Let's pause for one second before going any further. This is the official second round of the Lucky 7 Lotto, a groundbreaking contest event that I introduced to the Steemit platform that maximizes community growth on numerous levels. Because of the success of the first round, I was enticed to run this again, seeking even greater results than before. I want to thank everyone for participating in the first week making it such a huge success, as well as everyone who resteemed this and shared it with the community. Due to the impact and ever so pleasing results, I have decided to continue this contest even another week. I have also chosen to give up a bad habit(smoking cigarettes) to provide funding for this community initiative, making funding readily available to reward the winners. There is not catch, no gimmick, no costs. There are only benefits to entering, so do not waste any time, get on board now and strike while the iron is hot. I'm sticking with the same design and post as last week, though I may make slight changes to spice it up some through the week. Round Two is officially underway and participants are welcomed to begin entering the moment this post is up!


Let me introduce myself before we get started. Folks call me Lucky, here on Steemit and in my life outside of the platform, which is a nickname I earned for several reasons. I am a fellow Steemian who has worked tirelessly day in and day out to educate my community and fellow members, in hopes of promoting growth on this amazing social media outlet. During my time here on Steemit, I have seen the ups and downs of being a smaller member, or a "minnow" as we are labelled. Honestly, the lack of exposure and overall results from being a minnow on here nearly swayed me into ceasing to use the Steemit platform. I thought I was basically wasting my time and talent, dedicating it to something that would never appreciate it.

I was completely wrong to say the least. Because of the compassion some other members displayed, I have been able to significantly increase my exposure and rewards for producing quality content on Steemit. This random act of compassion not only rekindled the ambitious fire burning within me, it showed me first hand the proverbial "light". By observing their example with me, I witnessed first hand how we all can be successful on Steemit by working together as a community. It starts with you, the creator of amazing content on Steemit. It involves us, the more established members of the Steemit community who provide insight, wisdom and help to newer members. With all of us working together as a unit, we can significantly increase the publicity of worthy content and promote limitless growth within the Steemit community.

So what am I getting at? Keep reading.....



Yea, you read that right. It's not a typo or a scam, it's a legit opportunity for seven of my fellow community members to get your shine on. If you are the producer of quality content here on Steemit, then you absolutely need to enter into this contest event that I am hosting, This is a life changing opportunity that can give you the exposure and respect you deserve! You no longer have to be stuck in the "minnow mentality". We can break the cycle together!


See, lately I've come to realize just how blessed I am, not in terms of on Steemit, but really in my life in general. From having amazing friends and companions on this platform, to making relatively good profits trading crypto, I've recognized that I am truly a blessed human being. I am also a philanthropist and humanitarian, which drives me to always look for ways to give back to people who are deserving, hence my articles, if you've read any of them. In recognition of my blessings and in complete gratitude for how someone reached out to me, I decided to give to the Steemit community in hopes of seeing others grow with my help. If not for the fact @markkennard , @davemccoy and @cryptkeeper17 had shown compassion to my situation as a minnow and expressed appreciation of my content, I would not have broken the new ground I have today. I am where I am right now because complete strangers hopped in the trenches with me to help pull me out to stable ground. I am now returning the favor and giving back to my fellow Steemians!



The reasons to join in are honestly self explanatory, but I'll give a solid run down on this for all of you that are reading. If you are serious about increasing your exposure, your content quality and interested in generally building your Steemit account as well as the community around you, then this contest is perfect! If you are stuck in the "minnow mentality", take the time to join in, it could change your life for the better, forever!

Reason One - Sponsorship

First, you have the opportunity to win a sponsored membership to @steembasicincome. In case you do not know what Steem Basic Income is, take the time click on their name above and check out their profile here on Steemit. They offer a revolutionary way for new users with high quality content to get the exposure and upvotes needed to create a standard, regular income on Steemit that will continue to grow over time as the community does. This in itself is reason enough to join in on this amazing contest opportunity.

