Be fast: Free knitting patterns for Christmas

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The time has come… I feel I have not shared enough free patterns. I must compete with @cryptocariad's clever tip of the free knitting magazine Knitty, @marblely's wonderful find of expression fiber arts or with @muscara explaining the pattern base of Drops. In my untiring attempt to be admired and loved by absolutely everyone serve the #needleworkmonday community I researched these beautiful opportunities of free or reduced patterns which last up to Christmas.

Design ohne Titel(159).png

First the best: Elizabeth McCarten
Elizabeth McCarten designs a classical wardrobe with a broad variety of garments (hat, scarfs, cardigans, sweaters) which are often inspired by historical films and serials. Most designs have a feminine vibe and fit with a lot of ease. She is very fond of Shetland lace which lends her garments in my eyes a wonderful vintage vibe. Although I have still not dared to knit socks, I am highly tempted by her Snakes and Ladder socks
You can find her patterns on ravelry and they are currently for free! If you want to read more about her journey to create a handmade and sustainable wardrobe visit her blog

But to be honest, I did not research this opportunity, but my lovely fiber friend Lisa mentioned it to me :-D And Lisa is not only a very lovely friend, she also has beautiful paid and free crochet patterns on ravelry. I especially love her free Elven hat which is perfect for the Christmas season.

Design ohne Titel(160).png

So on to the next pattern opportunity: Andi Satterlund
Meanwhile you all know I am a bit obsessed with her Miette now Crumb pattern. But to be honest I am obsessed with all her patterns. Ok, perhaps I simply love her and want to transform myself into a look-alike. Yeah… I hear you laughing, as you already have seen photos of me – I would need major surgery.

Kopie von Soziale Medien – Design ohne Titel(2).png

Back to Andi’s patterns. Not only has she designed a beautiful new cardigan with her typical tailored and vintage fit (but this time a long cardigan) she also offers to safe 20% on all of her set-in sleeve patterns. But beware this discount only works on December 26th.
I am pondering to participate in her sweater KAL and make the Sorcha cardigan I never participated in a KAl and I am curious how it works (And ask myself if we should initiate something like a knit along on @needleworkmonday ?? I know my handmade outfit challenge is also still open…)

So, I hope I could treat you to some free and beautiful patterns and perhaps you are inspired to choose one of them – if yes, please let me know :-D

Thank you @crosheille and @crystalize for hosting the #needleworkmonday. If you want to see more beautiful projects with yarn, fabric and most of all needles, follow @needleworkmonday. Or even better grab your needles and keyboard and join the #needleworkmonday community.


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This post contained some typos in its mentions that have been corrected in less than a day. Thank you for your quick edit !

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Lordy, lordy, what have you started? 😍. This post and its consequences made me so happy x

ups... what did I do 😅😅😅😅

Ha ha - made me happy 😊. I was trying out patterns last night and generally making a mess everywhere. I had been a little bit lost for a few weeks, I needed something to excite me and engage me again. Thank you x

Happy you liked the patterns... I had to be very hard to myself to stop inserting even more links. But now you provoked my link-dropping tendencies :-DDD
I also love the patterns from They are in English and German and all are free. They have many top-down constructions which I love.
And I found this sewing pattern site (which is perhaps already well known...but I never heard of them, so simply ignore if you know them)
I still may have some free vintage pattern sites up the sleeve :-DDD

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This post just entices my desire to learn to knit even more! Between your cardigans and @muscara’s socks I’m already sold! Thank you so much for sharing these lovely patterns with the community!!! Oh and trust me, your untiring attempts have payed off. You are definitely loved and admired! 🤗😄😉❤️

There are so many things to learn, so many beautiful patterns in knitting, crochet and sewing... Often it is hard to decide which to pick (for me..) I still want to learn to sew more complex things and the knitted socks are also on my to-learn list :-D
And thank you so much for your looooveee 💕💕💕💕 It will come back doubly to you.

I have that problem of not knowing which pattern to pick too! It’s soooo hard! 😍 Oh yes I too want to knit a pair of socks one day. Sometimes being apart of this community gives me anxiety because I want to try everything like right now but I can’t!! 😂🤣😅🤪

Awwww thank you sweet friend ~ 😘❤️

And down...down... down the rabbit hole of Ravelry and blogs full of patterns we fall...
Great shares! I will be perusing them all at some point in my ongoing search for the perfect vest. :)

Oh yes, the epic quest of pattern searches :-DDD I am very vulnerable to good photos and beautiful colours - I can lose myself for hours in this.
What kind of vest are you searching for? I think I remember one in one of the free knitty magazines... wait I will right now jump to ravelry (and hop)
no idea if this something you envisioned

Yay ! very inspiring patterns, @neumannsalva ! Lots to choose from - the socks are amazing.
Thanks for the mention :D

I also checked the knitty magazine you recommended .... so many beautiful patterns, I especially liked this pullover with the little flower detail. But I think it is still too complex (and not very relaxing)

Thank you for sharing the patterns. It really helps when looking for ideas and making garments that look polished. Your research saves us some time that we can use to be crafty.

I had to grin :-D I am very prone to over searching the internet (meaning: I get lost in pattern browsing) but good to hear my searching helped a bit.

I'm fascinated by the process and like seeing the results... nevertheless, I don't think I could do this, even by Christmas next year :-b

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