#Needleworkmonday:: Amigurumi Collection of Superheroes and Princesses

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Welcome to my blog, dear members of the communities: : #Crochet, #Needleworkmonday, #Superhero, #Amigurumi, #Creativity and the steemit community in general.

In this publication I will share my new project which consists of weaving amigurumi from the collection of superheroes for boys and the collection of princesses for girls.



As I mentioned in the St-Patrick's Day Leprechaum publication (https://steemit.com/needlework/@fabianaporteles/crochet-weaving-for-st-patrick-s-day-tejido-a-crochet-para-el-dia-de-san-patricio); for me weaving is an art that fascinates me, I do not weave by patterns, but everything I see or imagine I can weave, I simply take the thread and the needle and go molding and creating as I weave.

Where I live in Venezuela we are going through an economic crisis that in order to overcome the situation we must put the maximum of our ingenuity and creativity. At this time to give gifts and toys to my son, I make them with my own hands, just as I knitted the spider-man clock in my first publication.(https://steemit.com/needleworkmonday/@fabianaporteles/spider-man-watch-reloj-tejido-a-crochet-del-hombre-arana)

The objective of weaving this collection of superheroes and princesses is: to share them with the steemit community, to make them to give as a gift to my son and for sale.

This project must be thought and organized, since I must mobilize myself to another country like Colombia (at a distance of 10 hours) to buy the crochet thread at a lower price, since here in Venezuela costs a single roll 4 times more expensive than in Colombia, while in Colombia costs the equivalent of $ 1 in Venezuela the same roll costs the equivalent of $ 4, of course are the land mobilization expenses but if I buy several threads this cost is still lower than buying here in my own country.

So I'm going to share with the steemit community what the elaboration of this project implies from the beginning.

  • Selection of the pieces to weave (in our case the collection of superheroes and the collection of Princesses)
  • I make a table where I specify the colors of each piece (to see what is the diversity of colors I need to weave all the pieces)
  • Then I observe with the images the volume that I use of each color and the frequency of a color in the diverse pieces to estimate the quantity of colors and the volume of thread that I need.
  • Last but not least, I check what colors of crochet threads I have at home and what colors I need to buy.

  • This explanation is shown step by step in the following 3 images:

    hilo crochet super heroes 1.jpg

    hilo crochet princesa 1.jpg

    Quantity and colors of crochet threads to buy

    cantidad de hilo crochet a comprar.jpg

    I will be able to carry out this project thanks to the help of my maternal grandmother who lives in Mexico and sent me the money to buy the crochet threads, since in Venezuela the monthly salary of a university professional is the equivalent of $ 6 monthly and only one carton of eggs costs the equivalent of $ 3, if only trying to buy food is difficult, buying something more almost impossible, but God makes the impossible possible.

    And I don't extend myself telling the bad economic situation that my country Venezuela lives, because that would be exaggeratedly extensive, I only count the part that involves the elaboration of my project: place where I buy the threads, person that helps me to finance my project and everything that I must do previously before showing a beautiful piece woven to my friends of the steemit community.


    The images of the superheroes and princesses were taken from the internet through the Google search engine of the following pages:


    logo mamá tejiendo.png

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    I am Marilyn Porteles, mother, wife, industrial engineer, teacher in Mathematics and I like weaving and swimming.

    Logo Marilyn.gif

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    It is good to plan out your purchases before leaving on such a trip! I hope that it goes safely and you can find everything you need.

    I admire your determination! I love how you plan out the colors of threads you will need. I am sorry to hear about how hard it is for you all right now. Your will to keep going and make the best of things is very inspiring. Yay for handiwork! 😊🌺

    In this opportunity I wanted to show all the background that there is before the elaboration of a fabric, for many Venezuelans and in particular for me. I also wanted to let you know how important it is for me to count as much as possible with the right colors, that they are not a random selection but something planned, because weaving is an art and the combination of colors is part of this art. The shapes, the details and the colors are the aspects that give life to our characters like the superheroes and princess of Disney.

    Thank you very much @crosheille for your constant support.

    You are very welcome ~ 😊

    hola amiga fabiana, que bueno ver que no dejamos de crear cosas nuevas cada día.

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    I love crafts and this collection looks great for my little ones!

    So sweet of your grandmother to help you in this :)

    Sup Dork! Enjoy the upvote!!!