Reason Two - Great Prizes

Second, not only are you able to win a sponsorship worth 1 STEEM, you are entered in a "Grand Finale" contest IF you make the cut and are selected as one of the seven daily winners. From the seven daily winners chosen, one lucky Steemian will be randomly selected to win at least 50 SP in delegated power to their account, significantly boosting their progress on Steemit! This prize itself is worth over 2 STEEM and when it's all said and done with, will change one lucky Steemian's journey on the platform forever.

Reason Three - Exposure

Third, you can expect to receive a decent boost in post exposure at the very least. Simply by entering into this contest, you have the ability to showcase your best work to many others within the Steemit community. IF you win, then you can expect to receive a significant boost in exposure within the community, giving you the ability to grow tremendously. As a starving artist stuck in the "minnow mentality", this was the most important benefit for myself when things picked up. Any minnow looking to grow should utilize this aspect for their own personal journey on Steemit

Reason Four - Growth

Fourth, anyone entering this contest can expect to grow their account, following and quite frankly their confidence. Minimal growth will be acquired simply from entering, however, winning will provide you a significant boost in your account. You can expect to reach new heights you had never imagined possible if you provide quality content, work hard and stay true to the Steemit community! Remember, how quickly you grow, is not limited by obstacles in your way. The only obstacle stopping you from accomplishing your goals is the excuse you give yourself everyday to convince yourself that you cannot do something. Truth is, the power lies within yourself and the sky is the limit!

Reason Five - Camaraderie

Last but not least, the camaraderie one will experience from joining us in building the Steemit community is something you have never felt. There are a great deal of like minded, talented and compassionate members out here looking for a new addition to their circle every single day. You will meet amazing people, you will have an encounter with at least one Steemit Angel and you will personally see for yourself what a sense of community really is. This aspect changed my life for the better as it will yours!



This contest was designed to reward up and coming Steemians for their hard work, research and commitment to the Steemit platform. By providing quality content, you become an essential piece of the greater Steemit puzzle. Be mindful that this is a true curation contest, so make sure you have a quality piece to enter in order to possibly win. Every day for the next seven days I will personally select one entry that I believe is a truly deserving post, awarding the winner and welcoming them to some of the programs we utilize to help deserving members grow. Each contestant is required to comment on this post to enter. In this comment be sure to include a brief introduction of who you are, how long you have been on Steemit and most importantly the link to your article that you are entering into this contest event. Along with this, there are other guidelines and rules to follow, but beyond a doubt this is the most important one of them all!

*I'm going to go ahead and say this now before you read continue to read on. **YOU MUST FOLLOW ALL OF THE REQUIRED STEPS FOR YOUR ENTRY TO BE CONSIDERED VALID! *Please take the time to completely read the registration rules and guidelines before you hastily join in. I know it is exciting, I know you cannot wait to get engaged in this, but you must understand there is a method to my madness here. I want everyone to have a fair shot at this, so obey all of the rules!


RESTEEM this post to your feed. Share it with other deserving Steemians.


UPVOTE this post to bring awareness of this contest and provide for next week's event.


COMMENT your brief intro and the link to your best article on Steemit.


FOLLOW me @terminallyill and the community @steembasicincome


UPVOTE at least one other contestant's entry to show compassion and support.


SHARE this opportunity with other members. Spread the word to everyone you can!


RESTEEM one other contestant's entry. This goes a long way and can earn you one additional entry per day. So, you can go from one valid entry, to two of them per day, really extending your reach and ability to be noticed! Not to mention, it doubles your chance of being selected as a winner


So there it is my friends. The very first Lucky 7 Lotto. A curation contest of the people and for the people....

This contest becomes live as of 9:00 PM EST on 3/3/2018. Daily contest winners will be announced around 10:00 PM EST beginning tomorrow, 3/4/2018. The "Grand Finale" winner will be drawn randomly from a pool of daily winners and announced at 7:00 PM EST on 3/10/2018. Winnings for each contestant will automatically be applied by myself and a post will be completed on my behalf daily to announce the winners from each portion of the contest. This is the reason why you were asked to follow me, so you can stay in the loop with these announcements. Please refrain from entering any content that could potentially harm or otherwise offend other members of our community, such as posts promoting racism, acts of violence, sexual deviancy and so forth. I'm not saying you cannot post what you want, I'm saying to keep it within reason and be respectful of not just yourself, but other members of the Steemit community. Be sure to post your best contest. This will give you the highest possibility of being chosen as a contest winner and will give you exposure that you deserve.


