I am in love with the Mira Dress from Fibremood – and I made it myself

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Dear readers, I have hubris. I have made a dress out of woven fabric and it fits. I have not sewn in the sleeves inside out nor made it too short, too small or simply ugly. Now you will think ‘why is she so arrogant? Did she make a tailored dress with collar, buttons, folds and bells and whistles?’ I must disappoint you: I basically made a sack with four holes. But it is a beautiful sack and I love it. I made the Mira dress from Fibremood.

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Two weeks ago, I told you of an amazing dress I tried on at Zara. It was long and wide, with three ruffled layers. The Zara dress reminded me of a pattern I already own and which I have seen in several wonderful adaption on instagram. But the last bit which convinced me that I had to try to sew it for myself were Emily's two wonderful blog post about this dress. She made a summery yellow version and a darker one out of floral fabric. Both dresses look amazing on her and she made the process seem do-able for someone like me (who has a kind of war with woven fabric).

The Mira dress is made from a wide body without darts and two layers of ruffles for the skirt. The dress has 2/3 length set in sleeves and it is best made in a light and flowy woven fabric.

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Some month ago, I bought a lovely blue fabric which had some mistakes in its dye and therefore was really inexpensive. With a bit of Tetris, I could coax the Mira dress out of this stashed fabric. I made a size 44 and decided to modify the sleeve length, because WINTER IS COMING (I know I am late with a GOT joke, but I still haven’t watched the final season). Besides the longer sleeves, I also elongated the body of the dress approximately 4 cm. On several versions on Instagram, the dress looks super short in the torso and this style reminded me to much of a child’s dress. Everything else I made as the pattern suggested. And it worked out nicely. I must admit, that I do not love to gather fabric, but it was more annoying than difficult.

Kopie von Kopie von 1800px × 768px – Design ohne Titel20.png

The neckline was also easy to sew, as it is closed with a simple hook and eye – no inserting a zipper which is not high on my list of things-I-like-to-do.
Oh, I nearly forgot, I also changed the cuffs of the sleeves. The original Mira dress has slightly tapered sleeves and I followed Emily's lead and made gathered sleeves, which I love much more.

Kopie von Kopie von 1800px × 768px – Design ohne Titel21.png

After finishing this dress, the weather changed and now we have proper temperatures for late fall. This made the photo shoot a freezing experience for me. Silvia is super fast in making beautiful photos, but nevertheless I had to put on a cardigan in between. And I am telling you this, because I found the photos where I try to wrap myself into the cardigan very funny. They remind me of old films were someone is locked up in a straitjacket. Rest assured, I was able to free myself and get warm.

Kopie von Kopie von Soziale Medien – Design ohne Titel21.png

Next time, and there will be a next time, I could make the dress one size smaller in skirt and body but use the bigger size for the sleeves as I love wide sleeves and a lot of room under my armpits. Perhaps I also could change the backside of the body and make a sway back adjustment. It is also probable that I am too lazy to cut the patten anew and so will make it exactly like my first version :-DDD

Thank you @crosheille for initiating and @muscara, @shanibeer, @marblely for hosting the #needleworkmonday. If you want to see more beautiful projects with yarn, fabric and most of all needles, follow @needleworkmonday. Or even better grab your needles and keyboard and join the #needleworkmonday community.

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The amazing photos are from Silvia Szlapka (the rest I made myself :-DDD)


That's lovely! I like the versions on Emily's blog, too. I bought a similar pattern, indigo from Tilly and the Buttons but I think Mira is even more straightforward!

Thank yooooouuu 🌈🙏💕 And yes, I think both dresses are very similar. I saw the Tilly dress on instagram and there are also beautiful versions. I love the kind of seam She uses for the gathers on the sleeves and skirt. But I also imagine this is a bit more complicated (because of these seams and because it is a tad more fitted than the Mira dress) but nothing you could not tackle (As you are more skilled in sewing than me). Did you already started on the dress? (And is your neck a bit better?)

I was just thinking to myself I haven't seen a post from neumannsalva in a while I hope she's okay and I came to your blog and I wasn't following you!!!!! I can't believe it :0 Anyways thats a beautiful dress you made and I'm happy to see your still posting aha!

