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Free knitting and crochet patterns / Kostenlose Anleitungen für Häkeln und Stricken

Today I won't post about something I've done but about a source if you want to do something. Some of you will know it but perhaps not all.

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Drops is a good place to go if you are looking for free patterns. The patterns are translated into a lot of different languages - surely yours will be there or at least one that you understand enough.

You can search for the pattern you want - here I wanted to make a baby sweater with raglan sleeves so I looked for "baby" and "raglan". I could have written "sweater" in the upper box but what else has raglan sleeves?

After that you see all the patterns that match your search terms and can browse. A little symbol shows you whether its a knitting or a crochet pattern if you searched for both.

The pattern will be shown with materials needed etc. Especially helpful are the video tutorial offered for difficult details and the schematics with all the footages (and yes, there are two english versions: cm or inches).

Which leeds us to one of the main complaints about Drops Patterns: Some patterns, perhaps 2 to 4 %, are translated in a way that you can't understand what they mean. Sometimes it helps asking other peoples, but there are cases where it is easier looking for another pattern ;)

Die Seite von Drops ist eine gute Anlaufstelle für kostenlose Häkel- und Strickanleitungen. Die Anleitungen gibt es in vielen verschiedenen Sprachen. Man kann sie über Stichworte oder Menüs filtern um eine Auswahl zu erhalten. Die gewünschte Anleitung wird angezeigt, man kann sie auch ausdrucken. Für viele Details gibt es hilfreiche Videotutorials, praktisch sind auch die Skizzen mit Längenangaben. Ein Problem kann in seltenen Fällen die Übersetzung sein: Es gibt Anleitungen da versteht man beim besten Willen nicht was gemeint ist. Insgesamt sind die Anleitungen manchmal etwas konventionell aber man findet trotzdem oft eine passende Anleitung.

Of course I'm still working on my scarf which is 39 cm long right now - still a long way to go. But the cotton-mix socks are nearly finished and have already been adopted by one of my sisters :)

All pictures are screenshots of the Drops-website.

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Thank you so much for sharing this valuable resource with us on this #NeedleWorkMonday!


It's no problem finding free patterns in English or German or Russian. But for people from a smaller market it can be difficult. That's the reason for my post today, we have people from all over the world posting in #needleworkmonday. Not all of them know English well enough to follow a pattern and I wanted to show a way to find patterns in their own languages.

Thank you @muscara. I have seen some of their patterns but have never made anything.
If I ever saw their wool in a wool shop, I would buy some just as a 'thank-you' for sharing their patterns. They have hundreds and they are very generous :D

I did not know about this site. thank you for giving us a link to it and telling about it

When I was new to crochet I was so excited to find this website... I wanted to print every pattern :-D It was unbelivable that they were for free. I still love their pattern, although as you wrote some of them are a bit boring/conservative, but you could always change the pattern to your liking.
So thank you for mentioning this helpful link <3

Thank you for sharing this @muscara. I do like the patterns in DROPS and the selections that we can choose to filter the patterns we like. They are very generous in sharing their free patterns :)