To eliminate any form of confusion, let me explain how this works just a little bit more in depth. I am hosting a "micro-contest" every day of the week, totaling 7 days. I am also hosting a "grand finale" contest on the last day of that 7 day period, where from the daily winners the past 7 days, one winner will be randomly selected to win a larger prize. EACH INDIVIDUAL DAY is basically it's own little contest. Each Steemit member is allowed to enter ONE POST PER DAY and would benefit greatly from entering a different one each day. IF you complete the bonus entry requirements, you can post two per day. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE IN THE COMMENTS PORTION OF THIS POST. If you are selected as a winner, you cannot continue to post and enter. Limit is 1 daily win per verified winner. Daily winners are hand selected by myself based on two factors. One, the pure, raw content of the entry and two, the participation in all of the requested rules. IF YOU COMPLETE ONE REQUIREMENT BUT NOT THE OTHER, YOUR ENTRY WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED VALID! All Steemians are encouraged to enter this contest, even members who are better off. You can use your prize to live vicariously through me and donate it to another Steemian who is a deserving member of the community. Each Steemian is also encouraged to continue to participate even if they do not win at first. You have seven chances to win, so utilize this for your benefit and exposure! Participants are expected to act responsibly and compassionately regarding their fellow community members. Any acts of violence, harassment or anything deemed inappropriate will result in a disqualification from this contest at the very least. I encourage unique material, but not so unique that it attacks another user's ethnicity, religion or any trait/mannerism. This is a quick road to disqualification. All prizes are paid out immediately and confirmed through a congratulatory post on a daily basis. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.


Remember, in life, we all struggle and we all end up "stuck" in valleys. At the end of the day it is ultimately our responsibility to find and travel the path that will direct us to our peaks. Sometimes, this path is staggered or daunting, and the journey cannot be completed without the help of a companion. When you struggle to travel that path to the peak, you may find yourself surprised to see how many are people walking the same direction as you that are willing to reach out to you and lead you in the right direction. Reach out and take a helping hand, let us all walk the path to the peak together. With that being said, let's get this thing in motion! Good luck my friends, I truly hope to see your entries in the comments portion of this contest!

Please be advised that I am not personally keeping any proceeds from the awards on this contest. Anything brought in from upvoting is going straight into the pot for next week's contest. That's right, I'm holding another event next week which I will announce later on through this contest event. Have any questions? Feel free to ask me on here or look me up on Discord @LuckyDev#1969





Visit my amazing friends over @steembasicincome and see first hand how they make a difference!

Please follow me @terminallyill to see thought provoking pieces on crypto, art, music and more!

Please read and resteem the articles below from Lucky's Crypto Guide For Beginners!








Enjoy the guide? Subscribe to my email list for updates and new releases. Email your information to to subscribe today.

Please read my article on doing our part to help our growing community and to help the Steemit platform by clicking HERE.

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Hi fellow Steemians! I'm a independent musician and community builder and a big fan of Steemit. Here's my contribution, one of the songs from my new EP exclusively pre-released solely on the Blockchain!


Hey Jon, good luck with entering the blochchain driven world with your music :). Do you know there's a steemit musicians FB group too?


a musicians group fantastic thanks!!!!


Yepp! But thanks for the tip! :)

Seems like a fun contest have fun fellow steem users and great gorilla quote.

Hi @terminallyill :) Glad to see that you have Round 2 up and running! I'm going to write my own blog about your contest and post it tomorrow. Here's hoping for more entries and more fun!

To the other contestants here :
I was fortunate enough to have been chosen as one of the winners in Round 1 and now have my very own membership to @steembasicincome thanks to @terminallyill! This is a great opportunity for anyone to showcase their best work and meet other people too...and of course the prizes are pretty awesome!

