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History of Captain America

Captain America is a fictitious superhero who was designed as a
supersoldier from the USA
and wears a suit that represents the flag of the United States and uses an almost indestructible shield that he throws as a projectile.

Captain America was created in 1941 during World War II as a supersoldier of the United States; his real name is Steven Grant Rogers, who was a young man belonging to a poor family, his father died when he was a child and his mother during his adolescence. Rogers tried to enlist in the army, but because his body was weak he was rejected. Hearing his plea for acceptance, U.S. Army General Chester Phillips offered Rogers the opportunity to take part in a special experiment called the
Renaissance Project where Professor Reinstein administered Rogers the supersoldier serum,
which gave Rogers a perfect body with strength, agility, endurance, and maximum intelligence. Professor Reinstein was then assassinated before transcribing the supersoldier formula, with Rogers being the sole beneficiary of his serum.

During the war Captain America was a symbol of liberation and justice.
During the last days of the war he tried to stop an airplane loaded with bomb which exploded killing his companion Bucky and the Captain America fell in the icy arctic waters; thanks to the formula of supersoldier he did not die and remained in state of suspended animation; decades later he was rescued by the Avengers and was part of this team of superheroes.

Elaboration of the Captain America Woven to Crochet


  • Crochet thread (red, blue, white, yellow, black and Skin)
  • Needle (1.45mm or 3)
  • Scissors
  • Crochet sewing needle
  • Wadding
  • Elaboration of Captain America step by step

    assembly of the woven parts



    Red crochet thread

    Lap 1: 7ch [7]
    Lap 2: {6 sc, 1 inc} x 2 [16]
    Lap 3: 1 inc, 3 sc, 1 ks, 4 inc (dc), 1 ks, 4 sc, 1 inc, 2 sc [22]
    Lap 4: {1 inc, 7 sc, 1 inc, 2 sc} x 2 [26]

    plantilla 1.jpg

    Boot of the feet

    Red crochet thread

    Lap 1-3: 1 sc at each point [26]
    Lap 4: 8 sc, 1 dec, 1 sc, 1 dism, symmetrically repeat (1 dec, 1 sc, 1 dec, 8 sc) [22]
    Lap 5: 6 sc, 1 dec, 1 dec (Th) symmetrically repeat (1 dism(Th), 1 dec, 6 sc) [16]
    Lap 6-9: 1 sc at each point [16]

    bota 1.jpg


    Blue crochet thread

    Lap 1: 1 sc at each point [16]
    Lap 2: 3 sc, 1 inc, 4 sc symmetrically repeat (4 sc, 1 inc, 3 sc) [18]
    Lap 3-7: 1 sc at each point [18]
    Lap 8: 4 sc, 1 inc, 4 sc symmetrically repeat (4 sc, 1 inc, 4 sc) [20]
    Lap 9-10: 1 sc at each point [20]

    pierna 1.jpg


    Blue crochet thread

    Lap 1: 1 sc at each point and in the union of the legs weave 1 inc [40]
    Lap 2-3: 1 sc at each point [40]
    Lap 4: 2sc, 1 inc, 17 sc symmetrically repeat (17 sc, 1 inc, 2 sc) [42]
    Lap 5: 4sc, 1 inc, 16 sc symmetrically repeat (16 sc, 1 inc, 4 sc) [44]
    Lap 6: 1 sc at each point [44]

    Blue and yellow crochet thread

    Lap 7: 1 sc at each point [44]
    Lap 8: 3sc, 1 dec, 17 sc, symmetrically repeat (17 sc, 1 dec, 3 sc) [42]
    Lap 9: 2sc, 1 dec, 17 sc. symmetrically repeat (17 sc, 1 dec, 2 sc) [40]

    Red and white crochet thread

    Lap 10-15: 1 sc at each point [40]

    Blue crochet thread

    Lap 16-21: 1 sc at each point [40]
    Lap 22: 7sc, 1 dec, 2sc, 1 dec, 7 sc, symmetrically repeat (7 sc, 1 dec, 2 sc, 1 dec, 7sc) [36]
    Lap 23: 6sc, 1 dec, 2sc, 1 dec, 6 sc, symmetrically repeat (6 sc, 1 dec, 2 sc, 1 dec, 6sc) [32]
    Lap 24: {2sc, 1 dec} x 8 [24]
    Lap 25: {1sc, 1 dec} x 8 [16]
    Lap 26: 1 sc at each point [16]




