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Plant trees and get paid for it!

Plant one tree (1 STEEM) and your pocket will get heavier of 3$.


We launch Steemit Tree Planter Voting Bot to gain funding for conservation program to save Abongphen Highland Forest in Cameroon, in particular for tree planting. On the other hand the project will also support all Steemians (especially minnows) with our SP through automatic upvoting of user's posts. Additionally it could also help other conservation, development or charity programs/projects to fund raise their activities using the same approach. As it is usual to make things open source and transparent in decentralized world we are going to happily follow this tradition.


We got inspired by random whale vote bot thanks to it we finally figured out how it works – We are still really new on Steemit (two weeks+) so still trying to look around to know more. But more you know more you are finding out you do not know enough yet. Anyway the principle of @randowhale is quite simple. You send 2 Steems/ 2 SBD to its wallet with a memo of the link you want to have upvoted by the bot. Immediately after the money is transfared your post gets upvoted. With his SP over 600k even it would use just from 1 to 5% of voting power you could gain over 30$ from one vote if the bot slept well and has 100% voting power. All the revenue is going back to the community in steem power which is distributed to customers by other votes. Purely awesome.

As we mentioned above, the idea is going to help Steemians to get more revenue but also fund our conservation program in Cameroon. We want to do so because of serious threat the forest is facing. Without fast and proper action will be soon destroyed all. It will unfortunately means not only local extinction of so many endangered and endemic species, e.g. Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee subspecies or Bannerman's turaco but the entire area will lose only sources of drinking water it has. The place will just turn to desert.

We say no! Say it with us.

Let's plant trees to save Water for Cameroon with Steemit!

How it works?

I had to learn about bots and steem power much to come out with this plan how to plant millions of trees. It took me almost two days of researching your useful articles.

So here it is.

We want to revive the bot that will encourage you to plant trees. She (yes, she is she because we would like to focus on women empowerment in Cameroon as well) will pay you for it. She will act pretty much similar as randowhale. With the difference you could chose how much you want to contribute to tree planting. In fact, how many trees you wish to plant.

1 STEEM contributed = 1 TREE planted

Your choice will also determine how many percent of her voting power you receive. It will be a bit of a lottery. You will actually always have 50% chance to get the same percentage as the amount of trees you chose to plant.

1 tree = 1% of voting power, 2 trees = 2% of voting power and so on until 10 trees!

Even you contribute 1 STEEM still have some chance to get 10%.

Here is a proposed table with probabilities.

voting power.ods  2 - OpenOffice Calc 23. 6. 2017 114309.jpg

To make sure this tree planting program is sustainable and growing bigger, the first half of your contribution will be send directly to tree planting program in Cameroon and the second one to power up our bot lady. Therefore 50% is going to support conservation and 50% is an investment to future to keep you warm with our valuable votes.

Check this to see how the revenue for you will increase in 6 months thank to increasing SP of Tree Planter Voting Bot

voting power.ods - OpenOffice Calc 23. 6. 2017 112229.jpg

voting power.ods - OpenOffice Calc 23. 6. 2017 112218.jpg

According to our proposal we intend to 'plant' over 2000 trees every day. If we finally fully achieve our plan we would be able to gain 2220 STEEM every single day which allows us to plant the same amount of trees to restore Abongphen forest in Kedjom-Keku. At the same time we will power up our SP with 1110 SP. The lady bot is not going to waste time so it will be working 24/7 it means she would only use 20% of her voting power daily to be able to recover without nap. Therefor in six month we should be able to reach 202,020 STEEM POWER (we do not yet even count the SP and STEEM the bot is going to generate by posting her own stories (mostly reports of conservation activities in Cameroon). At that point we will begin to return the delegated STEEM POWER.

There we are coming to the most difficult point. To actually achieve this daring goal we need you Steemians. Especially we need big fish that are actually not even fish but whales. Well, to make it work, we'll need 10 whales, each delegated to us by 30,000 SP. Yes, we need no less than 300,000 SP. And that is not small number. We know. But we believe anything is possible if you really want.