Here is a link to a recent blog I wrote showing a street mural in Playa del Carmen, Mexico titled "Conscious Living" and my interpretation of it... a gentle reminder to all of us to truly live the life you were given. Hope you enjoy it :)


Beautiful work as always @lynncoyle1 ! Thank you for sharing your experience with others and most of all for joining in on the Second Round :)


Thanks for having me @terminallyill ! It is my pleasure ;)

And fyi, I'm going to link your post and contest info in my blog; would you like me to resteem this as well ?


@lynncoyle1 if you could resteem this original post as well I would greatly appreciate it :) Thank you for taking the time to write an article on this as well, too kind of you!!!

BTW feel free to borrow any portion of this contest post that you wish for your own article.


ok no problem, I will resteem this right now :) And I'm going to wait to vote on someone when there are more entries.

BTW feel free to borrow any portion of this contest post that you wish for your own article.

I was planning on it haha :)


Thanks again @lynncoyle1 :) Can't wait to see your article!


Hey @terminallyill, I posted my blog fyi and resteemed yours; now we just have to wait for the magic to happen :)


@lynncoyle1 Congratulations on your membership to @steembasicincome! I checked out your post and wow, those murals are absolutely stunning. I almost didn't want to stop looking at them. They are truly mesmerizing and I loved your message that you got from them. I gave you an Upvote and a Resteem :)


Thank you so much @magicalmoonlight! I really appreciate that. Often when I bike by, I'll stop and stare...I think people think I'm a weirdo haha, but there's just something about them that is so captivating.

Thank you again!


Hey hey! Fancy seeing you here :)

Way to go on your win! Never been to Mexico but hoping to head there maybe end of May. Love that mural of the girl smiling too.


Hey! You'll see me all over the place!

Thank you as well! My win was for another post, but yes, I love the murals here...they are so beautiful!

May is a good time to come because the "high" tourist season is over and prices often drop by then; and it's just not as crowded!

Cheers :)

Great steemian
Am by name Tpassion,a now bonafied member of @steembasicincome @terminallyill thanks for this contest and the great work you doing to support the minnow.
Well i did not no any thing about the first contest.but i know it was a nice and mavellous my fello paticipant let thanks @terminallyill for his effort.every one is a winner but some one has to lead.that you did not win does not mean you should stop following any other constest on this might win the next.i wish us all success on this is my link taking about how politicians are surfring the voter and they are enjoying using latest cars with their family


@tpassion , welcome to the Lucky 7 Lotto, it is a pleasure to have you on board. Don't forget, you can earn extra entries by resteeming another contestant's entry. Thank you for entering a political piece, I have been dying to see more of these the past week. I am looking forward to reading :)

Thank you for inspiring other members to join in. If you have any friends who may benefit from joining, please send them by as well. Good luck, I hope to see you on here every day through the week displaying your amazing content to the Steemit community!


@tpassion that is a great motivational post that you have written. It is very nice to see people truly care about who their leader is.


Thanks alot @terminallyill and @magicallmoonlight i appreciate but @magicallmoonlight you did not upvote me crying.dont beg me just upvote and i will stop.crying

Hi steemers here is a post i wrote about my adventure to Easter Island along with some photos i took ☺

I am travelling around the US in a 40' motorhome with my wife and 3 dogs. I am a photographer, artist, cook and Reiki master. I have been enjoying sharing my photos and stories of my travels with my fellow Steemians and hope to continue to do so.

Thanks to @lynncoyle1 for posting the information about this contest in her blog!

Here's my entry:


Hey @rwedegis, this is a cool idea! I'm so glad your blogging about your travels! Thanks for the shout-out as well :) Good luck...this is a cool contest!


Thank you my friend!

Hi all! My name is Joe and I've joined Steemit in January. Still feel lost half the time, but enjoying exploring!

I've completed the steps as outlined about. Step Five (UPVOTE at least one other contestant's entry to show compassion and support) is the best part of this contest, encouraging us to support our fellow Minnos. The entry that caught my eye was my fellow @supernovastaffy who writes a very informative "One Month in Steemit" post. Quality entry that not only got my vote and resteem for this contest, but also gained her a follower.

