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I want to share this moment of distraction and relaxation in contact with nature, enjoying the goodness of our plain, with its wonderful savannah and moriche landscapes, which serve as a natural lung and hydration for the fauna and flora that live around it.


Taking advantage of the non-working days of the Easter season, we took advantage of spending a different time with the family, leaving the routine, giving my children the opportunity to be in direct contact with nature, living the experience of spending a night and watching the sunrise in the countryside, eating food cooked on wood, walking barefoot on the sandy soils of the plains, sleeping in hammocks, bathing in the river with its crystalline waters that run under its morichales, being submerged and feeling the freshness of its waters, watching the fish that give life to the fauna that lives in the streams, we improvised a volleyball court and shared a pleasant moment, we had a great time.


We spent two different days than usual, leaving our comfort zone, we shared with cousins and close relatives, we sunbathed, during the transfer to the river, the children wanted to ride in the back of the truck, and most importantly, my children were able to know the natural wealth that our country gives us.


We agreed to come back soon to spend a rural night away from the city, and to give ourselves that gift, to nourish our culture and roots, only in this way can we value everything that makes up our environment. We are a blessed country, with plains, rivers, seas and mountains, which serve as a refuge for the very diverse fauna and flora that inhabit our beloved Venezuela.


I invite my Venezuelan friends who have not had the opportunity to live this experience, to try to make the effort to move to the plain, even if it is one day, I guarantee you will not regret it, it is a wonderful experience that you will never forget.

These photos are my own, taken with my Samsung J1 Mini prime phone.

Thank you and see you at the next opportunity.



Happy family...

Thank you for commenting.


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