Action Vs Inaction

in naijapidgin •  9 months ago

Trying to figure out life in exactness is like trying to count the number of drops in the ocean.

It is better to navigate through life with a compass of principles that you believe can get you to your goal.

For instance, many people, in the process of trying to figure out their passion, waste a lot of time when they could have just taken small steps laced with passion and love.

A woman who accidentally starts a flourishing business in confectioneries while trying to get a good birthday cake for her son couldn't have achieved that by trying to figure it out all from the beginning. She was passionate about getting a cake for her son, she tried some bakers, they charged too much, gave bad service, she got angry, started the same business and flourished in it while helping other mums get what they have always wanted: Affordable but Beautiful Healthy Cakes.

Did She Find her passion? Yes, she did.

I am in no way saying figuring out one's passion is wrong, I am just saying it is better to live life a step at a step instead of halting to figure things out.

Surely, times like that come when you need to take a step backward and try to see things through but we need to learn to appropriately juxtapose action and inaction in productive ways.

I joined steem because of curiosity, then I became a writer, then a programmer, now, God knows what else I am going to be. Which of these things are my passion. All and None. You probably think I love programming, sometimes, I hate programming, sometimes I hate writing, sometimes I hate so many things. So, it is truly all and none.

But then, taking all the actions has helped me to figure out a lot more about myself, what I am passionate and much more.

Summarily, I am just saying it pays to learn to appropriately juxtapose action and inaction in productive ways. It is going to save us a lot of time. The reason why we are sometimes confused on what next to do is because we are trying to hard t figure things out while all we need is to just LIVE LIFE.

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I can actually relate... And i have learnt to live one day at a time..

Well said bro

@Akintunde, thank you for using the naijapidgin tag.

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