Many thanks to @terminallyill for hosting and great idea for a contest!

My stuff? It's really a niche within a niche. I've mainly posted on cryptocurrency experiments and basic financial management so far. My latest blog is an update on a Top Ten crypto currency I'm running for all of 2018. Spoiler alert, it's not going well! :) But I persist, in the name of science!


Thank you so much for the support @starthere. It’s amazing that strangers can turn into your support base on Steemit just like that.

I love your crypto experiment. Great way to look at the market. 2018 didn’t have a great start but I’m so hopeful of where crypto will head throughout this year. Exciting times!


Of course! You deserved it, I found that post super helpful and have referred to it a couple of times since I found it yesterday! Thanks for the support for my experiment! Another bloody day in the market and you're right, 2018 has started ROUGHLY to say the least :) But a lot can happen in a year!!!

I am back again :) I wanted to share my post from today which is about Magical Monday. I have joined in with #newbieresteemday and I want to give back to the community so this post is all about the resteem initiative.

Hi everyone and thanks @terminallyill , @steembasicincome and everyone else involved for offering this opportunity to us all my name is Kirk aka DjDarkstorm and have suffered with extreme socialphobia and agoraphobia for around 20 years I have written a little about it here I am not sure if it is quality content but at least hope it will help someone else in a similar boat to me. I am finding it hard making friends and socialising but trying hard to overcome this by getting involved on Steemit Dsound ACR etc but am still finding it overwhelming and hard to keep up with would be nice to meet other patient people who can help me on this journey and I hope I can help them in return.
So I will go reread all the post again to make sure I enter correctly and hope to get to know some of you better so we can help each other build this community and prosper for the future.
Cheers and take care,


Also on a quick note I cannot resteem the articles for part 2 for some reason there is no resteem button will go through them all so far number 1 and 2 I cannot resteem


I managed to resteem the last entry and have upvoted @vcclothing for the Easter Island adventure I have also followed everyone here and left a few comments to other members but have not upvoted because I have been waiting all weekend for my steempower to regenerate.

I hope I have done everything right and look forward to getting to know you all better and reading more of your content good luck to everyone and have a fantastic week.


Some posts don't have a resteem button because they're older than 7 days. And upvotes on posts older than 7 days won't give them rewards, either. Yes, it's weird...

I believe you did everything right. From the rules, the only post you really needed to resteem to enter was the one about this contest.

Edit: I think you forgot to mention how long you've been on Steemit.


Yeh I did mean to come back to that and thanks for the info only been here a month so still learning cheers guys lots to learn and lots of cool people to meet :)

Hey @terninallyill. Thank you for the SBI share week man! To follow your guidelines:
I joined Steemit in December of 2017 but, as life often does, it got in the way of me really doing anything till January. So far I've reached 217 followers and very recent reached 50 rep. It feels like I'm doing good so far but it's still early. I love this platform and the community here.
My entry this go round is Part 2 of my Choose Your Own Adventure series, titled "The Quest". My hope really is that more people participate in it.
Hope you enjoy it.

Hi I'm @izaid, a simple and a hardworking guy. I always do my best and makes an effort for someone or something.

Here is my entry

Hi Steemians, i´m Claudio, 28 years old from Germany.
I´m a "car guy", i´m interested in anything about cars, preferrably fast, flashy and loud ones. I plan to be blogging about cars and the struggles in my life.

here´s my last post:


Great work my friend, thank you for entering this!


thank you!

Hi there.
I am just over a month old, 35 days. I am not anything professional, unless you can be a professional thinker. I like when I can see two sides or more to a debate. I believe compromise is the better way to find a solution, as opposed to one being right or wrong.