This is so nice of you to remember me <3 and yes your feeling was right, I am still grieving and the last six months were horrible (my father died in September) I was not able to concentrate on art or music, it made me too sad. Knitting/sewing etc is ok and a good distraction, but I so hope it will get better soon so that I can paint again.
Sorry for dumping this on you. And again, so nice to hear form you and I hope you are well <3 <3

:( I'm so sorry to hear that, hopefully working on some art (art therapy?) can be cathartic for you! I'm happy to see you are still around though <3

So nice to see whole the style :) It also matches to your hair style (together with the nail color). Perfect autumn/winter dress! I want to have one too ...

Ohh thank you, sometimes I manage to put everything together :-DD ANd the dress is really easy to make, I guess you would not need the pattern. You could improvise it out of a shirt pattern and simply put two gathered rectangles as a skirt on it.
I find it very comfortable which is important to me:-D

Difficult thing about wearing skirt in autumn/winter is that I cannot be good friends with Strumpfhosen :( I don't know why but they don't stay on my hip or waist and go down down down ... I start feeling uncomfortable. Hmmm. But I want wear it!

i know the problem, but some tights seem to hold their place, but it is per chance, I do not have a recommendation for good ones. But I guess wearing leggings is an option. On my legs the leggings do not slide downwards.
And a friend of mine wears another slipper over the tights to fix them. I never tried this out.
And another one uses snag tights, which are said to not slide…
I hope you find a solution (i would try the leggings if I were you), because dresses/skirts in winter are awesome.

Yay YOU! Congratulations on a finished fitted beautiful dress! I’m so excited for you that you love it and didn’t have those common mistakes this round! I love the way it flows and it looks so good on you!

I love the photos (Go Silvia)! I think it’s so neat that you can tailor it to your liking by changing a few elements to make it exactly for you! 🥳🤩🎉

Thank you so much!!! And I am still happy with this dress. I would have never thought that something so wide can look ok on me (I always thought it would be better to wear more fitted dresses) I already browse my stitch to make another one with thicker fabric which is a bit warmer.
And yes, Silvia is super. I am so glad she has her studio so near.

That is a wonderful attempt at creativity and it does look good on you

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Thank you so much for the kind words and the support!!!

You sewed a dress!! Yay!! You are like the magical seamstress! You sewed your own skirt, your own coat, your own dress and you knit your own everything! I love that dress on you! It looks so comfy!! It is really nice that you could customize your own. Is it easy to sew on woven fabric? And kudos to Silvia who captured your beautiful modeling talent :)

Oh wow I am blushing ☺️ (But I am a bit proud myself :-DDD) I still need to learn so much, next on are blouses and someday trousers (but I guess this is really complicated) And you are right the dress is super comfortable. I would have never thought that something so wide/untailored could look ok on me.
And with the fabric... I like it much more to use stretch fabric. I find It more forgiving and as I am lazy I prefer it as you do don’t need to hem the fabric. But nevertheless, it was not complicated to sew the woven fabric. It glides a bit faster/easier through the machine.
ANd with Silvi 🌈🌈💕 I am so happy she has her studio just over the street. She is super spontaneous and I love her photos. And most important, she is encouraging (one of my friends is photographer and designer and although I love his work he is so hard in his assessments, that I always feel bad after working with him... he tells you during the shoot things like ‚move around or you look even fatter‘ ‚change your head position or your double chin is too visible‘ etc. I know he is right, but it dampens my mood while working)

Great dress! Love how it turned out and your photos are a lot of fun! It looks quite comfortable too.

Thank you 🙏 I really like the pattern too, easy to make and very comfortable (which is important to me - I hate narrow things at my bellybutton, instantly aches)

This is a great dress and looks good with black leggings.. I could see you making it shorter the next time- with the leggings you don’t need it too long.

Thank youuuuu, I am still suprised that I managed to sew something that fits me :-D But with the shortness... hmmmmm... I am a bit shy with my legs. Not sure I am confident enough to wear it shorter. Nevertheless, it is lovely to hear you would like it <3

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Congratulations on not having the dress fight back so much this time. :)

Don't tell, but I plied it with drugs :-DDD Now I have a dress which fits, but is very cost intensive (it wants me to buy constantly fresh drug ...)

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