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A short list of what I liked in the newsfeeds today and hope it saves you time finding good content. If this helps you - just Upvote and Resteem it and help others too.

I consider this type of project CURATION to support authors and the readers alike. Tags reflect the topics and my goals to help the community. I believe Resteeming good content should be a regular thing we all do to keep good content in the newsfeeds.

Sometimes it will introduce a new author or give one some extra exposure. Other times it will be just something I really like, or content I think will add value to the community somehow or help someone else with something in life.

We are in this together, so we should help one another. Have a good day.

Today the first post listed is my own -- it was an important post that nobody was discussing online or posting about in the news today that affects everyone in the investment/crypto space as Trump named a Bitcoin-Crypto friendly appointment to one of the top offices in the USA for his cabinet which affects A LOT of people and dynamics. Normally I would not post my own things in here but it is a key post and news.

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Awesome! You are like a little filing cabinet of my posts and my series I am doing LOL, thanks @cheetah



TY man!

Excellent choice my friend @barrydutton

Good List! I'm going to make some Tea and get busy reading nods cept for my own post of coarse! Thanks for the support, means a lot!


I actually sent info on your post directly to some people who are well connected on here, I have been an activist and worked with labour as a supporter for social justice --- so your post caught my eye.

Thanks for helping people.


Thank you again for all the support, means so much. And helping people is a duty and honor all humans should uphold right? Its hard to do it all the time, but sometimes just doing what you can is enough.


100% agreed.

Thank you for the mention Barry. If you take the titles and make them H2's you might not have issues with Cheetah because it will add more text.


You are welcome.

TY for that RH. IDK what that means though. (H2) but I partially understand I think what you are getting at. (formatting wise, I think you mean)

thanks for adding my content to the list.. much appreciated


It was an amazing post in many regards. Honestly.

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Real nice