Voted on blog and user in comments @starthere as they had the lowest level and no other vote.
I have sent comments to @lahvista @lilcoffeekitty and @mara93 @elitequeen. Followed @terminallyill and @steembasicincome

First of all i really want to thank you and the whole team behind this amazing idea because it can change someone's life who really need it. So let's come to my introduction, i am Chiranjeevi Sarikonda (@chireerocks), and i am 25 years old and previously worked with two multinational companies on the role of Financial Operations and Work Force Management Coordinator (HR Support) for last company and i resigned my job to take care of my parents because in my opinion my job made me an slave and i was not able to give the time to my parents when they really need it and then i decided, no matter what happens i will do an work from home jobs and take care of my parents, and after resigning i deep dived into the internet to find some effective Work From Home jobs then i landed on amazing Steemit Platform and as of today i have completed my 138 days on this platform and i have continuously worked for 138 days without any resting days to build my profile on this platform because i don't have enough funds to invest in Steem Power, and i create genuine content in categories like, photography, quote series (Writing), quote series (video), original poetry series, positive word series, and i will strive hard no matter if i will get support or not and i really enjoyed my roller-coaster journey of Steemit Platform. Kindly find my one entry below.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Hi Steemians!

I love the concept of the contests on Steemit as it improves exposure to Minnows and also promotes interactions between each other. It has been just over 1 month since I started posting on Steemit and I created a summary of what I have learnt so far since my first #introduceyourself post. Thank you for hosting this contest. It's always nice to see how much support is going around on Steemit.


Thank you so much once again @terminallyill :D

Hello, @terminallyill and fellow travelers on the Steemit ride. I am zija2022 an archaeologist and a tourist guide from Croatia. I write posts about me, my homeland the history and spots to explore. Furthermore, I write about archaeology one of my last posts is about underwater archaeology and a shipwreck in Dalmatia. This looks like a fun contest and never enough help for us minnows.

Congratulations you have been upvoted and resteemed as part of #newbieresteemday's top 10 posts for the day! ...

We invite you to use our tag to connect with more of our members. To learn more: Come Join Us!!! (Newbie Resteem Initiative)


Thank you guys! Let's make this one twice the size of the first one!

Dope initiative!! I think I'm too far ahead in my Steemit journey for this and wouldn't feel right putting my hat in the ring, but this is dope man and kudos to you!


Brother, you can always sponsor a deserving minnow by entering. Just food for thought 😉

Hi Everyone my name is Justine and I joined Steemit late last year. I just love being here and sharing my life and thoughts. Below is my link entry and I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.


Thank you @jusipassetti for entering and sharing your amazing work :) It's great to see a new face and be able to share this awesome opportunity with you! I hope you are having a wonderful day!




Hello everybody :) I hope everyone is having a great day today! I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your entries and participation in this week's event! It is making a world of difference!

I'm hoping to have this week's results far surpass last week, but I cannot do this on my own. I am asking everyone involved in this contest event to please spread the word about it, whether it be through your own post about it or through referrals, either way your efforts are a blessing! If you are able to, please find some time to make this event known to the community so we can reach more prospects and have a much larger impact :) Thank you all for everything you do!

Here's to an amazing day filled with prosperity and peace!

Glad to see you’re repeating the contest. Now I know what you meant when you talked about ‘round 2’.

I’ve been one of the lucky ones that has been rewarded with a @steembasicincome membership because @terminallyill selected my post in the first round of this contest.

I think this is a great initiative to give minnows and plankton an extra chance to showcase their articles.

A couple of days ago, I posted an article in which I listed 4 different ways that allow everyone to use the voting slider, even if you haven’t reached the 500 SP treshold:
4 Ways To Be Able To Use The Voting Slider, Even If You Have Only 1SP


Congratulations! Your post has been selected as a daily Steemit truffle! It is listed on rank 16 of all contributions awarded today. You can find the TOP DAILY TRUFFLE PICKS HERE.

I upvoted your contribution because to my mind your post is at least 53 SBD worth and should receive 166 votes. It's now up to the lovely Steemit community to make this come true.

I am TrufflePig, an Artificial Intelligence Bot that helps minnows and content curators using Machine Learning. If you are curious how I select content, you can find an explanation here!

Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

You got a 1.63% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @terminallyill!

Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support the development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!