    Red crochet thread

    Lap 1: 8 sc inside the magic ring [8]
    Lap 2: {1 inc, 1 sc} x 4 [12]
    Lap 3: {2 sc, 1 inc} x 4 [16]
    Lap 4-9: 1 sc at each point [16]

    White crochet thread

    Lap 10-16: 1 sc at each point [16]

    Blue crochet thread

    Lap 17-21: 1 sc at each point [16]
    Lap 22: 3 sc, 1 dec, 6 sc, 1 dec, 3sc [14]
    Lap 23: 1dec, 4sc, 1 dec, 6 sc [12]
    Lap 24: {2sc, 1dec} x 3 [9]
    Lap 25: 1 dec (Th), 3 dec [4]



    Skin color crochet thread

    Lap 1: 10 sc inside the magic ring [10]
    Lap 2: {1 inc, 1 sc} x 5 [15]
    Lap 3: {2 sc, 1 inc} x 5 [20]
    Lap 4: {3 sc, 1 inc} x 5 [25]
    Lap 5: {4 sc, 1 inc} x 5 [30]
    Lap 6-7: 1 sc at each point [30]
    Lap 8: {4 sc, 1 inc} x 6 [36]
    Lap 9: 1 sc at each point [36]
    Lap 10: {5 sc, 1 inc} x 6 [42]
    Lap 11-14: 1 sc at each point [42]
    Lap 15: {5 sc, 1 dec} x 6 [36]
    Lap 16: {7 sc, 1 dec} x 4 [32]
    Lap 17: 1 sc at each point [32]
    Lap 18: {6 sc, 1 dec} x 4 [28]
    Lap 19: {3 sc, 1 dec} x 5, 3sc [23]
    Lap 20: {1 dec, 1 sc} x 7, 1 dec [15]
    Lap 21: 1 sc at each point [15]



    Blue crochet thread

    Lap 1: 10 sc inside the magic ring [10]
    Lap 2: {1 inc, 1 sc} x 5 [15]
    Lap 3: {2 sc, 1 inc} x 5 [20]
    Lap 4: {3 sc, 1 inc} x 5 [25]
    Lap 5: {4 sc, 1 inc} x 5 [30]
    Lap 6-7: 1 sc at each point [30]
    Lap 8: {4 sc, 1 inc} x 6 [36]
    Lap 9: 1 sc at each point [36]
    Lap 10: {5 sc, 1 inc} x 6 [42]
    Lap 11: 1 sc at each point [42]
    Lap 12:1 sc, 10 ch, jump 6 points and make 3 sc at each point, 10 ch, jump 6 points and make 24 sc at each point. [50]
    Lap 13: 1 sc, 9sc at each ch, 1 dec(Th) , 9 sc at each ch, 24 sc at each point [44]
    Lap 14: 1 dec, 7 sc, 1 dec, 7 sc, 1dec, 23 sc at each point [40]


    details of the face and Helmet

    detalles cara y casco.jpg



    Elaboration Time

    The project started a month and a half ago, on 25/03/2019, where the idea, shown in the publication, was planned and developed:

    Amigurumi Collection of Superheroes and Princesses

    The trip from Venezuela to Colombia was made to buy the crochet threads, the trip was quite an adventure, as the border has been closed for months and the passage is through the so-called trails or green roads, where you have to pay commission to pass, and thus cross a river on bags, climbs and descents full of mud. It was a round trip that lasted 42 hours of pure adrenaline, between the hours sitting on the bus and the quick shopping, with wet feet after crossing the river. Anyway after all that crossing I arrived to my country with all my threads to begin this great project.

    hilo en casa y comprado.jpg

    And so we can see that I already have all the threads estimated for the project

    cantidad de hilo crochet a comprar.jpg

    Elaboration of two previous models and sketch of the pattern: before making the final model two previous models were made, the first captain America I did spontaneously (ie without any pattern, I was only molding as I knitted) with the aim of doing and observing how to incorporate as much detail as possible, the second model accounted for the points and corrected details of the first as: the thickness of the arms and make it less waist. Finished the second design, it had not been as I wanted, it was very long, so I removed turns to the second pattern to make it less long, thus achieving the Captain America woven as I wanted, the third was the ideal and already with the pattern established, only 3 days late weaving the third model. All this process took 3 weeks, then shows the images of the sketch of the pattern, which shows the pattern of the second model and highlights the rows eliminated to reach the third model.


