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I am not at all good at writing Poems, but I like to keep making an attempt, so considering that I do not want to miss the opportunity given by @EcoTrain of writing a Poem on Hope. Here is my Contribution to the QOTW

The Hope That Keeps Me Going

My Heart waits Hopefully for those little miracles in life
The Joy of little things that keeps my spirit alive
The Hope that keeps me going through the difficult times
And filling up my Heart with happiness of finer things in life.

The hope that reminds me that after every dusk there is a dawn
And strengthening my faith that the dark clouds will soon fade
No matter how troubled my days are;
the hope assures me that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel;

Life is filled with uncertainties
but the hope is the only thing that keeps me going
The hope for a better tomorrow
That shapes up the actions of my today

The Hope that one day this world will be a Heaven to live in
The Hope that Love, Humility, Oneness, Respect for all will blossom all around one day
And that this world will be the most beautiful place to Live in.

The Hope that one day there will be no more wars, and no more terrorism.
No more Rapes and no more violence
No more sadness and no more unhappiness
And the Hope that there will only be Love and Peace all around.

The Hope that I do not lose Hope and faith in myself
And the Hope that everything will happen at it's right time
The Hope that one day Love, Peace and Joy will be a part of everyone's life.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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Lovely poem, we all need a little hope in our lives. And I agree with you, I hope that people around the world would treat each other with respect and kindness.

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Thank you for your appreciation. I hope you are enjoying your holidays and having a wonderful time. Not seen a post on your holiday in the last few days

Your hopes is what I wish for everything and everyone. You've done a great job!
Thank you for writing this.

Thank you for the encouragement 💖

this is beautiful @nainaztengra, well done, you really should write more xx

Aww...thank you so much. I feel flattered...hehehe

Who.said you arent good at poetry... you did a lovely job and your spirit shines through beautifully xxx

Thank you Thank you so much, It surely is flattering and brings a smile to my face. 💖💖

Amen! Im so with u of course.. beautiful and now everyone can see it doesnt have to rhyme! Xx thanks for joining us dear!

Thanx Alex, you really come up with stuff that kicks our senses and makes us do some crazy stuff...hehe

You really should write more sweets! Gonna read this and drop it on PYPT for other people. 🤗

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You are just flattering me unnecessary...hehehe....Thank you for the compliments, I feel very good 😍💖🤗

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I hope you get that too.

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"The hope for a better tomorrow that shapes up my actions for today." Yes, a perfect balance - where hope is more than a thought of a feeling, but a solid foundation for action. @trucklife-family was also very much thinking in this vein. Nice job and a big smile for trying something out of your comfort zone.

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Thank you very much for the encouragement my dear 💖

I too was like you few months ago.... I was not good at writing poetry but the more I tried the more I got better at it. We all learn and I am stunned at the words that bubbles out of your poem! They are the words of salvation, coated in HOPE!
Once there's life!
There is hope!
Don't you agree with me? I know you do ❤️

Thankk you. It's nice to hear that my words hold some depth. Yes when there is life, Hope will always be around.
I believe that if there is Hope one can move mountains but the moment you go hopeless you completely surrender to the failures of life.💖

It is better not to be born than to be a failure in life... Men/women should learn to cling to hope no matter the despair!
Beautiful poem!

i guess this is what everybody hopes for. Personally, i hope that love, unity, kindness, oneness etc will prevail.
I also hope we color the world green lol. Great one there @nainaztengra. It's a good piece to read out to people everyday.

Thank you very much @mr-greens for echoing my thoughts. Yes Green is also one of the color of healing which our Earth needs it so much all the time.

i think if you added a line with hope about creating a healthier, safer, just and sustainable planet, the poem would be complete.You nailed it and touched almost everything we wish for. Great piece @nainaztengra

That's bang on @thegreens. I am glad my words do make some sense, and I hopeful that someday everyone will start thinking on these lines

I can see the imagery in your words. Good attempt at poem writing. I found this post on #PYPT

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Thank you so much for liking my work. Yes I guess it came out pretty decent for the first attempt

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