I am sharing my entry for second day below.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Hi Lucky,
I'm a Belgian middle ager loving salsa, some volunteering (having been quite active in, movies, music, cycling, photography, beer and board games just to name a few :). I'm here mostly to participate in the cryptoworld a bit more actively during my spare time...maybe not on a regular basis but still... contributing hopefully something of use :).
The post I want to share for today is both for the as a possible long term contribution to your crypto beginners support. Please let me know your thoughts if you have the time...either way...with our without the prize :-) ! Here it is:

Hi everyone!

I'm Kim. I am now a member of @steembasicincome thanks to @terminallyill and his first round of this amazing contest. The first round was a lot of fun. I met a lot of new Steemians and I was able to find new content that I really enjoyed, all thanks to this contest. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and helping out everyone who enters the second round of lucky7lotto!

Best of luck to each of you. Don't get discouraged if you do not win. This is a great chance to spread quality content every day that this contest is live.

Below is a recent post of mine that discusses police brutality. I also discuss one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S.


Amazing work @magicalmoonlight , you always continue to impress me :) Good luck and thank you for sharing your experience with any newcomers!

Got here a bit late, but better then not to have got here at all :)

Hi everyone, my name is @silentdiscourse and this is my fourth day as an official Steemian. I post a variety of different types of articles and do my best at a bit of humor in most of those as well.

Me and my best friend Diesel (dog) live in Calgary, Alberta Canada and I also have an extremely talented, beautiful and hilarious 13 year old daughter. I run a small business and once put a Sasquatch in a headlock.

The article I'd like to enter was my first ever post on steemit. It kind of speaks to how I interpret the world around me and my intentions going forward in life.

Thanks for the opportunity to participate! I'm going to choose another members post to resteem now and I'll be back with my second entry momentarily.

Silent Discourse signature.gif

@chireerocks, you've been resteemed amigo!

For my second entry, I'd like to showcase what will soon become a series of easy recipes, done in my own unique style.


Thank you for sharing this!

Hey @terminallyill, you're awesome, do you know that!? XD Thank you for helping the minnows, keep it going bro!

Extremely brief introduction of myself, only 5% of myself.

@tifaong writes simple and positive practices and ideas that you can learn (or re-learn) and apply in your life immediately. She covers life lessons, self-help, relationships, positive thinking self-love. Her mission is to spread positivity so that we can live a happier life.

Check out her profile here to find out more 😁

She has committed to post daily, so rest assured that you will find something new everyday.

Everyday I write best posts of myself so this is my best post of today :


You made a lifelong fan from this! Great job my friend @tifaong!


Thank you @terminallyill!! I'm so happy I have a fan!! hahahaha

Hi guys! I am so happy to have found this post. I'm still very new on steemit...this is my 4 week and it hasn't been easy, but this this post gave me hope. My name is Amaka @ammyluv. I joined on the 5th of February to enhance my writing skills, learn from the professionals, make new friends and earn some cash from this great platform. I'm happy that I am gradually achieving my aim even though the earning isn't coming, but I'm not bothered for now. I write about Christianity, personal life experiences and health sometimes.

Here's the post that I wrote about my life as a child. How difficult things were for us


This was a great article, thank you sharing this!

Hi, I'm Aiyumi, a woman from Brazil, visually impaired since a few months after birth. I currently work as a programmer, and use Linux as my operating system of choice. Despite my visual limitations, I love anime and video games. I also play around with music and sound effects, and have been taking violin lessons on weekends since March of 2015. Though I haven't written anything related to these topics here on Steemit yet (but I have on my personal blog. There's a link on my profile page for anyone interested).

I arrived on Steemit on February 8th, 2018 (so, my account will be one month old tomorrow). For now, I've mostly been reading other people's posts rather than writing my own. I only wish my upvote were worth more so that I could better show support to the content I like, but hopefully I'll get there eventually...

I've followed the steps:

  • Upvoted this post.
  • Resteemed this post.
  • Followed @terminallyill and @steembasicincome.
  • Voted @djdarkstorm's entry because I can relate (I struggle a lot to start conversations and to talk to people on the phone too).

