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That word looks negative, it feels negative. It sounds like cough, high body temperature , cold and much more but I am not just talking about diseases or illnesses.

I am talking about human infection. It still sounds the same, yet, I am still not talking about sicknesses.

I am talking about how those who you are closest to can easily (or will easily ) infect you with things they carry (illnesses, weaknesses, strengths and habits)

Just as easy as it is to get infected with disease when being closed to an ill person, so can you also get infected with other people's weaknesses, strengths and habits that are not medical or biological.

It is very hard for two to agree unless they are equally infected. That is why the moment you start to really get close to the core personality of another person , strife begins.

When the strife is maturely treated, then you unknowingly become one. Meaning, you are now getting infected (positively or negatively).

What am I saying?

Be careful who you move with, being mindful of habits , weaknesses or strengths the person possesses is not the best way of evaluation. What matters most is the person's destination in life and how serious they are about it.

I was speaking with a friend last night and she was talking about geniuses, she was wondering if they were born or not. Well, I disagreed and agreed at the same time but then I believe one thing, being successful in life has nothing to with being a complete genius.

At the end of the day, the greatest of men weren't the most ingenius, they just knew how to get the geniuses to work for their advantage.

I am just saying there is really no excuse for failure.

The only thing a man or woman needs to be successful in life is exactness of goal and focus. At the end of the day, tenacity is much more important than ingenuity.

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well said brother, the people you associate with have a way of influencing you consciously or unconsciously

I think being a genius can make one successful, but its not a determinant of success, but do you think genius is better luck?


Well, I think Ingenuity and luck work together but that depends on what you assume luck to be. Nothing truly happens by chance.

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