    Sketch of the pattern of Captain America model number 2 and 3

    bosquejo patron 1.jpg

    Bosquejo patron 2.jpg

    Bosquejo patron 3.jpg

    Digitization of the pattern: once the definitive model was made, we began to digitize the patterns, first I began with Word, where I digitized three patterns: that of the footbed, the boot of the feet and the legs, then I observed by the pattern design scheme, that it was more viable to work it in Excel and I made the design of the body and the arm in Excel, then the design of the head and the helmet for being circular I decided to work it with the mathematical program Geogebra, thus obtaining the digitization of the patterns as shown below:

    Pattern made in Word
    patron word.jpg

    Pattern made in Excel
    patron Excel.jpg

    Pattern made in Geogebra
    patron geogebra.jpg

    Reason for Elaboration

    As I mentioned in the first publication, there are 3 reasons for the production:

  • Publish the step by step in steemit.
  • Perform superheroes to give away to my 6 year old son.
  • Make superheroes for sale and thus have an additional income that allows me to cope with the economic crisis that is currently living in my country Venezuela.
  • How did I feel while working on this project?

    Spectacular, especially when in the third attempt I achieve what I wanted, 2 previous designs were made before reaching the final pattern. It was something to which I devoted enough time with pleasure and enthusiasm because I wanted something really beautiful and eye-catching, to please both my followers of steemit, as my son and also a quality product for sale. I consider that I met the goal I had set myself, it took me a month and a half to complete the first design of the project but it was worth the time devoted to it. It was something I enjoyed and I also felt very satisfied and happy to design and develop the Captain America crochet knitted to my liking, with as many details as possible and creating my own pattern, which would facilitate the development to others.


    The photo taken by the author @fabianaporteles on a cell phone and edited in: Microsoft Office Picture Manager, Paint and the FotoCollage application https://es.pixiz.com/?q=collage

    The summary of Captain America's history was read from the internet from the following links:



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    I am Marilyn Porteles, mother, wife, industrial engineer, teacher in Mathematics and I like weaving and swimming.

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    Your son must be very happy with his new toy. I would have loved it :) You are very talented and I like that you continue attempting for the perfection. You are not satisfied with the first one :) I wish I was this handy :)

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    Have a lovely day!

    Thank you very much for your support and for valuing the effort and dedication, as well as being an observer of the details that give even more value to manual work.

    Excelente publicación, luego me enseñas hacer el esquema para los tejidos, había querido hacerlo en la primera publicación que realice de amigurumi pero no supe hacerlo

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    Omg this is so cute. Nice! :D

    Nicely done! And amazing the amount of work put in to create these. Not just in the crochet, but in obtaining the materials.

    gracias por tu comentario, si todo el trasfondo del trabajo no fue sencillo, pero valió la pena, tanto la obtención del material, como la elaboración y digitalización del patrón

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    Gracias por el apoyo brindado

    te felicito, es una hermosa pieza, me encanta el tejido.

    Wow @fabianaporteles!! This is truly Amazing work! So much respect for the journey you took to obtain the supplies! That is true dedication.

    Thank you for sharing the detailed steps and the digitized patterns as well! I know your son and anyone that purchases one will be pleased! I admire your commitment and creativity to be able to make the extra income you need during this time. Beautiful work! 😊

    I also love how you gave the history of Captain America!

    Thank you very much @crosheille for your constant support

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    thank you for granting me this great honor and for your continued support

    It such a privilege having that kind of talent. You are amazing. Those toys you made with such dedication is incomparable to any other toys out there, especially that you making it out for your child. My mother also used to do crochet at home and I believe it is extraordinary. The designs of our curtains and table covers are all crocheted by her during her pastime when she is not at work.

    It is just unfortunate that many younger generations were not able to be passed on by this kind of talent and productivity. They prefer too much exposure to cellphones and computers. Nevertheless, it is still not a complete loss that some people including you were able to possess such talent and I do think that your children will take a liking to do it as well.

    Cheers to your post! God bless you!

    Hello @fabianaporteles and congratulations, that is a nice project. I really admire you for having the necessary patience required to do such a small scale work. I used to crochet and know how difficult it is to do such a small doll. As i see you have the instructions but still, it can be challenging.

    I wanted something really beautiful and eye-catching, to please both my followers of steemit, as my son and also a quality product for sale.

    The result is amazing, you did a marvelous job, I have to admit. Well done!

    Totally adorable and still gushing over your lovely work my dear, keep it up :):)