Net Neutrality - December 14- this affect all of us not just USA - Very important.

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-It is argent - Net Neutrality - is not a joke it is a real problem..

-Very informative video about the - Net Neutrality - December 14- you must watch.

Source: (

credit to: Barnacules Nerdgasm / a great youtuber.


--it is argent - Net Neutrality - is not a joke it is a real problem that fallen on our heads all in favor of the money-making machine
the real big wales and I do not mean the wales in steem I mean the real wales that want to eat the small fishes( you know what I mean/the eval shadow that always hanging over us)
really shame on them but it is not enough we must do something

  • The solution......

  • 1. Vote against removing - Net Neutrality - December 14-

    2. Share what you know, spread the word.

    3. Educate the people close to you.

    4. If you have any influence in the social media please use it in the act against removing - Net Neutrality - December 14-

    Of course, you must do your own research and to be sure in this matter is important.


    Thanks to you all.
    And have a nice day.



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    thanks for sharing this informative article dear brother. I didn't hear about it at all. really many thanks for sharing this news with us. goona search about it now.

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    All is correct and great, but can't get why is "not just USA" in the title. Not the whole world is USA and controlled by some Federal shits. :)


    watch the video and you are wright

    this is important helpful news bro @omar-hesham thank you👍👍


    you welcome my friend ....
    sorry, it is not long cause the video explaining everything :-)

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