Diary Entry - Hungry Week

in naijapidgin •  7 months ago


My week was plagued with hunger.

I live alone and I was so busy I loosed track of time, today still feels like thursday to me, even though, it is a Saturday. I could not cook and no one was there to help. The next restaurant to my house was kilometers away so i had to stay hungry. Then after spending the whole week working on a project, we did a pre-launch and it was clear the project direction was not considered right.

At that point, I felt emotionally weak, I had practically wasted my grit and commitment.

Here I am, awake, weak from inside, I feel physically strong but it seems as though something really important inside of me is dead but still breathing.

Today, I have no plans except to write on steem, eat and do any other thing by impulse.

Maybe I am just going to go on YouTube, watch some comedies, and then know what next. God has a way of surprising people, who knows, today might just be exciting.

Thanks for reading.

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Sorry bro some days are like this. But you got to find strength in your weakness


But you got to find strength in your weakness

Yeah. Well Said , bro

Well well, i thought by now you would coded something that cooks for you.
But anyways, welcome to club "Life" where some dead things in you still breath.
We the members of the group help each other in ressurecting such things

Keep being awesome man!

Go and increase my payout on steem.com.ng😜😂


LOL!Payout! Thanks Man

Entertaining yourself is the best approach. I also had similar experience where i worked on a project for two weeks only for it to be turned down.


You defintely have an idea of how it feels . Sorry. I actually tried listening to some songs yesterday. Then Youtube was a good source of laugther too.


All I can say is, it gets better.

Meanwhile, lemmi send you a bowl of soup.


Meanwhile, lemmi send you a bowl of soup

Put some SBDs inside o


You better go and marry...problem is most girls get fed up with life of a geek.

I will advise you do something totally different, Go out and have fun. You come back fresher.


Hmmmm! 🤔


I understand! LOL!

I have never understood how one can forget or be too busy to eat, I will always make time hahaha - I am glad you will be eating today