I'm not the only one - Blockchain Exclusive Pre-Release

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One week before the official release of my new EP "Always a Rebel" I'm super psyched to be able to pre-release it to @steemit @dsound @musicoin and Channels.cc. All services that really caters to the independent artist and to be able to show my support in this way feels no less than awesome. All songs are up on the other platforms and can be found on jonmagnusson.se/always-a-rebel-ep

I will release one song a day here on dSound/Steemit

About "I'm not the only one"

As somewhat of a contrast, in the second song “I’m not the only one” the listener gets hit with a finger picked jazz guitar accompanied by old school synth arpeggios. As if that wasn’t jazzy enough the second bar of the intro offers a crazy 5/4 beat to keep the listener (and the drummer) alert. The arrangement then leans towards a quite classic Swedish indie pop sound but keeps it’s originality throughout the whole song and gets flavored with some moog-synths, organ and choirs worthy of a Catholic cathedral. The religiousness ends with the choirs and instead the bittersweet lyrics takes the listener inside the mind of a young man gone astray, fighting his demons but lucky enough to have someone fighting together with him side by side.


Got nothing left in my pockets
Don't wanna sell my soul, it's nothing worth
Got nothing else here to offer
Look at me I'm broke, i lost control

There's nothing left to see
There's no one else to be
I can not sleep tonight
but I'm not only one

Come lay your arms around me
Come share my goals, come raise my hope
And feel my hair through your fingers
Move them down my bones, just make it slow

There's nothing left to see
There's no one else to be
I can not sleep tonight
but I'm not only one

In the end there's nothing to die for
nothing to show, nothing to adore
Just give my life a new sound
soon we'll be old, so come make me glow

There's nothing left to see
There's no one else to be
I can not sleep tonight
but I'm not only one

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Eclectic indie folk pop musician from Sweden

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love that keys melody man, so nice

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lovely synth-melody at the start (is it a synth really?)


It is a jazz guitar. And when I did the demo track for the drummer I made it with midi and then we took the midi and dubbed the guitar with a Juno-synth! :)

smooth and polished version, these release version are really lovely.


Thank you! I'm really happy with the outcome of the EP... a lot of work behind it!

Very smooth Jon. Love the round sound of the bass guitar as well.

Great melody that's instantly catchy.

sounding sick man! stoked to hear the whole album soon!