Always have fun. Never stop.

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There comes a time in a man's life when it seems as though everything halts as a result of bad health, old age, change in social or political position or a negative flip of economic power. In such situations , it is very possible for men to loose it all (emotionally) and crawl back into their shell.

I believe crawling back into a shell in response to a bad or retrogressive event is as bad as the event itself because it deprives the subject the opportunity to grow and truly live, then , before you know, depression comes or their speech becomes riled with stories of old glories.

Old Glories are good , only when they are old. The moment a man starts to bring them back to life to validate himself , then something is wrong.

What am I saying?

No matter what happens in your life, there is always an opportunity to explore, have fun and change the world. Men weren't created to be inactive, inactivity draws closer the physical death of a man (in my opinion) while he is already dying a slow social and financial death.

Always be engaged, always be solving a problem that gives you happy hours and always try to create new glories even if they are small.

Thanks For reading!!

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Sometimes all they need are sparkle of hopes, I see old men when they've reached retirement feel bad... Something that has been routine for 30years+ ... It's hard for most of them to transition into something new, but I've seen some survive at it... It's awesome!!


Thanks for the comment @lightoj. You got the gist.

No matter what happens in your life, there is always an opportunity to explore, have fun and change the world.

This statement is laced with so much meaning. The willingness to learn overshadows all, once we decide to learn, somehow we find joy in what we do thereby adding value to ourselves and World

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Old glories are good, when they are old....

This line got to me. We gotta keep doing more. Don't say I was this, I was that.

Thanks for this.


You got the gist @bookoons. Been a while, what's up?


I'm good. How you been too?