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Hello dear friends!

This post today is a different one from my usual blogs. It is actually a compilation of my posts from 2017 that I will be submitting in participation to @rocking-dave's challenge.

I was nominated by my good friend @yahialababidi and I happily accepted! (By the way, he is an author of 7 books and also a poet. You might wanna check his posts out)

@rocking-dave's challenge by the way, is to compile a list of your favourite posts from 2017 and pick only 5 of them. For more information about this challenge, please check his post here:

I also wanna thank @rocking-dave for coming up with this wonderful challenge! Oh and by the way, I nominate the following people to participate in this challenge:

  1. @turtledance24 (come out of your shell man, and accept this challenge! hehe)

  2. @futurethinker (i know you already know who will win this challenge because you're from the future hehe)

  3. @jajdgenius (share with us your wonderful posts here boss!)

  4. @brainyblaze (my intelligent friend, please bless us with your writing prowess :) )

  5. @yushaina (stop studying for now and make this post! but don't make it too lengthy okay? hehe just kidding)

My personal favourite top 5 posts from 2017:

So, without further ado, here is a compilation of my favourite posts from 2017 in no particular order:

Note: click on the image to enter post

1. It's time to upgrade ourselves!

No no no, I'm not talking about upgrading ourselves to have the ability to shoot laser beams from our hands like Ironman. Or being able to fire multiple missiles from our body. What I mean by upgrading, is improving and working to become a better version of ourselves. Again, let's be clear about one thing, this blog is not about becoming Ironman okay?

2. Evernote, the best app for note-taking and organizing stuff

It used to be whenever an idea for a blog comes to my mind, I would use the pre-installed note-taking app on my phone to write it down. It's not great but it gets the job done. If ever I need some reminder for my things-to-do the next day, I would use a separate app that has the time reminder functionality. There are times when I come upon an article on the web that I find to be helpful as a source of information for a future blog and I would use the bookmark feature of my browser to save it.

3. Here's how to stop being judgmental to people!

Right now, as I'm writing this piece inside a coffee shop, just across my table I couldn't help but notice two ladies taking pictures of their food with their phones.

Now the judgmental side of me is already thinking, "These people must love to show off about their life. Even their food they have to post about it online".

But at the same time, the non-judgmental side of me is also thinking, "Hey stop that! You don't know these people! They're probably food bloggers for all you know and they're gonna make a blog about it later!"

4. My story of how being open-minded led me here

First, let me back up a bit to the year 2014 when I was still working for a company. That was the year when I was first introduced to Bitcoin. I remember my officemates telling me about it and telling me to make an account on a website that rewards people with Bitcoins after performing certain tasks. I remember myself just feeling meh about it. I was like, "Bitcoin? What the heck is that? Isn't that a scam?"

5. Want to be more productive? Then try the Pomodoro Technique!

Are you constantly switching your browser tabs to check on your social media accounts while at work?

Do you tend to lose focus easily while working on something and instead waste your time watching some Youtube clips online?

So there you have it, my personal top 5 posts of 2017! Hope you guys enjoy it! Cheers!

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Pomodoro is interesting. i did use it on a writing project i had a few weeks back. worked like a charm.


yeah its truly effective! i use it a lot! especially when im making a post! :)

Thank you for your nice entry! :)

If I were you, I would replace the image for article 2 with this cropped one so it aligns better:

Just replace the image link with this one:


Thank you for the suggestion my friend! I'm on it! 😀


I think it looks much better now, at least from where I'm looking now it's all aligned properly and symmetrically. I hope you think so too ;)


yes it does! appreciate you helping me with this bro! thanks! :)


It's my pleasure! :)

Hi @andywong31!
How are you?

People always love posts that provide value. And you're doing a great job doing that. Keep up the good work, my friend!

Recently I wrote about my Top 3 Posts in 2017 and love to get your thought about that.


Apprrciate the compliment brother! Ill take a look into this now! 😀

I really enjoyed this. 2018 is my year of productivity and I keep hearing about the Pomodoro Technique. I'm yet to give it a go but I suspect the universe is giving me a message.


yeah it sure is giving you a message! hehe try it out someday and you'll be amazed of its effectiveness! :)


I reckon today is the day. I've gt a lot to do and limited time so I'll give the technique a crack :)


cool! i hope it helps you! because it sure did with mine! :)

I think my first comment on your post is about the Pomodoro Technique! i love that article. Well done bro and good compilation.



yeah it was! hehe appreciate you reading this seyi! see you around! :)

Really good posts. I really like number 4 about being open minded :) well done.


thanks for the compliment and for reading it! glad you like it! :)

cool choices! i am familiar with some of the techniques :)


cool! glad to know we have something in common buddy! :)

Yeah I did enjoy it, on the upgrade, I actually thought it was the Iron-man upgrade😂😂😂. You got me with the pictorial description.
And being open minded, wow that's great, that's how I also came across this wonderful community.
It's a great contest with quality contents.


Thank you for the comment and for reading my entry bro! Glad you like it! 😀

😀 😁 😂 😀....
Waw, this is really going to be fun and I accept to take part in this challenge.

Em, that's cool


thanks! :)

I really like your posts.
I will follow you


thank you! i appreciate it! :)

Oh I wonder if there's a monthly version rather than a 2017 one. I think i will check it out if there's any new contest.

Those are good articles. 👍 I think I always do Pomodoro in a sense, not everyday but whenever I feel like it. 😂

I used to use Evernote and I am thankful for the saved notes when my phone got stolen but because I read somewhere that they actually read or scan your notes so I got concerned with privacy and such.