Diary Entry - Making My Bed and more

in naijapidgin •  7 months ago

This is how I mostly sleep

(but with a shirt on). I catch cold easily.

Don't blame me , some people sleep like this.


Yeah! You know yourself. Late Night Movie Watchers and All Night Gamers

Some people sleep like they are dead


Looks like Coffin Rehearsal

Here Comes Our Dream Sleeping Position


Who does this?

Enough about the sleeping , this is my blog, let's talk about me.

Yesterday, I wrote a post about My Hungry Weak (Hardworking) Week. This is the start of a new week and I am so optimistic things will be different because God is on my side and I am going to try to make sure every other thing within my control are on my side too by doing the right things.

I am beginning to make some small changes in my life. Trying to clean my house myself, laying my bed before sleeping and trying to count my blessings first. I suck at most of these things. I use to lay my bed, until sleep became a thief that steals me from my work. Since then, I lie anywhere and that has affected how I wake up each morning. Sometimes, I wake up with a certain discomfort that is neither physical or emotional, the feeling just stands in between. Well, I took a conscious effort of making my bed last night and it was a good decision. I slept longer without interruptions and woke up with a healthy stretch of satisfaction and a cold. I had slept for 7 hours (11am to 6:** am) , that is very unusual of me. All the same , I did and it was worth it.

So today, you probably expect me to say I will be going to Church. Not really. I will just be home all through.

My house is clean, 87% of my clothes are clean, my GOTV subscription is up , my phone's sub is still with at least 5GB, so my day should not be hell, except that I probably have to eat out today because yesterday was a culinary hell. I cooked spag twice. Both sections were only 80% done. The first section of the meal was not bad, the second section of the meal tasted like poison. I didn't cook it well. God knows what I did wrong. I could only take a few spoons.

Like I said earlier on, I hope today is different.

I really don't have anything else to say. Concerning the project that made my week a hell, well, I am doing something about that.

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow. I hope I have a better story to tell.

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Coffin Rehearsal


Just wanted to say I have a dog like that !

Wow..... All I can say is that you're becoming a real man. 88% ready for marriage

Hahaha , the photos made me laugh, I like the dreamy one , I don't know actually how I sleep cause that time I sleep 😂