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RE: Home Remedies - Natural Medicine Fortnightly Challenge!

in #naturalmedicine2 years ago

My family and I have been taking CBD oil for a few months now. I will tell you it does work, the is the ultimate natural medicine you can use. It is hemp CBD has no THC and it will help with many things.

As you know I am a veteran and I use it to treat my PTSD and other ailments and for pain. I am more active and in a better mood from taking it and I am getting things done here on the homestead.

I am not a doctor or a medicine man! I am just a guy that uses CBD and I will tell you from my experience it has done wonders for me. Do your own research on things and find something that works for you. Give CBD oil a try I think you will like it and what it can do for your health.


I have been in too much favor of using CBD oil but sadly here in Middle east it is strictly banned and if you are caught you will be have a heavy punishment. When my husband was diagnosed with Autoimmune I so much wanted to use it but sadly could not. I know it does wonders, a lot of my friends have been using it in other places and they see very good results.