work.

You are awesome man and this is awesome. im sorry this post hasn't taken off yet!

Also if you can't get enough of the "pipe world" please watch Degenerate Art on Netflix or download it online. This is a great jumpstart into "pipe culture" and has many of my mentors. True pioneers of the craft that we as lampworkers will travel anywhere in the world to learn from.

you have an amazing trade, I would love to learn a few things.
do you have any other tutorials on youtube?


I do have quite a bit of information saved on how to get started glassblowing and I will be doing an in depth tutorial very soon. Stay tuned here or perhaps give me a follow. I have quite a few mentors who do not have near enough recognition and it will be very fun to talk about all the things that I have learned from the over the years. If things pick up and steemit is very successful than you can certainly expect an in depth explanation on the building of a shop, the equipment , the cost of doing biz, and of course the techniques used for working glass. Once again if this place works out you can expect it soon!

regarding your verification question.
you could design a logo on your work table and take the pictures on that table every time.
Even if you made a stencil with your stem user on it . this could give some sort of Head quarters for you to take pictures and people will recognise it.
otherwise any other form of visual could work, such as a printed poster.
also verbally verifying may work for you. that depends if you want visual or verbal or both.
Im really edited to see more post, thanks for putting in such an effort
peace 420.


A great idea! I will probably print out something and put it on my work station each time when I am at the shop or taking pics in a little photobooth. It looks like you have won a pipe @jordanbradley hooray! Please contact me cryptocameo AT gmail when you have some time and if you wish to claim your prize for helping me out I will gladly ship you out a pipe. The shipping will happen shortly after the end of the giveaway.

Great post, looking forward to more quality glass content! :)

Great work, wish me luck!

I think you should try to do something with the smoke. I'm here imagining a laser bean with your name and using the smoke from your pipes to reveal the light. Complicated? Maybe. Cool? Definitely.


What an entrance that would be... but yes complicated lol.
Maybe I could just write my username, date and "Steemit" on a piece of paper and then burn it with my torch. Still open to suggestions. Since my torch is a GTT like those above that could verify?

в россию отправишь ? мы тут тоже покуриваем )


Извините, но не может позволить себе предложить международным. Я очень рад , что вам нравится стекло , и я желаю вам лучше всего. Спасибо за ваш интерес!

@cryptocameo I have a great idea for new hasj pipe called Magic Dragon. Very interested if it could be made with glass..


Sorry already very busy with a few orders at this time. Perhaps ask about custom orders by the next time I do a giveaway. I may only try 1 more giveaway .

Also I just put up more glass for you all to view as promised!

Wow, I'd like to buy one if possible. Or trade you some Crypto Apparel for one?


Sure thing i made a contact email for this account! If ya dont get 1 when i generate the random numbers to pick the winners you can msg me cryptocameo AT gmail and ill get ya all set.


Sounds great! Look forward to it. If you want your own branded T-Shirts hosted for sale on CryptosCloset.com - just let me know. Look forward to speaking more. I will save your email and contact you soon!

Beautiful work! How about some STEEMroller pipes!?! ^_^


I do have a sandblasting setup and a photoresist printer for any custom logos. Hmm you just gave me an amazing idea. When you see some steemit pipes come up please comment for your free one. Thanks again :D



This giveaway has now ended. Congrats to everyone that won a pipe, and please contact soon. The comments have moved a bit since the winners were picked due to voting.

WAT how did i miss?!?!

I got mine!!!!

You are the best @cryptocameo

I actually want to buy a piece from you and send you a free Crypto Shirt from CryptosCloset.com

What size are you?

Email me your address brotha!

You're the man!!!!

Thanks again!!!