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Can I squeal? There's SO much going on with Natural Medicine at the moment it's really making me even more excited than usual. We have some pretty interesting things that will be revealed in good time, lots of new members, and Mindful Life starting to really blosssom. It's enough to make this little @riverflows head spin! That's why this fortnight we're keeping it a little more simple after last time's deep philosophical musings on life, death and health (congratulations to @owasco, who took out the huge 20 Steem prize!). We're gonna roll up our sleeves and get practical.

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Steemfolk are AWESOME. They are a constant source of inspiration as they create content about amazing projects. So many people in Natural Medicine make their own in a desire to be keep it organic, safe, non-toxic and ethical - from tinctures to ferments to balms and salves. @nateonsteemit's been telling us about his oil infused brews in Discord this week, ready to make his own creme for when someone in his family injures themselves. He's got the glass jars all ready to go! So exciting.

Thus, our theme this week is HOME REMEDIES - practical solutions for common ailments from the flu to scraped knees to insomnia to cracked heels.

Some ideas

  • Document a process or a recipe for a new remedy you're experimenting with.
  • Investigate a remedy for what is bugging you, like an insect repellent (pun intended)
  • Talk about a childhood cure that your grandparents used to use on you - did it work? Was there any merit in it or was it a folk cure with no real medicinal backing?
  • Write about a home remedy you might use on animals or pets or children (sorry to group them all in one bullet point, he he)

We favour

  • posts with personal anecotes balanced with research or science if possible (this isn't always available, and there are many legitimate forms of knowledge)
  • posts with at least one original photo or image as the thumbnail image
  • well written, original posts


  • Resteem this post.
  • Comment on at least three to five other people who enter this contest (which might mean coming back to check on the tag)
  • Use the tag #naturalmedicine as your first tag (unless you are using steempress, in which case it'll be your second)
  • Post the link below - if you don't, we risk missing you!


Currently, we're applying for @curie to help our and increase our prizes - so exciting. Read our application here. For now, prizes as follows:

First Prize - 10 Steem

Two runners up - 5 Steem each

If we reach over 20 entries, we will also award 5 other winners with 2 SBI each! If you would like to sponsor this challenge, please let us know!

AND... if we hit THIRTY entries, @nateonsteemit has a turkeytail mushroom tincture he will give away to one random US entry!!! Cool huh?

Also, I had to come back and edit this post because the lovely @freedompoint offered to sponsor this contest via Inner Blocks - they are offering 20 Steem too! Thankyou so much for your generous offer - and thanks for supporting conscious content on the steem Blockchain!


You can read more about @innerblocks and what they stand for and support here.


Keen to enter? Got something brewing? We'd love to get excited about your offerings - drop a comment below!

Natural Medicine Needs YOU! Please consider delegating to @naturalmedicine by clicking any amount below to help keep this collective going. The minimum entry for membership is 20SP (free for members under 150SP), and helps support and celebrate your work with natural remedies, healings and nurturings on this gorgeous blockchain! Join us on Discord here - we'd love to have you!


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I love this type of contest... in order to participate, I "just" need inspiration. LOL
Resteemed - Huge hug!


Thanks, @amico! Two weeks to be inspired! We all are walking repositories of natural remedy wisdom, so it's so much fun to share!

Thank you for such contest. I can participate with my post: https://partiko.app/emmamia/natural-healing-with-spruce-tips-part-1-o6macgxs?referrer=emmamia.

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Oh GOOD - you DID wander over to find this challenge!! Yes!! :) Good luck! :)

This is a great one, I bet there are some great remedies out there that are going to be shared. that is what I love so much about this community, the wealth of wisdom shared amongst us all. I will definitely get involved in this xxx


Amazing. There has already been two amazing entries - it's going to be a great week!

Looking forward to see what this produces. I can only imagine the variety of things we'll see. I'm not sure if I have anything to contribute, I'll see if there is something I do that falls in to this category.


Mindfulness!!! Breathing!!!

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LOL I guess that works :D

Love the challenge. Can't wait to learn new home remedies from wonderful people! I think we'll have so many entries!! Btw, how many entries can a person submit?
Viva NM!! Yuhuuuuuu 💙💙

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As many as you like!!!!!

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Here's a fourth! I hope I am not overstepping!

This is an exciting one. I am surely participating and bombarding quite a few of my home remedies. Love you for this one @riverflows 💖😍


Awesome!!!! Can't wait to learn from you!!

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@maquemali, @atongis, might caught your interest

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Wonderful - thanks for sharing! So many wise souls sharing natural medicine wisdoms on steem blockchain - how cool that we can earn cryptocurrency as we do it!

Oooh - a fun challenge - I like those. Here's my first entry: https://steempeak.com/naturalmedicine/@artemislives/what-if-i-can-t-handle-the-heat-is-only-a-clinical-symptom-a-naturalmedicine-home-remedy-to-help-you-beat-the-heat

Post resteemed and looking forward to supporting the other entry posts. And maybe entering a second post. LOL....

@naturalmedicine, Kindly find my contribution below towards this contest.


Have a peaceful and blessed time ahead.

I would like to share my post on this. I also invite @reeta0119 @lovepeace29 @certain @hungryharish @onestopfacts if they have interest to take part.

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Wheeeee!!!! Rubs Hands In glee

Been super busy on The Mountain, greenhouse growing, gardens, chicks and wildfires soaking tub! It’s been a wild MayDay ride.

The spring rains have me walking a different WalkAbout for a wee bit. Pleased to have a moment to step back into this frequency. Purrrrrrrrrr. 🐾


Woo hoo! Sounds like fun. I bet you have lots of wonderful things to offer! We're busy sharing great posts on Facebook too - can't wait to share yours, you natural medicine goddess you!

I have a friend that had a great home remedy for everything. I don't know if it is really enough information to make a full post out of it. I wish it was though, I think it would be really good for this contest.

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[-]ambiguity (52) · 3 minutes ago
My family and I have been taking CBD oil for a few months now. I will tell you it does work, the is the ultimate natural medicine you can use. It is hemp CBD has no THC and it will help with many things.

As you know I am a veteran and I use it to treat my PTSD and other ailments and for pain. I am more active and in a better mood from taking it and I am getting things done here on the homestead.

I am not a doctor or a medicine man! I am just a guy that uses CBD and I will tell you from my experience it has done wonders for me. Do your own research on things and find something that works for you. Give CBD oil a try I think you will like it and what it can do for your health.


Wonderful - you should absolutely post about this and enter our challenge!

Here is my entry:


Resteem Issue - Since this post has passed 8 days, there is no resteem button for this one. So I have resteemed the new reminder post that just came a day ago from @naturalmedicine :) Let me know if it is ok.


Is this the correct place to put this, or should it be on a more recent contest announcement that is not past payout? And may I enter more than once? I got a million of them. It was hard to choose just one!

Cool contest. So many great ideas already. Thanks for hosting it!

Hi, thanks for this wonderful opportunity. This is my ticket to the Contest

Here's a second one from me. I hope we get up to thirty so that some lucky person gets @nateonsteemit's turkeytail tincture! I'm doing my part. Unless I hear otherwise, I'll be entering a few more times.
Thanks to everyone who has entered - there's been some amazing remedies.

Hello guys! FINALLY!!!!! This is my entry for this challenge! I hope you'll enjoy reading it and maybe it will be useful for you! Hugs and love!

My third entry. Thanks to all who have contributed. So much great info!

Legalize já

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