In my reality, this is what I see and this is how I feel

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I love living in the mountains, nestled in the valley, and none more so than when there is a thunder storm. It has rained most of the day and amongst all that rain has been the thunder. At one point there was continuous rumbling for 20 minutes, non stop.

The sound of that thunder bouncing off the mountains and rumbling down this valley was pretty darn awesome. I lay on the couch with my youngest daughter wrapped in a blanket next to me, engulfed by the sudden darkness and the notion of how very small we are on this earth. Yet how very well the earth takes care of us.

It is pretty obvious that we all need a healthy planet in order to thrive, in order to be healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I mean how can we justify polluting the waters and yet promote healthy living. We are nothing without access to clean drinking water. Humankind figured that out a long time ago, that and the fact that the trees keep us alive. So many people getting wrapped up in their day to day existence and following some one else's dream, just like I wrote about yesterday. Isn't it obvious that unless we wake up and look after our home, we will not survive. Our home, this amazing planet will, we are just a flash in the pan when you look at the grand scheme of things. Yet so many act like they are invincible. Like some one else is always going to come along and sort their shite out.

Yet don't worry, as long as you're having fun right.

Cos that's what life is all about, being human, putting ourselves first, doing whatever the hell we want to do to the planet and not giving a damn, cos it belongs to us. Yeah you heard right, it belongs to us, that man in the black with the white collar, he told me that God created the earth for mankind, so that there is my ticket to do whatever the hell I please.

See that, that up there sounds so ridiculous to me, I mean you don't really believe that do you? Seriously.

In an ideal world everyone would be laughing right now and going of course not, we're not that selfish. We're not the only beings on this planet, we share this amazing home with so many other creatures, we can't forget about them. And we can't forget the fact that all we really need to survive is provided for us by the Earth. I mean, Damn if that doesn't demand our full respect and full honour I don't know what does.

In an ideal world?

In my reality, this is what I see and this is how I feel.

Am I living in a Dream,
This world I live in
is so full of beauty
it almost feels surreal.
I get to feel the earth
pulsate beneath my feet,
I get to be a part
of this universal beat
that fills me up
fills me up and now
it's spilling over,
anointing the ground
and weaving webs
that connect and ignite this
common sense of wonder.
My Reality,
My World,
My stories told
by how I choose to hold,
my vision of acceptance,
my vision of the truth.
I speak of all that rises
from the depths
that have taken root.

I feel such ease amongst
my Elders, the Trees,
I understand and hold in reverence
The Bees.
There is no confusion
within my heart of what I seek.
My journey lies in weaving webs,
in empowering and breaking down
these walls that promote
fear and dread.

And I am not alone,
I have my tribe,
they carry me, as I do them.
to fuel our desire to move and roam,
To always seek ways to lift all life up,
to honour and respect our connection to the Earth.
I am awake,
My way is clear,
I Dance with the cycles,
that I hold so dear.
This is my reality
this is how it feels to be aware.
This is what my heart sings to me,
This is all I need to hear.

And yes the thunder is still rumbling on, as I write this, as I write my truth. It is not as regular as before, but it still there reminding me of my place in this world.

Big Shout out to @zen-art for inspiring me and writing this beautiful post and thank you to @elamental for starting this amazing intiative, please check both of these posts out and get involved in @elamental Earth Deeds.

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This was exactly what I wanted to read today... fit my vibe to the T and got me all kinda grounded. thank you, Namaste


thank you @namastereal for your lovely words, I am glad that you enjoyed and could relate to my words, hope you are having a great weekend xx

Your soul must be a true gem if it pushes you to write such beautiful words honey. This was a pure delight and I am still in awwww 💚


why thank you @zen-art, I could say the exact same about you xxx

Your poem is a pure beauty! I love the rain and the storms. Something about them makes me feel grounded...


thank you @cecicastor, the thunder storms are so inspiring for me xx

This is divine... you are divine...the earth is divine.. we are blessed indeed xx

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thank you beautiful xxx

I hear you, sometimes really feel frustrated with the humans!!
Mother nature has been kind to us, we all should treat her better.

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Such a beautiful poem and it truly shows your love for our planet! I hope that more and more people awaken to this deep connection to Mother Earth and start treating it the way it deserves. 💚