What Empowers ME? @Tribesteemup bi-weekly Question

Getting back to my routine after almost 2 weeks, done with the house shifting, getting everything back in place and 100% getting functional is finally making me feel relaxed and back to track. Just last evening finally I could get my internet connection and with that now I can start with my Steemit activities back in full force.

Here is my response to the @tribesteemup bi-weekly question
What Empowers ME?

What makes me Powerful, Confident and Empowered is my FREEDOM


Freedom is something that has been the most important thing for me. I believe that you can gain knowledge, you can gain experience of life, you can have all that you want but if you do not have your Freedom all of this goes to drain.
When I talk about Freedom it is not only about my Freedom to move around but also my Freedom to Speech, Thoughts and actions.

I have seen the most educated people, knowledgeable people getting suppressed and succumbing to their partners choices. I want my Freedom to make mistakes and learn from my mistakes. If there is someone all the time giving me instructions of what to do and what not to do I will never have the opportunity to learn and experience life by myself. It is ok I will go wrong but the lesson from the mistake will be there with me for life. It is like if you tell a small baby not to do something the baby will be more curious to do that thing, but if you give the opportunity to the baby to learn the baby will never do that again. If someone keeps guiding me all the time then I am doing nothing but living their life and not mine just like a puppet.


I want my Freedom to take my own decisions. Right or Wrong decisions it is fine, but they will be mine and I will be responsible for them. I do not wish to be trapped under anyone's influence. I wish that I can think for myself and take my own decisions.

I want Freedom to make my own choices. I do not wish that someone decides for me what I should wear or should not wear, I do not wish that someone else decides for me how I should be living my life. I want the Freedom to say a YES or a NO. For me living my life with my choices, with my likes and dislikes, making my own decisions, having the space to say a Yes or a NO is my FREEDOM and when I have my FREEDOM I feel completely empowered. I feel I am in total control of myself. I feel confident, I feel powerful. I know I am in total control of myself and my life when I have my Freedom.

This does not mean that I am not open to taking advice. Yes that is the Freedom i again give to myself that I am open to taking advice for my good and then make my choices. A lot of people say Knowledge Empowers one, yes it is very true but imagine gaining knowledge and then not having Freedom to use that knowledge.

Freedom comes in many ways big or small but it does matter. A friend of mine, she always tells me she is very happy in her married life but there are many things that her husband does not allow her to do. I feel then she is living more on her husband's terms then living her own life and somewhere the happiness she quotes is superficial or just materialistic. In Indian families, Freedom for a housewife is most of the time at stake, which is a very sad affair.


We are all born alone and die alone, so why can't we live our life with our individual identity. We come together in life in different relations but that does not mean you discard your own identity and start living on other's terms.

Freedom to live in the Moment completely is what Empowers me.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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Your philosophy on freedom is understandable and relatable... Living life without freedom or liberation is hellish. I too won't want to live under the influence of anyone especially inhumane laws.. Garrrrh 😑

It is so much important right and when you have your freedom you feel so much more confident and in control of yourself.

Yes... True!
If it's not freedom then it's bondage! There's no two way about it.

Freedom to make mistakes and learn from my mistakes

Now that really is empowerment! I was puzzled, at first, as you how freedom could empower you.

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Thanx my dear. You could relate to it. If I do not have that space for myself how can I ever progress in life.

Like the song lyrics goes;

"Despite all my rage I still feel like a rat in a cage"

But despite all that, what empowers me? It is the steem community, it brings me some kind of peace, security, encouragement, entertainment, self-fulfillment and all the positive things that steem friends that I got here has to offer.
It makes me happy and strong inside too :D

Yes my dear, everyone has their own aspect of empowerment. There are many people for who Freedom will never be an issue and other things will matter.
I loved those lyrics and they are so apt.

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"...imagine gaining knowledge and then not having Freedom to use that knowledge." This is the delicate balance which empowers us all - the delicate balance of knowledge AND freedom. Nice contribution to an important question.

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