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More more more

Got some more artwork for you all to enjoy! This time around we've got banners. Just a heads up before you go any further, I couldn't figure out how to make the Elemental Phoenix look better in the boundaries I had. Got to deal with the crop.

All of the backgrounds were sourced from Unsplash.com. The SteemMonsters artwork was provided by @yabapmatt in the form of pngs. The avatars are free to use as long as credit is provided back to the post (See license below). The SteemMonsters logo was taken from a post on the @steemmonsters page and the other logo was provided by @mrgodby. Here is the post describing the creation of the logo.

Creative Commons Licence
The images below are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.












There are more avatars on the way and I will be messing about with some more ideas for banners. If there is anything you'd like to see in these posts, please leave your ideas below. What would you like to add to your SteemMonsters posts?


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Nice job @calumam! You got two of my favorite minions on one banner. Maybe if you're lucky I'll let you become one of my minions too.

I may use your banner if I ever get into this whole blogging business. I don't see what the big deal is when there's all these awesome monsters to collect.

Nice job. How about square box graphic displays around which we can wrap text?

These are awesome.


So just the banners without the monsters and logo on top of them? That's easy enough to do if so :)


You can still put monsters and the logo on them. Just make them square instead of rectangular. Like this:

Then we can wrap text around it like this, because it's square and not rectangular, and it allows the blogger to resize to fit the text rather than be forced to put between paragraphs because it's a banner instead of a square display box. This format allows more creative blog formatting. The blogger can align right or left, or put it in the center between paragraphs if they so wish. So you can still use the same designs as with your banners, but it will look different due to its square size as opposed to its rectangular size. I hope that makes sense.

Fantastic feedback. I'll start working on these today :)

These are great! I'd love to make some like this, but I still haven't heard back from @Yabapmatt in Discord as to where I can obtain access to the image assets, so my hands are a bit tied. I can slowly and painstakingly remove the backgrounds from the cards manually, as I did for the banner I made earlier, but that takes a long time. It would be much easier if I had access to the same high-quality image assets that you have, which are already on transparent backgrounds. I left a message for Yaba about this several days ago, but haven't heard anything back yet.

Thank you very much! They all look awesome!


Thank you! I'm so glad you like them :)

Awesome i can totally see myself using these.

These are so awesome! You do such a great job with these graphics. I'd love to use these in my posts!


I'm glad you like them mate! Feel free to send me over your posts in Discord so I can check them out :)


Absolutely I will! I made a post for the music production of the Steem Monsters theme song, which I have since decorated with your badass graphics. I'll have to DM it over to you sometime.

Wow! These are gorgeous! :-) Thanks so much!!!

Hey great banners, keep it up! They loo great with the new logo!

Sir thank you so much for steemit so nice to post a new one