The Haor: Our Pride

in nature •  10 months ago

This is the world which is created by Allah. We live here. We want peace to live. But the great merciful given us before our demand.

This is the such a place which I describe here. Different beautiful nature is existing here. Huge open space combines our eyes with blue of the sky.
I spent my childhood here. I have many memories in the haor area. I caught fish, operate Boat, Played football, cricket etc.

There is mainly two season. First is Dry period which is start from winter and end before June. This is the time for cultivate paddy or something like that. Then all the people here work hard to cultivate. Because It is their main crop.
During this time the whole Haor region filled with greenery. Seeing that the eyes become calm

And the second one is Rainy season, which is start from June and end it in November. In this period all of the space cover by water. Then It seems that people living in the island. Then they are transported to small trawlers.
They sow different types of fishing net and they catch fish by trapping them in the water. Which turned them into a profession. Weekly they go to the bazar and Brings a lot of things from the bazar by buy.


This way their life goes forward. But the interesting thing is the time of Haor area spent pretty much every time. And the environment is so beautiful. Which can fill human minds.


Who would not like to see such a beautiful creation of creator Allah.

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