We want a lot! Not only that. The forest needs us. Let's join forces to save our precious nature to help locals to improve in their living standards.

#So who is in?

First, transparency!

Every month, funds will be sent to Cameroon for tree planting and a report about the past month (there will be short weekly reports as well) activities will be published on Tree planter Steemit account. One of our main goals is to be 100% transparent. Let us try it.

Our suggestion

As we said our plan counts with over 2000 trees daily planted. If we assume more people will contributed 1 STEEM to plant 1 tree then people contributing for 10 trees the situation suppose to look like in bellow graph. But the distribution could be totally different. It is just up to you ladies and guys. But you can be sure you are actually going to be really paid for tree planting.

voting power.ods - OpenOffice Calc 23. 6. 2017 110632.jpg

What we need to start?

First of all we need your attention, enthusiasm and constructive criticism.

Secondly, someone who will help us to program our lady bot.

Thirdly 300.000 SP delegated.

Any ideas are very welcomed.

If you are interested more in our conservation activities check this out:

Let's join forces to save Abongphen Highland Forest in Cameroon. Get more information about our conservation program HERE!

Check, resteem, upvote (or promote, donate) also our other recent stories

Every single STEEM is going to save the forest!

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Our partners (Forest Friendly Family)

(Links yet only FB pages. I am just convincing them all to join Steemit)

The Greens
La Liberte Arts Group
Sustainable Run For Development
Cameroon Coastal and Environmental Sustainablity Network
Czech Coalition for Biodiversity Conservation
Zoo Liberec
Save elephants
The Kukang Rescue Program
Talarak Foundation, morskezelvy.cz
Kola pro Afriku
United Vision
Save Balikpapan Bay
Vets without borders CZ
Faunus Liberec
MOMENT Prague - Charity Shop.

Follow US @Kejdom-Keku

Thank you so much good humans!


Upvoted, followed and resteemed. This project looks very interesting but also quite ambitious. Good luck, I'll keep an eye on it.

Wow, I'm glad you found Steemit.com to help you with your project. Great post, and awesome work. Upvoted!!

thanks a lot. We are actually searching for other Steemians to assist us in implementation. We would appreciate any help. Resteem or advice or whatever. Thanks again.

Nice, where are you all located? Resteemed!

I am not sure I get you well. We are located in Cameroon where we save the forest. Or what do you mean by located? Thanks for resteeming;)

Cameroon what I was looking for, thanks. And no problem, I'm glad I can help. :P

This is great!!!!!

This is quite amazing, very clever to take an existing concept and expand upon it!

I believe so. ;)

Great post and awsome what u do for the forest :0) followed resteemed and upvoted. Thx for sharing. Good lyck

This is beautiful! Saving our planet for free with just one click!
I'm I already try to convince people to go from nuclear power to Solar everyday but this is equally good, have my upvote please!

thanks a lot.

No problem, what do you think about solar energy?

Yes very ambitious. I will be keeping an eye on this.

thanks, we are really curious whether we will finally succeed.

Welcome. I think it's a great thing you're doing and I really do admire it.

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i am waitinf the project to start and will surely join.

Thanks. We are currently finding Steemians to help us with the implementation. hopefully we will succeed soon.

hope you could find it soon. i am new here, can't lend you my SP. but will join if everything is ready

Yes thank you! This is an amazing project - so much positive, good luck and success in your endeavors.

Thanks a lot.

Great idea. :) I followed and will upvote your posts when I see them.

PS I admit I am a lil skeptical, there's a lot of people trying to game the system.. But, I want to help and it's not much to click an upvote button if I see someone claiming to be doing a good cause.

good post...

Quite ambitious project. I'm all in to support it. Upvoted, resteemed and promoted! Good luck Kedjom-Keku!

Thanks @bluudz. Once you want to really achieve something, nothing can stop you.

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