Alternative Consumer Challenge by @naturalmedicine and @ecotrain

This is my contribution to the Alternative Consumer Challenge by @naturalmedicine and @ecotrain.

I have always been very careful about what I use on my skin whether it is cosmetics, cremes, soaps or anything. I have may be done make up 3 to 4 times in my life. I remember one on my wedding and the other few randomly for some occasions. Only Lipwear is something I wear it occasionally, but other then that nothing at all.
In this pursuit Soap was the only chemical thing I was using regularly on my body. So I decided to use something more natural and with that I came up with my own bath mixture which works very well for me and also gives me a healthy skin.

This is my bath mixture which I use regularly in place of a Soap and it is absolutely healthy with no chemicals penetrating my skin.

Gram Flour
Himalayan Rock Salt
Pinch of Turmeric
Mix it up all together and make a paste by adding water and use it in place of a soap.
Rose Water can also be used in place of normal water, it leaves a very sweet fragrance on the skin, but on a daily basis it may go over the budget. Once a week in place of water I use Rose Water.



The benefits of using this paste is you will have soft and smooth glowing skin and if there is any pigmentation that will also be taken care of.
Once you start using it, I bet you will never want to use a soap again.

Though I do keep a Soap in my bathroom, cause this takes a little time and sometimes if I am in a hurry then I use the soap but that is very rarely. Also when I am travelling then I use a Soap. Thankfully now there are homemade chemical free Organic soaps which also work well, but they are expensive so using them on daily basis may not suit one's budget. Even the home made soaps have Lye in it, whereas this paste is absolutely chemical free.

The other therapy is for my Hair. I do not use any conditioners for my hair. In place of that I use Onion Juice remedy.

Onion Juice can be made by putting the onion in a blender and then squeezing out the juice from the paste. I use a hand blender as it does not make very fine paste and with that it becomes easier to squeeze.
Apply the juice on the hair and leave it for a minimum of 1 hour and then wash the hair thoroughly with luke warm water.


Benefits of this is it removes dandruff completely. Reduces hair fall and with regular use also stops hair fall completely. The texture of the hair will be smooth and the scalp will be cleaned up completely. Trust me it works much better then all the expensive hair products that you would use. If you do this once a week, you will never need to go to a Saloon for a Hair Spa neither will you need any expensive hair fall oils or dandruff treatments or any other products to maintain your hair. Onion juice also prevents the greying of hair and promotes new hair growth.
The only set back here is the smell, but if you wash it well it will go off.

On a lighter note I always tell my husband I am a low maintenance wife. No cosmetic or Saloon expenses he needs to make on me...hehehe

Hope you will try these alternatives and see the benefits by yourself.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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Haha... love this!! Let there be more low maintenance, naturally beautiful women in the world! The turmeric thing doesn't work so well on very white skin - leaves me looking like I maybe am coming down with jaundice of hepatitis. LOL. Do you smell like onions afterwards? I get soooo may requests from people with hair fall issues that this one really interests me!

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hehe....I know, we will have more glowing faces.
You need to only add a pinch of turmeric and it will be fine, will not bother you with that color on the skin.
Yes the onion smell does stay a bit but will not bother much in comparison with the quality of hair you will get. When I go for a hair cut my Saloon female always tells me there is an onion smell from your hair, I tell her do not bother just cut...hehe

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wow @nainaztengra these are really interesting recipes. I too am a low maintenance woman, long overdue for a haircut actually. I am going to try the onion recipe and see how that goes. My hair is so long and thick that I constantly struggle to find a home recipe where it does not get dried out and tangled.

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Yes you should try, trust me it will work very well. Wow you have good hair if they are long and thick. I grow it a little and then one fine day just go and cut it and then again think oh i should have let it grown...hehehe

Any natural product applied to the skin will definitely nurture it @nainaztengra :D
We just have to also stay away from chemical skin care products that is just deceiving us and would cause health problems in the long run.

True, chemicals create a lot of complications and people forget skin is the most important organ of the body. It needs equal care like you would do for your physical health.

I am very familiar with this two. But now a days I can't get time to do all this stuff. I wish I could coz I know how much helpful this are!

Ahhaaa, I know it gets difficult sometime as these things need time, specially when you are working then the early morning rush is mad. You can do it once a week, fortnight or a month, even that will be helpful

Wow... onion juice!!! Amazing. Ive not heard of that one! Does it smell like onions afterwards? I use coconut oil a lot but you are right its expensive!!! I dont think I will use the turmeric though as I will get a funny tan!

Yes it does, even if you wash it very well a little will be there but trust me it will not bother you.
You need to only take a pinch of turmeriic that will not be an issue at all. You can try it out once.
I am thinking once a week to add a few drops of essential oil, have never tried but will make one attempt and see what is the feeling like.

The onion hair cream has left me impacted, still use shampoo and moisturize the hair?

Hair cream I would not know of dear, have never used the cosmetic part of it but the natural fresh juice really does wonders.

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Although reetha is my all time favourite, I will like to try your nuskha too some day. Let's see which one wins :)

Areetha does not suit my hair, when I have tried them before I use to see hair would get very rough. Guess it all works on individual composition

Yes, agreed! Your logic wins :)

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