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hello friends, how are you guys today? hope you had a great day?

Here is some goodies for newbies!!

To celebrate my new DSP from my sponsor @dimimp, I have decided to party with my mates because

"The best way to CELEBRATE, is to celebrate with YOUR MATE"

So here are the codes for the party:

  • You must follow me @steemjetnewbies
  • Your reputation must not be more than 35% at the time of this party(so it is strictly for newbies)
  • You must resteem this post

Entry requirements:

  • Make a brief and constructive introductory comment, tell us how you encountered and embraced steemit, feel free to tell us who introduced you.

  • Tell us how you feel about the steemit ecosystem in this short period you have stayed

  • Tell us what you will contribute to the growth of steemit blockchain

  • Tell us if you can help @steemjetnewbies achieved her aim of on-boarding newbies and teaching them cryptocurrency and how (You may not yet be familiar with cryptocurrency, but if you have the idea, let us know)


NOTE: Your reputation must not be more than 35% at the time of this party(so it is strictly for newbies), Upvotes varies according your supplied information .. Party for adults will be announced soon.

Join the @steemjetnewbies telegram group here to stay posted

How to follow; Look at the arrow on the picture, open the person's blog and follow!

mbj f.png

How to resteem: Look at the arrow on the picture, click on the resteem icon and resteem the post .

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#steemjet is a community that had Global Steem Adoption as her main aim BUT now changing direction into Movies, Music, On-boarding Newbies and Teaching Cryptocurrencies in general ...

Respect to @dimimp

STEEMJET: on the wings of superstars we're onboarding newbies and bringing the knowledge of crypto to the masses!!!

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Hello, I am @kissormeetei From india and i have been introduced by youtube creators working on steemit as creators here ,I love photography and want to travel the world but the bad thing happen to me is i had an accident 8 months back and till now i can't walk till now, My Love and passion for photography is still high inside me but as i am at home now i can't do nothing rather than sharing my works on social platforms and hoping i get to pay my bills , Thanks for the comment I come to know about this post

I feel your pain friend, but I want you to know that life is not all about traveling, whatever God wants you to be will surly visit you wherever you are. Be strong, sleep to your dreams and wake up to your expectations.

Stay tuned here and learn some tips that will help you succeed here.

Life is more than just a dream, if you believe you will succeed.

Welcome Again my Friend !!


I am @sirpee6 on steemit. I am a young lady who loves to mingle and precious is my name. I joined steemit not quite long. I was introduced to steemit by a friend @dimsyto who serve as a mentor for me on steemit.

#Steemit is interesting if you have steem power, that was what @dimsyto told me and i believed it because she has been there before me. The flagging issue on steemit that i heard of is not something good and it do scare me sometimes.

I will like to support and preach the gospel of steemit where i stay.
I will also like to tell you that if i am hired by a community on steemit, i will surely perform more than your expectation because i have many talents.

Thanks @steemjetnewbies.
Thanks @steemjet.
Thanks @dimimp.

welcome to steemit my friend @sirpee6!!! Thanks to @dimsyto for bringing.

I want you to know that steemit blockchain is an amazing family. You have nothing to fear about, you can never get flagged without doing something wrong and must have been warned. And you must not be hired by a community before you do something great, your work and effort maybe the reasons for hiring you in any community on steemit.

So, as long as you continue to be original, you have just entered a family you will always live to learn, teach, enjoy and testify!!

#steemjet is a community that had Global Steem Adoption as her main aim BUT now changing direction into Movies, Music, On-boarding Newbies and Teaching Cryptocurrencies in general...

welcome aboard !!


Join the party - follow the rules - bag your giveaway in style 😎

I'm already here. Welcome me with steem.


Over the years, I've been searching for a social platform that would add more value to me and as well reward my intellectual ability, because I've been into so many social media sites like facebook, whatsApp, instagram for some years now but none seem to be rewarding until I met this friend of mine @donnest who introduced this wonderful platform steemit to me.

At first, I felt so reluctant about it thinking that it's one of all these ponzi scheme that extort money from people without any reward.

This then made me to do a little research about this platform. I read so many things online about it and decided to give it a try. This was how I found myself in this great community steemit.


My name is Amanze Emmanuel kelechi, I was born and raised up in the south eastern part of Nigeria. Currently residing at Umuahia, Abia state.


