My Story Contest 3: Share your Adventure ! Participate and Win SBDs

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This is contest is about your personal adventure experience.

The idea of the contest is to primarily support Steemit users with great content but not much success yet , but contest is open to everyone ! I see these are lot of great blogs not getting any attention!


  1. Write a blog about your adventure experience
    • Theme is Outdoor Adventure [eg: camping, hiking, sailing, off-roading, climbing, canoeing, skiing etc]
    • Better blog wins, so I am not adding any minimum words this time. Write your own experience along with supporting photographs/videos you took/own.
    • A Photo/video of you should be part of the blog to identify yourself.
    • Caption of the blog should be My Story Contest 3: 'Blog Caption'
    • Include tags #mystory-contest and #adventure on your post
  2. Post the link to your blog in the comment section of this blog to enter the contest.
  3. Resteem and Upvote this post. This will help to reach more audience and also get to a higher rewards for the winners.Higher the reward pool, higher the winning prize.
  4. Contest starts now and ends when this post is paid out in 7 days.
  5. If you are already writing a blog series for a trip, one of the new blogs not older than a week from the series can also be used to enter the contest.


  • 100% of the author rewards SBD's from this post payout will be shared with the winners !
  • Minimum winning prize is 3 SBD's per winner.
  • So if post generates 30 SBDs in author rewards each winner could get 3 or more SBDs depending on no of winners and author rewards this post generates. For instance for the Last Contest each winner received 7.5 plus sbd's.

Why you should participate ?

Don't worry If you are not a seasoned blogger , I would encourage you to participate. You never know your hidden talents! In past two contest, I have seen some blogs getting more exposure and got rewarded than the contest prize. There are lot of curators looking for great content and minnow support projects like @curie , so you never know who will read your blogs. You will be helping yourself and the Steemit community grow by creating quality content !


  • The best original story with well written blog will be selected.
  • All entries must meeting the contest rules stated above.
  • Winners will be announced a day after this post payout.


If even if you are not participating appreciate if you could help supporting/encouraging great content creators not getting much exposure by re-steem or upvote this post ! More rewards this post generates we will be able to support more great authors and also help the community grow !

Contest 2 Results!


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Great ! Yes another adventure story contest. I feel this is really a great way to know people around you and motivate new users (like me ) on steemit. I did participated in this last week and will again participate in upcoming contests. All the best to all the participants. I'm looking forward to each and every story and knowing more people, will be following this post. 😃🙌


Quite a few missed the deadline last week, so I decided to keep the same theme !


Great Deed ! 😃🙌 Looking forward to all the stories this time 😊

Hi! What a great platform for people to showcase their outdoor adventures :) here is my latest sailing adventure, which included engine failures and serious gifts from Mother Nature!

Thanks for reading.

Thank you for the invite! I love these adventure contests, here is my sailboat hitchiking story-entry:

Here's my adventures in Baja California last summer. Enjoy!

Thanks for allowing us to participate in this amazing contest. Here's my entry :

Great Idea, I'll take part.


Awesome, looking forward to it !

Thank you so much @ashwinrajt for this wonderful contest. It really helps minnows like me to reach more fellow steemians and share my stories with them. Here's my entry :

Resteemed by @resteembot! Good Luck!
The @resteembot's introduction post
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Check out the great posts I already resteemed.

Thank you everyone for Participating , Please stay tuned for the Winners announcement !