Give me a beat : Free drum beat for Steemit musicians

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Hello Steemit Community I come bearing gifts

When I first joined Steemit I put this post up,

It passed by without so much as a whimper but I have not given up. Since then I have made more friends and decided on a more direct plan of attack. I reckon people wont just make music with you unless they can see what you bring to the table. So here is my first offering, a drum beat, that can be used and abused by the community. Hopefully this will fulfil the long term goal of playing a show together somewhere somehow. For now I am excited to see what people do with this.

This posts goes out to @carlgnash as he was really excited about this , @soundwavesphoton as he was also interested and maybe even @juliakponsford if she has the time amongst her mod duties to twist and subvert this little puppy. This beat is open to all and I look forward to the creative feedback.

Please see soundcloud link below if you have trouble downloading let me know in the comment and I will email. I have also done a video of me recording the beat so you know its legit . I give a shout out to "Carl" (@carlgnash) at the end.

Hope you enjoy


Not many get noticed when they first arrive, keep going buddy you'll get your audience. This is good work bro.

oh yeah dude! Love it! This is going to be fun. Probably won't have time to mess around with this till my parents leave town this weekend but I am going to rock out over this! International music collaborators - on your marks - ready - set - GO!!!!

Whenever you are ready bud

I'm going to record something over the beat on my 16 track digital recorder this weekend but here is a little acoustic fingerpicking improv for ya :)

Nice beat dude I'll also pass it along to @vachemorte :)

Ok dude I'm on it. If you are? Check my page and choose an instrument. Can I use the video as well and put my sexy double chin on the right?

Sweet dude , you can use the video , where do I choose the instument ?
thanks for commenting and scroll down I did almost 10 open mic in a row + many other projects with various instruments. Pick one you like. Let me know about it on discord. I am on it as well. I downloaded your video already. I am busy at work but I will do something for sure.

I like the posts that have the crazy keyboards like the sci-fi one and the other post where its you and your brothers . I like crazy electronic keyboard sounds.

Congratulations! Your instrument have been selected. You have selected: crazy electronic keyboard sounds. A trippy collab video will follow shortly.

Wow nice bro. Want to see more of these :)

Thank you very much mate

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As I said before you totally killed me with this. Thanks so much love the fiddle playing !!!!

Thanks man. This was a great laugh. I'm ready for another ;)

woooooow. awesome!!!!

@stickchumpion Wonderful put up And that i desire steemit experienced a sticky or pin selection due to the fact That is a type of Specific posts. Resteemed.

Thank you so much appreciate it

damn dude! I wish I could add on some killer guitar or some deadly keyboard here but sadly I cant, Cos that is some wicked beats man. Much respect for that, very talented you gem!!

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