And here's my entry for today. My latest article, about these events to help newbies which I've only recently discovered. It includes a link to this contest, so I guess it also counts as step six :P .


You are a promising member of the platform and I look forward to seeing you grow! Great job, thank you for entering!


Too bad my skills weren't enough to impress you :P , but it was fun! Thank you for the contest, and congratulations to all winners! :)


Never feel like you did not impress me, Each and every single article impressed me :) I personally have become a fan and follower of yours ;)


Thank you for the kind words. :) Oh, yes, now I remember I had noticed you were following me :D .


Another fantastic article!

Below is my entry for today. It is about addiction and it is a true story about two very young inseparable brothers that have lost their battle together at the same time.


Amazing article! Keep up the good work!

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Great article my friend! Pleasure to have had you join in this awesome event!

Here's my daily entry for today. This was one of my first posts. It's about the site, which can be used as an alternative interface to Steemit. The post mostly highlights some of's features that aren't present on Steemit.

The post is older than 7 days, which means it can't be resteemed and upvotes don't give it any rewards, but I hope it still counts as a valid entry. If it doesn't, I just hope it can be of use to someone...


Amazing work my friend! Thank you for entering this!

Hey Steemians, I'm Will Salisbury III and this is my second day on Steemit! I'm a blockchain enthusiast, cryptocurrency day trader and student of self improvement/spirituality. I started my cryptocurrency day trading journey with $1,800, and in two months made over $20,000. You can read my story here. Considering that this is my only piece of content thus far, I can say with absolute confidence it is my best. Haha!

Hopefully my story resonates with some of you and I inspire you on to great things. That is my goal on this platform, to uplift all of you, and in so doing, brighten my day too :)

@terminallyill, thank you for linking me to this contest, I really appreciate it. Fingers crossed!


Awesome work my friend, glad to have had you on here! I hope you are enjoying your journey on Steemit!

Hello @terminallyill I am new to steemit and just wrote my first article jam packed full of FACTUAL information about a SpaceX rocket that exploded back in 2016. Someone told me about this contest so I figured I would enter. I'm really excited to have the info be shown because I get censored on many other platforms. I like to go to the source when I deal with information and thats exactly what I did proving EVERY Main Stream Media outlet wrong coming from the source itself... I like to consider myself a Truth Dealer #ProjectTransistor


Loved this article my friend! Great job! Thank you for entering and for helping make this contest event what it was!

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Hello @terminallyill!
I've been on steemit for roughly two months now. I'm an aspiring digital artist. I started out drawing on paper when I was about 6 years old. I started digital art about 3 months ago, so I'm still learning. Here's one of my recent paintings with my tablet. :)


Amazing art! I hope to see more of it soon :) Thank you for entering this contest!

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Hey @terminallyill! I left a msg over at your link here:, but I'm not sure that you saw it. Just keeping you updated;)

I also just wrote a post about proper image sourcing that I thought you'd be interested the spirit of sharing valuable information here for everyone!



Hello @lynncoyle1, unfortunately I am just getting online after missing quite a few days of time on here due to life and having to once again travel across this lovely country of ours. I love the new post of yours, please, join us at the Steemit Greeters Guild aka SGG and join our Discord server. You would be an incredible asset to our group, and you can display that post in the chatroom #the-library to help newcomers that we are actively reaching out to. I honestly hope I see you there. Here is the link :)

By the way I will be catching up on everything and replying to posts as I progress today. I'll be checking the first link here momentarily. I hope you and your hubby are having a good day and I hope he is feeling well!


Thank you so much for the reply...yes, of course, real life gets in the way sometimes here ;)

I will join the discord channel for sure; I would be happy to.

We are hanging in there as always! Hope you are well too:)

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I separated 2 very important topics related to how status and social role detonate the life of the person and the prison created by the social role.
I think, for everything I've seen and already attended in clinic, in addition to hearing financial stories of older people, THE GREATEST PERSONAL AND FAMILIAR DESTRUCTOR THAT EXISTS WITHIN THE FINANCE AREA :