As a new person in this steemit ecosystem, my few weeks of steeming has really exposed me to different contents on people's blog. I was able to to participate in some writing contests organized by some communities on steemit like @originalworks which has helped in improving my writing skills.


Having understood to some extent what is required to be successful in this platform,

  • I will help in promoting this platform by introducing steemit to my friends by telling them the benefits of steemit.
  • I will as well help @steemjetnewbies achieved her aim of on-boarding newbies and teaching them cryptocurrency by introducing them to discord channels where they can be connected to whales that are into full time Cryto trading.
  • I will also tell them how they can get rewarded through their daily post.

The benefits of this platform can't be overemphasized, Steemit is a place to be, I'm happy to be in your midsts.
Thank you guys . I remain @kelemasco

Welcome to steemit @kelemasco, Big thanks to @donnest for bringing yo into this amazing platform, honestly this is the best place to stay learn and participate in cypto ecosystem. I am happy seeing @original work in your blog, one of the best way to survive is being original, Thanks for promisig to helping @steemjetnewbies , what you have mentioned is one of our aims; Onboard and Teach.

Keep being original and keep contributing positively to the growth of steemit ecosystem and crypo blockchain in general.

Stay posted to our blog to learn more about cryptocurrency.

For the main time!


Thanks @steemjetnewbies
I really do appreciate

if you are finding it hard to comprehend some words you come across,then i suggest you visit

Wow .. I have visited your blog my friend, and i have seen your great work, it is very educative and important for newbies. Thanks for that, next time make such an article and use #steemjetnewbies as your first tag, you will definitely be noticed.

Thanks for your contribution man and as well writing it in a language a newbie will understand.

@steemjetnewbies will upvote any crypto-teaching article we come across, written in a language a newbies can understand!!!

Congratulations, your article has made you eligible for this party, thanks to @udezee for showing to thus place



@steemjetnewbies it's My pleasure to onboard newbies

Thank you very much..i really appreciate was certainly my pleasure

Thanks for the lift.

Hello, I am from Venezuela, South America. My native language is Spanish so please excuse my mistakes. I´ll try to do my best.

I started in steemit finally last thursday, so I´m really new, I have only 4 days in steemit.

In June I went to a cryptocurrency conference and heard about steemit, I made the first steps but when the password arrived in July I did not pay attention. Last thursday I went to another conference and @lanzjoseg really poisoned me. I came home directly to face the computer, finish my registration and start posting.

In 4 days there is not much to say. Only that my expectations are really good about the future and the community.

I've already started talking to my family and friends about steemit and what it can bring us. Once I start having results I am sure that a lot of people will also start in the community and since I am going to have learned many things, I´ll do the same thing that they have done with me, help them in whatever they need.

Please let me know if something is missing in this post.

If you want to know about me, the beautifull beaches and islands where I live, the things I do or have done, our culture and our beautifull country please follow me. I have realy good ideas and spectacular pictures to post. I already follow your account.

Thanks for the invitation to this party

Wow .. What a far home in venezuela! This is one of the reasons i love steemit ecosystem, it brings the whole world together under one umbrella. My friend , I want you to know that joining steemit is a good choice for you cos it is a platform that you get paid for your creativity.

Stay posted to this blog and learn so tips that will help you succeed here. contests for newbies are coming when this party is over.

Welcome again!!



Venezuela is a really beautiful country. I live on the coast and I will try to show our landscapes.

Thank you for your support. Hope you´ll like my future posts.

My full name is Oscar Andrés Ochoa Jiménez, I am currently 19 years old, I am from Venezuela, a beautiful country that currently is not going through the best situation, but I see with some optimism, and I know we will come out of it. I was born on March 10, 1999 in the city of Acarigua Edo - Portuguesa.
I was introduce to Steemit by a good friend, I must say that this site is wonderful. :D

Wow! welcome to the steemit ecosystem my friend. the platform is wonderful and so interesting , just stay posted to my blog and you will learn some tips that will help you succeed here. one of the best way to survive here is being original and be the best you can be!!

A contest for newbies is coming up very soon.

Stay posted

welcome again.


Hey @oscarochoa99, I don't have much steem power but I will come and give you an #upvote when I get to 100%. I have also added you as a friend and will visit your blog to give you some resteems. Hope you have success on the steemit platform and welcome.


