Walking the dirt road-Steffan Rundquist

in #music4 years ago

Filmed today 1 november 2018
in the center of Stockholm Sweden
Rodado hoy el 1 de noviembre 2018
en el centro de Estocolmo Suecia.
Music lyrics: Steffan Rundquist


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That is an awesome song. I bet they do turn and stare a lot. You need to get you one of these and really give them something to look at... lol


Hahahaha! Yes! Amazing stuff! I neeeed equipment like that! Cool! A big hug from Sweden coinsandchains😀

I love this song and the video you made is really cool.. using a selfie stick? Such a neat idea .. I'd trip over something if I tried to do that .. ha ha. You make me wanna try it though!

Hello! Nice to hear from you paintingangels!
Yes! Its actually a tripod, I'm walking around with a big tripod, people are turning their heads hehe! I am making my videos so fast, I film, cut and upload a music video in a couple of hours. Sometimes they can get a bit boring. A big hug from Stockholm😘

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Hi steffan,

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Beautiful song, man. I really love it. Is your stuff for sale anywhere? Or on Spotify? Harmonica is one of my favorite instruments. Something about draws me in.

I love the concept though! Get that video done fast! Add your music and do some quick edits. Don't mess around. I think it's great.

Thanks for sharing! And let me know where I can check out some more of your tunes. Cheers!

Hi Jocqua! Nice to hear that you like my music!
I used to have the "analysis paralysis" and never get my music stuff out there, now I do things fast and I just release it fast for the whole world to listen. My music can also be found on spotify, iTunes, Iheart music etc.
Take care!

Awesome man! Thanks for letting me know. Gave you a follow as well. Looking forward to seeing other vids you put out.

I like your strategy. I have to admit I've fallen for that "analysis paralysis" over and over again. Constantly I'm thinking about different photos and whether or not they're good enough, blah blah blah. What nonsense right? Half the time the photos I think people will hate, they actually love and the ones I love others find mediocre or there's no real big reaction. So I think you're killing it. Just get that shit out there!

Thanks for sharing bro!

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Oh mannn...such a coool music for Sunday morning!! I immediatelly searched for u on Spotify :)

Edit: OMG I totally love ur music hahhaa :D U've made it to my favorite artists! :)

Hi Matkodurko!
Woow! You already checked me out on spotify, Coooool! Thank you! I'm honored.
Great for me to wake up on this sunday morning with such positive comments from you! Thank you! Niiiiice!

Haha ur music is still playing here :) I dont like the hare Krishna song that much but all the others sound great

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Hahaha! Yes! The Hare Krishna stuff! Yes! It's a bit weird sometimes but it's a part my "do what I want and just release it" mentality. Nice to to hear your feedback, I LOVE IT!

Yooooo dude!!! I fucking love your music haha :D Yor lyrics are sooooo powerfull :)) And I love the guitar. Man haha this is crazy I've been listening to it the whole day while coding haha :D Its such a positive vibe!

Wooow! Coding!
You are positive vibe Matkodurko.
Thank you Matkodurko!

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