Aprovecho para seguirte desde Lechería / Pto. la Cruz. Te invito a seguirme, ojalá disfrutes mis publicaciones.

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I'm @earnxtreme and new around here from youtube. I'm a web developer and I'm going to create a few apps for steemit so I'm here testing out the system
I gave you a #follow, #upvote & #resteem

I have publisher accounts at many legit ad networks that work with the biggest brands but pays in FIAT so I may code up an SBD 90% REV SHARE APP the other 10% will be used for converting FIAT to SBD to pay the members. It will also have no minimum cashouts.

I hope this will help low accounts earn some SBD to help them grow

Wow!! that is some very big vision, You've go creative capacities.

please let us know as soon as you come up with something the newbies will benefit from.
Thank You!!

Thanks @steemjetnewbies once I grow my account I will also come and help newbies just as you did. My SP is too little for me to even upvote, I always need to get to 100% to upvote 0.001 but I will get there.

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi am @jenypher. I heard about steemit from @profchydon and @kristenantai01 and I have been on this community for months now and I stop visiting this site for a while. But I was motivated when I heard about steemjet I was marveled by what you guys have doing. Thanks steemjet.

Welcome online again my friend, Steemit is very friendly and open platform! just keep being original and positive and you will feel how friendly this place is. Thanks to @profchydon and @kristenantai01 for bringing you here.

Please the name is @kristenantai01 not @kristenantai . Thanks


We Rock

Yes boss !!

Yes oh.. We rock 😎



Of course

Wow amazing start,Weldon @steemjetnewbie
I am a newbie too lol

Thanks for your compliments.. the party you will be eligible to will be announced soon!! stay posted !!


Thanks Kristen

Glad to see things are getting up gradually. A big thank you to @dimimp.

I will be coming up with some materials for the teaching of cryptocurrencies.

👍 @steemjetnewbies

Thank you .. we are glad to have you.

We're expecting you.

Congrats on this adventure - newbie pack is a blast.. Hurray

Big Thank you @udezee


Oh my, this innitiative of yours is greater than perfection, giving back to newbies is the best thing a steemian can do to help others, am sharing this post with newbies i know immediately.

A big thank you for that !!


This is amazing guys.... Keep it up. Together we'll achieve the vision

Big Thank you @donnest


Your success is our concern.

Nice orientation to we newbies. Am proud to be one of your followers @steemjetnewbies

We are glad to have you here my friend, welcome!! This is a place you will stay and learn about crypto as much as you can. Stay posted and you will never regret it!!

@steemjetnewbies will upvote any crypto-teaching article we come across, written in a language a newbies can understand!!!


Congrats dear... I tried all my best too but I was the only one who didn't get a dime from @dimimp amongst my friends

Oh!! my friend, please don't get it twisted @dimimp pays and or hires anyone who prove his superstardom, show him what you've got to offer and trust me, he will definitely hire you.

Dont't don't feel strange here my friend.

Now tell me , which topic in cryptocurrency will you be able to explain in a language a newbies will understand? let me know and I will carry you along, I promise.

#steemjet is a community that had Global Steem Adoption as her main aim BUT now changing direction into Movies, Music, On-boarding Newbies and Teaching Cryptocurrencies in general...


Hi! My name is Pauliina and I have been here now for 24 hours. It has been amazing time and people here are really supportive of each other, not much negativity. I will keep upvoting and commenting on other users post as much as I can :)


Thanks @steemjetnewbies you have inspired me to continue using steemit and try my best to create amazing content
I hope you have also inspired everyone here to create some awesome content
Once I grow I will come back to repay you for being the best
As all us "newbies" grow we should also help other new members grow as it helps build up this community

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My names are @Karlblaise here on steemit.
it's been a lovely experience been here on steemit; making friends, following and been followed, the upvotes, etc.
i was introduced by @valnd and has felt so grateful that i bought into his idea some months after he gave out the invite.

My little contribution here will be; putting in nice articles, upvoting and actively participating in my friends walls.

sure, i'll do my best for this group in guiding newbies to the best of my knowledge.

We are a company specialized in the rental of boats and yachts in Venezuela.

We have fantastic photographs of the places we visit and trips that we do.

We are just getting started in the steemit community and we want to promote our destiny and add value with our posts.

Feell free to follow up our account enjoy our photos, upvote us and comment.